August 15, 2010
Paper Mama Challenge: Orange
The Challenge: Take or find a photo of your baby (or kid… or puppy… or kitty) wearing orange, eating an orange, just something to do with orange. Orange you glad I didn’t say Orange?
Closet Kitty Paw
First of all, I am really glad that I’m not judging this week. The entries were soooo good last week that I had a really hard time choosing my favorite. However, I met many new bloggers, and for that…I am thankful. 

Second of all, I am happy to be able to use this photo, although it is not one of my best shots (I would have preferred to get a catch light instead of a pin light…and I shouldn’t have used my on-board flash, but honestly, who cares). Kitty Paw loves closets and will sneak into any closet if we turn our backs for one second. We have a comfy orange blanket that we keep in the floor of our coat closet downstairs that she especially loves. One night, sometime last winter, I left the door open by accident….sure enough, she snuck inside and made herself at home. My husband quietly motioned for me to come over with the camera. You can tell by the look on her face that she’d been caught and was on the move. 

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Also, the post and linky for Scavenger Hunt Sunday will be going up at 1:00 am EST. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries. Goodnight.