The End of Summer
Last weekend, we attended an event called Raleigh Wide Open. I teased you with one of my SOOC shots on Saturday, but haven’t had a chance to process the photos until now.
IMG_5166 blog
There were thousands of people downtown and tons of activities…from food, to street performers, exhibitions, retail shops and music.
IMG_5190 blog
We really enjoyed listening to the music – this band in particular had incredible soul. The lead singer managed to get the guy on the left to get up and dance while she played.
IMG_5185 blog
Meanwhile, this little boy danced with his mother.
IMG_5200 blog
As we walked away from the band, I heard kids laughing and wanted to check it out. 


IMG_5201 blog
I know I’m not a parent, but this activity looks like the greatest thing ever to wear your children out. For $6 (I think), children would be placed in these big plastic balls and thrown into this pool. The wet adult you see would be sure to spin them around from time to time as the children “tried” to stand up. It was hilarious to watch, but they really were having a great time…it’s what I call “PURE JOY.” 
IMG_5211 blog
We started heading out and noticed that there were a bunch of people standing around. Apparently, there was some sort of bike exhibition going on…I couldn’t see past all the heads. I thought these two boys were pretty cute though.
IMG_5213 RS
Whatever was going on, must have been good because a ton of people watched from the parking deck. I caught this “silhouette” shot and thought it was perfect for this week’s Picture of the Week (POTW).
IMG_5216 blog
All in all, it was a good day…and a great way to end the summer. Perfect weather, good food, great music. This weekend we’ll be going to a Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival…that should be fun.


Have a great night everyone! Like I’ve said before, I’m hoping to be back into my regular routine by next week.

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    these are great! Looks like a good time.

    Love the big balls, remind me of the Prisoner series from the 60’s very cool!

    Thank you so much Ashley for your kind comments on my blog posts. Yep, managed to finish the 20 (surprised myself too) although I have added one more photo to the 20 which I thought of in the car this evening which I thought would work well for contrast and strength so put it in both sections! I think it is an interesting take personally.

    I genuinely am flattered by you saying such nice things about my photographs or the way my brain works (summarising it as my brain as that is what is coming up with all the ideas)! xo

    Oh my goodness- I ADORE that silhouette picture! That it awesome.

    lol- been a long day

    I love those balls – I think I need one! Not that I need tiring out – just getting around 9-5 does that! Nice processing on the photos. Excellent silhouette – that’s still something I have yet to try. Welcome home, and glad you had a safe trip!

    That silhouette is great, love the strong line and the detail of all the heads.

    Looks like fun, and I love the way you processed everything. The silhouette shot is amazing!

    uhhh… that bubble thing looks AWESOME! I’m pretty sure I would do that! :)

    interesting colors and nice shots;-) happy weekend!

    I love the PPing these and you are right…that looks like the best kids toy ever. I want to play!

    I wanna play in that bubble thing! haha great photos as always, looks like yall had a great time!

    Fabulous! Because you can really get a feel for the mood of festival! & awesome POTW…I knew you’d pull one out of your hat :D

    Beautiful the tones! That bubble thing looks so crazy, I’ve never seen anything like that!

    I love the processing you chose! And that silhouette is amazingly awesome!

    I love the tones in the photos, but my favorite is the picture of the mother dancing with her son. Her expression is really beautiful!

    Hi Ashley! I love your blog, its pretty and elegant! ;) thanks for stopping by my blog today, I appreciate it! I will definately be following your posts, You have excellent photos!
    If you win the tutu you might need it as a prop someday ;)

    Thanks again, Kristen

    These are awesome. It looks like such a good time. Those little ball things I would love to do. They look like so much fun.

    These are wonderful photos, I love the boy and his mom dancing, the balls look like so much fun, and the processing is perfect.

    as usual these are ah-mazing. my fav is def the silhouette.
    i particularly love the processing on these too!

    I love all the pictures, but the silhouette one is my favorite! Such great shots!

    WOW! amazing photos!! sooo beautiful <3

    Awesome pictures – love the processing! PW’s 70’s? TRA’s lux hard? Hmmm…really lovely. That silhouette shot is amazing; so cool! Hope you had a safe trip home. ♥

    Great pics. I love the one with the boy in the plastic ball. Hilarious!

    Oh, I love that silhouette shot, too.

    Wow…great pictures!! The bubble thing looks like fun :) Oh yeah, LOVE the silhouette shot

    Love the crowd silhouette! I would love one of those giant balls for the backyard – just to play around in!

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! What did you do for edits on them?

    LOVE your street photography ~ I’d SO love to do more of that! BUT I have two problems 1 ~ we live in a tiny, quiet village, and 2. it is SERIOUSLY frowned on here in the UK ~ and the police don’t like it either :(
    I love how discrete your photos are though, only one or two faces in the whole set, but I real sense of atmosphere ~ brilliant!! The processing is uber-cool too! :D

    that silhouette photo is awesome! what city is that?

    I love your pictures – you’re an amazing photographer! Those huge ball pictures are so cool.

    Neat pictures! Came across your site through a friends’…good stuff!