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Shoot from the Hip - Ramblings and Photos

August 01, 2010
Shoot from the Hip
One of my blogger friends recently posted about “shooting from the hip.” I wrote the idea down and decided I would try it next time I was out and about. I’d like to give credit where credit is due, but I did not write down the name of that blogger (note to self, when writing down tips, write down the blogger of which I got the tip). 

***EDIT: Cara from Mischief and Laughs was my dear blogger friend that gave me this wonderful tip. Here’s the link to that blog entry – go check her out!***

So today, my husband and I went to Raleigh Wide Open. We walked the streets, we listened to music and watched street performers. I thought…now this, this is a great opportunity to “shoot from the hip.”

If you’ve never done this before, you simply keep the camera at your hip and click – that’s it! I have a hipster camera strap, so I just wear my camera around my neck to the side and click. For events like this, it’s kinda great because you don’t have to feel so awkward about taking pictures of random people. Anyways, I was pretty excited when I looked in my camera and saw this shot. Now, all of my “shoot from the hip” shots weren’t this great, but I was pleasantly surprised with this one.
SOOC Shoot from the Hip
SOOC Shot: ISO 100, f/5.0, 1/250 sec – taken with my 50 mm (f/1.8) lens (I only watermarked and re-sized for my blog)

For more SOOC shots, go visit The Slurping Life and Murrieta 365 at:

 Have a great night!

    That does sound fun… I’ll have to try that sometime too!

    great idea!! I’ll have to try that with my daughter :)

    Very cool idea. I think that I may try it, I’ll keep you posted if I do :)

    That’s such a great idea! And steph had an awesome subject idea… kids! They are that height anyway lol!

    I entered a bloghop at Secret Agent Mama a while ago with this theme. I wonder if that’s the blog you saw…

    Here was my post, her blog is linked in my post.

    It is a really cool shot, and a great idea. :)

    Cool shot. Looks like a great time.

    I never cease to be amazed at your talent!

    sounds like a fun idea!!!

    I can barely shoot from around the neck – HA! My oldest ran in the Mayor’s Run last fall, and I wanted a certain shot…so I held my camera above my head and fired away. I either looked super cool, or like a complete idiot. Either way, I got some amazing shots above all the runners. I’m totally going to try the hip thing. :-)

    So cool! That little boy with his hands behind his belly? I just want to poke his cute little belly like the Pillsbury Doughboy… which reminds me that I haven’t seen one of those commercials in a long time. I hope they didn’t stop that campaign!

    I have recently been inspired to do this, and I love it. I did it a lot during my trip to trip to Seattle in late June. It gave me some great shots, and it was so much fun. It reveals a really different type of photograph. Very on the fly. And now I have a name for it. :)

    Hey, Ashley!!! Thanks for your great comments on my blog, and thanks for leaving me your link! I always enjoy checking out the work of other photographers. =) Hugs!!

    Oh, and by the way… this is such a cool shot! I’m going to have to try that shooting from the hip sometime. =)

    Very cool! I will have to try that sometime.

    This is a really cool shot and a great idea!

    very cool..I’ll have to try!

    I have never heard of shooting from the hip with a camera! What a great idea when lots of people are around! Less attention drawn to the camera! This shot is simply wonderful!

    Super idea!! and great SOOC image. Your shots always amaze me!

    Oh lala that is good shot right there. Me too I have second thoughts shooting people, but shooting the hips is fun because you are shooting from the back haha. Okey I have to write your blog for the tip that I’ve got today. ^_^ Give credit where credit is due ^_^ Happy Sunday

    Yellow Dahlia

    Those are some snazzy orange shoes he is wearing! Happy Sunday!