August 14, 2010
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Photography in WORDS
This week’s Mama’s Heart challenge is: WORDS. Ironically enough, my head first dumped into the gutter and I thought about some handwritten words I photographed while I was hanging with my photography buddies Natalie and Jenny. I shared the shot with The Paper Mama and told her not to judge me.

So then, I started thinking…what do I have that I can share…that I haven’t already pimped out all over the place. Well, as it turns out, I still have a number of Photo Walk shots that I never shared…all with WORDS.
IMG_5064 blog
I love this photo because as you know, I’m an addict (photography/blogging addict, of course). Oddly enough, this building the third building in a series: Bank, Strip Club, Self Help. It makes me laugh every time. If you’re also addicted, grab a button…you know you want to.
Ramblings and Photos
IMG_5007 blog
This is a shot of a mural in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Apparently, this store has been in business since 1936. I like the colors.
IMG_5019 blog
Toast is apparently a great little sandwich shop. I’ve never eaten there myself, but the sign is cool, so it must be good.
IMG_5018 blog
IAVO is right beside toast. I want to say it’s a little wine bar, but I can’t find the evidence to prove it.
IMG_4929 blog
I’ve shared this shot before but it fits the theme so I thought I’d share again.
IMG_5106 blog
And I thought this was appropriate for the photography world. Personally, I’m on a cropped sensor camera, but maybe one day I’ll go full frame (you know, after I make tons of money).

For more “words,” go to:
One more share…
Words - Nelly Nero
I took this shot at my friend’s couples shower. I went upstairs to get a different angle and saw this adorable little note on the way back down. I snapped a picture because it was so cute and then decided I would play with some new actions from Nelly Nero. If you haven’t checked out Nelly Nero’s blog, you should check it out immediately. Have a great weekend!