Photos on Country Roads
This weekend, I went to visit my husband’s family. While I was there, I took a number of my Photo Hunt shots to share with you on Wednesday, September 1 (as well as some of the shots I shared with you yesterday for Scavenger Hunt Sunday).

But, before we left…I was sure to take a few other photos…three of which I’m sharing today and one that I think I’ll save for Friday…and yet another one on Sunday for next week’s Scavenger Hunt. This first shot is a miniature John Deere tractor that I found in my brother-in-law’s old bedroom. For whatever reason, I really enjoy macros of miniature items – I think I also like that I don’t photograph them in complete focus so they have this blurry effect.
Tractor Macro RS
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Yesterday, we got back on the road to head home. I keep my camera in the front seat so when the mood strikes, I can pick it up and snap away. I recalled that this week’s Paper Mama Challenge is self portrait (and I knew I wouldn’t have another chance to take a selfie), so I thought, “Mirror Photo!” My only regret is that I didn’t capture more of the beautiful landscape as we were driving in this shot. 
Selfie 082910 RS
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  beep click

Finally, what I lacked in my self-portrait, I made up for in my husband’s sunglasses. Our drive back from his parents is always so beautiful. I just wanted to share…for the sake of sharing.
IMG_5960 RS
While I’m here…head’s up: I am traveling back to California tomorrow morning to meet with one of my clients. I will be taking the red eye back on Wednesday night to arrive home on Thursday morning. I tell you this because although I have a few things posting in the next few days (In a Yellow House photo challenge and the August 2010 Photo Hunt Unveiled), I will be away from my computer. Please  be patient with me as I return emails, visit blogs, etc.

Oh…one more thing…it appears as if I’ve hit over 500 followers (ack – I prefer the word FRIENDS). I wish I had some sort of giveaway ready since it was so much fun the last time, but the reality is that I’ve got nothing. If you’d like to sponsor a giveaway, please shoot me an email and I’ll coordinate something in the very near future. Have a great week everyone!

    I love the tractor! I like macros of mini things too. I wish I had more mini things to macro.

    Lovely pictures… especially the one of the tractor. Perfect.

    Marla @

    Have a safe trip to California, not sure which part you are coming to but here in the Orange County area (Southern California) it has been beautiful we have lost the 100 degree weather and it is gorgeous out!

    Nice shots Ashley! Where are you headed in California. I am from the far north.

    Great pictures and I love that shot of your husband’s glasses. Very cool!! :)

    YAY for John Deere! (My son has lots of JD stuff!) And you know what! I took a reflection sunglasses shot yesterday! WOW! But they weren’t on anyone’s face, I was just holding them :) Anyhow Love your shots! And congrats on 500 followers(friends!) :-D

    I love the sunglasses one, that is so cool!

    And congrats on 500! Wow!

    Great series of shots. I love the sunglass shot.

    Love the macro shot! I love the way you took a photo of the scenery through your hubbies glasses. Great idea! Congrats on 500! Safe travels….

    Great shot of the tractor!!

    I love your pics and am your newest follower. I cannot wait to participate in the next scavenger hunt!

    Hanna @

    Love the tractor, cute shots…. the sunglasses one is so neat, great job!

    Great self portrait! I haven’t quite figured that one out…you know, how to do them without them coming out really awkward. Looks like you’ve mastered that :) Enjoy your trip!

    I love the tractor, a great use of macro and a great shot. I like your other shots too, congratulations on your 500 and enjoy your trip

    i love it as always!

    Cool reflection in the sunglasses. Have a safe trip!

    nice sunglasses pics! have a good trip and congrats on your “Friendships”!

    Great pictures. I love the self portrait. So happy for you reaching 500. :D

    Love those rear view mirror photos. And that last shot, of the reflection in your husband’s shades… perfection! Happy 500 on the followers (friends), too!! Have a safe flight!

    Those shots are awesome! I absolutely love that shot in your husbands sunglasses. Very nice. I wish I would have sucked it up and taken some photos through the window the other morning during my little adventure. There was no stopping in our car, but the landscape was breathtaking.

    I also like your self portrait. I like that you kind of wonder what you look like behind the camera.

    LOVE that shades pic! So cool.

    Well thank you, my dear, for reminding me about my own photo challenge. :) Is it really almost September?

    those multi angles can get tricky sometimes…i had that trouble this week…your tractor is so clean!!!! Have a safe journey….can’t wait for the photo hunt!

    I love photographing toys! They make such great images! You did have a great drive!

    Oooh – I like your self-portrait. Of course photoo nerd was like “I wonder what lens that is?” Oh my. Issues.

    I love the one of you glass while you’re driving! My husband gets pissy when I take photos in a movinf car but in your defense, I don’t see any other cars!

    I have one more self portrait to do! What was I thinking? I’m so sick of looking at myself!


    Awesome photos & congrats on 500+!!!! Have a safe trip!

    Ooooh, I love the sunglasses reflection photo. Whoohooo! 500+ friends/followers.

    LOVE the sunglasses!!!! I can see like 1/4 of someones head at the very top, it looks quite mysterious……

    I’m loving the self portrait! I’ve got to start trying these. Expansion! Thanks for always inspiring me!

    WOW! I’ve missed a lot of posts the last two days! I love your macro tractor and your self reflection – and I love that you have on your seat belt!! :-)

    I honestly don’t know how you keep up with it all and travel, too!! I’m jealous…I can’t do it.

    Have a safe trip!

    Nice self portrait! Happen to work on your “rolling shots?”

    Great self portrait and macro!

    love your selfie. i added mine to the link as well. (thanks to you i now am in another photo challenge!) :)