More Trees
Last night, on the way home, I realized I had a lot more “tree” shots…so I went back into my archives to see what I could find. I hope you won’t mind yet another walk down memory lane.
I found a sunset photographed in my inlaw’s backyard…
SPDG 0410-200 EDIT RS
…a sunflare photographed at Duke Gardens,
SPDG 0410-159 edit blog
…a tree branch,
IMG_0513 Edit RS
…a tree within a cemetery,
Colorado Springs RS
…trees photographed in the mountains of Colorado Springs,
IMG_2658 BW RS
…trees photographed in Maui,
IMG_2486 edit RS
and trees photographed through my window’s reflection in Hawaii. 
the long road

So there…I did have more than two photographs to share with you this week for the In a Yellow House photo challenge theme: trees. On top of that…did you catch the black and whites (I’m linking up to Life as a Shutterbug’s Black and White Wednesday)? I’d also like to link up with The Punk Rock Mama for her new photo challenge. This week’s challenge is “perspective” (I’d like to submit the last photo).

With that said, I better do some work today. And tonight, I’ve got to finish my Photo Hunt. Have a great day my friends!