August 05, 2010
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RAW (e): Lamps
I’m in the airport right now waiting to board. On my way to the terminal, after dropping off my rental car, two guys on the rental car shuttle struck up conversation. It turns out they were going to be on the same flight and were trying to determine how full the flight might be. Conversation then turned to my purpose for being in California…

First assumption, I must live in the Sacramento area and be flying back to school (tons of colleges in my home town). Their jaws literally dropped when I said I’d been out of school for nearly six and a half years (yeah yeah, I’m still young). I followed that up with, yeah, I’m 28. They couldn’t believe it. 

They then asked what I was doing out here. I told them my profession. They went back to my age and shared with me that I looked no older than 20. Granted, I had just changed out of my professional attire. I mean, who really wants to fly the “red-eye” wearing a skirt. BUT, do I really look like I’m 20 years old. Just thought I’d share that with you while I wait.
IMG_2860 resized
In other news, there was some discussion on whether or not I would bring my “big camera” to California. Well, I did…and, I didn’t use it. Instead, I took a few cloud shots on my flight out and the above “lamp” shot with my point and shoot. The shot above is RAW. In this case, I shot JPG and although I re-sized in Roxio PhotoSuite (the only editing program I have available on my work laptop), I didn’t do anything else…not even my watermark.

For more RAW “lamp” photos, go to: 
Next week’s challenge is “vintage.” With that said, I’m shutting down…boarding…and going back to sleep. Leave me some love and I’ll be back in the morning to blog hop and return your comments. Good night. 

PS: For all those challenges I may have missed this week, don’t give up on me just yet…I should be back in full effect next week!


    Why do you make everything look so pretty?

    Woohoo, just take that compliment and run with it – don’t question it. :)

    Ummm…yeah! You do look 20! I’m so jealous!

    Yay for looking young!

    Great shot as always!!

    Enjoy looking younger than you are!! You’ll appreciate it more in later years. My son (almost 19) doesn’t like having a “babyface”, but I (almost 40) LOVE hearing that I don’t look my age!!

    It’s so funny that you said that about your age… because I get the SAME THING everyday as a teacher. When parents meet me, the first thing they say is, “How old are you?” I follow it up by saying old enough to have a bachelor’s and master’s degree! :) I guess we will enjoy looking younger at some point. I’m looking forward to the day that I am not mistaken as a student too! :)

    I love the rare occasion that I get carded. Very cool perspective on the lamp. I like!

    Great angle! :D

    My hubby has the same problem as you… he was 30, with four kids, and people would think he was barely 21! :D Freaked out a few people.

    I get that all the time (I’m 28 as well) People that see me out and about with my children, assume that I’m the babysitter. Because I look young. I actually got asked that today. Ha ha!

    If they meet me online, or meet me through my Moms Group, they assume I’m much older, because many of them know I’ve been married for almost 9 years, and I have 3 children.


    I don;t live in Sacto anymore.. jsut love it there.. I am in Omaha now. Hubs drags us all over the country. HE actually is looking art Raleigh Durham.. I will let ya know if we come to visit there

    I’m 29 and people can’t believe it either. Since I have an almost 1 year old, I guess that dates me. No one realizes I used to plan destination weddings and honeymoons like a maniac!

    Love the photo!

    In regard to your comment, nope I never left you :) I had never followed you before, but I am now.