Show and Tell Friday
A couple of things have happened recently that are worth sharing…so I figured I’d call today “Show and Tell Friday.” And considering how much happens on Friday, this might become a regularly post for me…we’ll see. 

First off, I won last week’s Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia for this shot: 
IMG_4961 blog
I continue to get this question, “what is it?” I promise that I had no intention of trying to confuse anyone, so I’ll tell you…it’s just a pile of poles at an abandoned work area in downtown Durham, NC. I told you it was nothing special. 

Anyways, because I won last week, that means that I will be choosing the winner for this week…no pressure or anything. Oddly enough, this week I didn’t have a macro shot to contribute until I pulled out my trusty point and shoot (because you should always have at least one camera on you, even if it’s your camera phone) and took this shot using macro mode:
Office Snail 080610
I call this the “Office Snail.” Several years ago, we had a graphic designer working with our company who had a few special interests outside of graphic design that she pursued after hours including photography. At one point, she was going to start selling these snails as a paper weight but wanted to create a few samples before she “went to market.” She made this one for me and it’s been sitting on my desk ever since. For more macro photos, go to:

Today, I also won one of A Ruffle in Time‘s giveaway items. Look at this awesome camera strap cover that I won! I am so excited.

I received the Versatile Blogger Award the other day from Chelsea at The Paper Mama. There are always rules attached to these awards, but I’m rebelling today and just going to thank Chelsea for the award and respond to eight questions given to me by Kimberly at Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. and Me.
  1. Who’s your favorite musician/band? I’d have to say Lifehouse – I’ve been a fan for years and their song “Easier to Be,” was our first dance song.
  2. What was your worst job EVER? Hmmm, that’s a tough one for me because I’m not sure I’ve ever had a bad job. Okay, there are two jobs that I’ve had that were less than ideal. In one case, I was working in an administrative capacity for an association. The people were great, but it was NOT a good fit for me. I was often asked to balance the books which always meant I had to grab a really heavy standard operating procedures manual and walk step by step through the process…I don’t know that I ever fully balanced those books. The other job was working for a popular and trendy retail store at the mall. I often worked the late shift which meant coming in around 9 pm and leaving at 2 am to fold clothes and restock the shelves. Those were some late nights and I am not sure that I really made any money.
  3. If you could pick a fancy stage name what would it be and why? Wow, these are such great questions. Honestly, I’ve never even thought about it. You know those silly quizzes you sometimes take online…my stripper name was supposed to be Lady Fairfield – I thought that was kinda nice. If I were going to be a Hip Hop artist, I might be The Boss Lady. If I’m going to be more of a folk singer, perhaps I’ll just stick with Ashley Sisk…even if no one knows how to say it.
  4. Are you a night owl or a(n annoying) morning person? I’m probably somewhere in between. I certainly like to wake up early and I’ve been staying up later more and more, but I don’t think I’m annoying…my husband would even say that I’m in a kinda foul mood until I have my coffee.
  5. Finish this sentence: home is….. being with my husband, enjoying a nice cup of coffee (or chai latte), watching tv and blogging. Is that lame? I’m definitely a home body and although I enjoy little adventures from time to time, I like being home.
  6. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?  When was the last time and what set it off? Yes, and I do so often. Recently, I was watching Meg O at “O is Me” celebrate 100 followers. She created a little video doing the happy dance and for whatever reason, I thought it was hilarious! If you haven’t seen it, click on the link above to watch.
  7. What is your super power of choice? I’m reading the House of Night series right now, and the main character is Zoey Redbird who is connected to the five elements: wind, fire, water, earth and spirit…however, what I think I like the most is her ability to move quietly and invisibly. I think I’d want that power.
  8. Have you ever known someone so well you could finish their sentences? Who? Either my friend Beth or Jenn…and if we go back to High School, my friend Kristi.
Now, I think I’m supposed to tag eight other people who are then supposed to answer another eight questions. Again…I don’t like playing by the rules. Instead, if you’re reading this, you are more than welcome to take the above eight questions and answer them for yourself. 

Finally, I’m joining this week’s Photo Roulette over at Mischief and Laughs. This week, we’re pulling the 18th photo from our 1st photo file. My first photo file is nothing but pictures of our house when we had it on the market, so I went to the second folder.

IMG_1242 edit
The above photo was taken of me in 2007 during Peace College‘s 150th Anniversary Alumnae Weekend (yes, I did graduate from a women’s college). There were a couple of activities on the agenda that afternoon that must have been boring, so my friends and I walked around campus. The photos just prior this include shots of each one of my friends riding a horse statue on the back side of campus (Peace College’s mascot had just changed from being the “Pride” to the “Pacers”). I then see this huge green field that makes me think of “frolicking on the grassy knoll,” so I took off my cute little pink heels and started running through the grass. Actually, now that I look at this picture, it kinda looks like I’m trying to fly. You can also see that my hair was much shorter (and until recently, I wore my hair at chin length). It actually was a really fun weekend.
While I’m at it, I think I’ll also share this for In the Photo Friday at La Buena Vida…I mean, I am IN the photo, even if it was 2007. So technically, this photo also works for Flashback Friday at Christopher and Tia.
Flashback Friday Button

And with that, I think I’ve done all my showing and telling…at least for a few hours. Have a great weekend!