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Photography in WORDS - Ramblings and Photos

August 14, 2010
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Photography in WORDS
This week’s Mama’s Heart challenge is: WORDS. Ironically enough, my head first dumped into the gutter and I thought about some handwritten words I photographed while I was hanging with my photography buddies Natalie and Jenny. I shared the shot with The Paper Mama and told her not to judge me.

So then, I started thinking…what do I have that I can share…that I haven’t already pimped out all over the place. Well, as it turns out, I still have a number of Photo Walk shots that I never shared…all with WORDS.
IMG_5064 blog
I love this photo because as you know, I’m an addict (photography/blogging addict, of course). Oddly enough, this building the third building in a series: Bank, Strip Club, Self Help. It makes me laugh every time. If you’re also addicted, grab a button…you know you want to.
Ramblings and Photos
IMG_5007 blog
This is a shot of a mural in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Apparently, this store has been in business since 1936. I like the colors.
IMG_5019 blog
Toast is apparently a great little sandwich shop. I’ve never eaten there myself, but the sign is cool, so it must be good.
IMG_5018 blog
IAVO is right beside toast. I want to say it’s a little wine bar, but I can’t find the evidence to prove it.
IMG_4929 blog
I’ve shared this shot before but it fits the theme so I thought I’d share again.
IMG_5106 blog
And I thought this was appropriate for the photography world. Personally, I’m on a cropped sensor camera, but maybe one day I’ll go full frame (you know, after I make tons of money).

For more “words,” go to:
One more share…
Words - Nelly Nero
I took this shot at my friend’s couples shower. I went upstairs to get a different angle and saw this adorable little note on the way back down. I snapped a picture because it was so cute and then decided I would play with some new actions from Nelly Nero. If you haven’t checked out Nelly Nero’s blog, you should check it out immediately. Have a great weekend!

    Very, very cool! Great photos!

    Wonderful pictures!!

    Oh I really like the IAVO shot and your pp on all of these.

    oh, that post-it note is so lovely and romantic!

    I love the colors in the furniture mural as well and I’m also diggin’ the “PUSH” sign. Great shots! “pimped out all over the place” {GIGGLE}

    Rocking as usual…You just amaze me.. now i need to go find some words!!!!

    Awesome pictures! And I love Nelly Nero’s actions!

    oooh I love the Penny Furniture one! The colors and textures are fantastic!

    These are so great! LOVE the furniture store sign.

    I love how the whole set, all have the same *feel*…LOVE them ALL :D

    Oh & thanks for the button! Have a great weekend!

    cant decide which on to pick out, theyre all cool!

    very, very good !!can’t choose which one is my favourite

    Love the “Push” photo!

    I like all the signs – I think Penny Furniture is my favorite. I’m a sucker for old brick walls!

    I love all of these photos with words! I also think the Penny Furniture one is my favorite. I too love all of the colors and the mural!!! I find it funny that the Self Help building is where it is too. I think the note at the end is so cute.

    I’m in love with the Penny Furniture pic!!!!!

    i absolutely love shots! I am a huge fan of words, so sometimes I write little sayings and arrange them artfully somewhere and photograph it.

    I am in dire need of a fun funky town to walk around… my creative juices are flowing from this post! GReat shots!

    Love these! You really found some awesome shots with words.

    thanks for your great comment on my blog….
    and guess what….
    years ago we used to live in cary and my hubby worked in durham…..
    I love that area soooooo much !

    Everytime I see pics like these, it makes me SAD to be in a small(ish) town. How big is Durham? Awesome pictures. I like the furniture and the toast ones the best – just fantastic! Thanks also for your NN edits! I really liked those because I downloaded those actions awhile back, and only ran them on a shot of Drew. TOTALLY wasn’t working for me, and it’s nice to see it on a non-person shot. Gorgeous, and very helpful. Now I’m motivated to play around more with them. Geez, I’m chatty today. See ya tomorrow for SHS!! I got my items all ready!

    Great shots. I love all of these. Push is one of my favorites.

    I love the post-it! I’m also loving the Nelly Nero site, thanks for the heads up.

    Oh my goodness! That Self-Help photo? My BFF from high school used to work there! What a small world!

    Great shots, as always. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Is the Self-Help building a Greensboro shot?

    Love the Penny Furniture one – I adore signage on brick.

    That post-it is too cute!!

    Hi Ashley! Thanks for your very kind comment on my blog. I love this series of shots — you have such a great eye for composition and color!