August 10, 2010
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What’s for Dinner?
All day long, I witnessed photo after photo of deliciousness grace my computer screen. Why? Because Two Mom’s Made a Photo Challenge‘s theme this week is “FOOD.” There are so many talented ladies in “blog land” with mad cooking skills…I am not one of them.
You see, the last time I displayed anything food related, I ordered a pizza. Well, after a week of eating whatever I want in Sacramento, it’s time to eat a little healthier…so, tonight, I made myself a sandwich. And because I can’t stand to be left out, I took a picture to share. I swear, the way I eat, you’d think I was in college: pizza, soup, sandwiches and cereal. 

If anyone feels sorry for me and wants to send me food, I’ll graciously accept. In the meantime, go check out more “food” photos at: 


    No pizza!!!?? It’s ok, I only have like 4 things I can successfully make…its sad really. I love sandwiches and that looks delicious, we are actually having pizza tonight…

    Just ate dinner… but man this looks goooood, too. I did save a little room, but it is for…

    cake. Shhhhh don’t tell my waistline.

    I’m not much into sandwiches, but this one looks yummy to me. :)

    ooh, that looks like a photo challenge to go check out! love the colors in this :)

    That looks scrumptous! It’s making the porkchops I’m having tonight seem so…boring!

    It may only be a sandwich, but you made it look amazing!

    that looks nothing like my sandwiches LOL

    This is an awesome photo! I LOVE detailed close-ups.

    Man that sandwich actually looks REALLY good right now. Damn entering this challenge and seeing all the yummy foods I want to eat!

    lol can you please make me one! about instead I adopt you? Then you can share all your photog tricks with me, and I’ll keep you fed and watered. You’ll be the lil’ sis I never had. *sigh*

    Yummmm!!! I want a bite!

    That sandwich looks very good! This is funny…I posted my dinner tonight and didn’t even know about this photo challenge. I think I shall go and enter it right now! =)


    LOL I am married with a child…and still eat pizza, sandwiches, easy mac and cereal. No worries. It’s way more trouble to cook for one person than several. And by the way, the shot is fabulous…as is the usual :)

    I’m suddenly craving a sandwich….

    Mmmmmmm…Looks yummy! Food photography is not my thing ;)

    I don’t cook either. I’m lucky if I get any meals after breakfast because, stupid me, I schedule clients from 9 to 8 hourly without any breaks. I’m constantly asking why I do that to myself!
    Your sandwich looks wonderful! You are truly a talented photographer!

    Your stat is beautiful. Delicious post!

    omg, ashley, I can’t cook either. and when I bake… well lets just say i have to read over the reciepe seventeen times because I am always getting my measurement messed up, ahh!! haha.. lucikly, my bf is quite the opposite. he loves to cook!! lately i’ve been craving cupcakes, so I may have to get in the kitchen! anyways, beautiful picture!

    That sandwich looks yummy!

    Can I ask you how you made your picture post so big on blogger??

    This picture makes me want to eat that sandwich! I am going to be craving that now LOL!

    That sandwich looks nothing less than delicious. Mmm.

    Lol there’s nothing wrong with college fare – it’s tasty and easy! Plus it’s usually cheap! That sandwich makes me want lunchtime to hurry up and get here so I can make one just like that.

    haha!!! I too love the basics! Every time I grocery shop, I buy several boxes of cereal! :)

    that is a most yummy looking sandwich!

    But you make it look so yummy. When the holidays roll around and the candiy making starts I’ll send you some.

    Yum! This looks much healthier than the blt’s I’m about to go make!

    Well.. at least it looks delicious!! :D