August 12, 2010
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You Capture: Everyday Things
This week’s You Capture theme is “everyday things.” I’ve shared elements of my home and my day with you before (and I’m not sure anyone would be really interested in my office) so I wanted to share a different perspective.
Watch blog
From the moment I wake up, I’m looking at the clock…first the alarm clock, then the clock on my cell phone (okay, so I’m really checking email), then the wall clock from the bathroom, then the clock in the kitchen, then the clock in my car, etc. Today, my mom sent me another clock, well a new watch! This watch is nice and blingy but also really comfortable and I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it all the time now. Mom always has great taste in jewelry.
Camera Strap Slipcover RS
Another big part of my day is my camera, editing, blogging. On Tuesday, I received a brand new camera strap slipcover from Megan at a Ruffle in Time. On Friday I shared that I won the slipcover as part of a giveaway, so I was really excited for it to come in and I can’t wait to use it.
Late Night Snack Blog
Sometime between dinner and bedtime, I will grab a snack. Recently, that snack has consisted of a bag of Sun Chips (my favorite being Garden Salsa – couldn’t find them last night) and a glass of Sun Drop. I turn on the television and computer and plop on the couch until it’s time for bed.
Book Love blog
Before I close my eyes, I do a little reading. I was inspired by this shot at Oh, My Darling, so I thought I’d take my own shot with the book I’m reading now. I’ve shared with you before that I am reading the House of Night series (check out this website, I’ve never seen books do promotional videos to get you excited about the characters). If you liked Twilight, you’ll love House of Night.

So that’s all for now. For more “everyday things,” go to:

    I love that shot of the book –very creative! :)

    Wonderful shots as alway Ashley. Congrats again on breaking 400.

    Looovvveee the ‘every day’ things! And your new watch is GORGEOUS! I have been looking at watches like that… I actually got one in St. Thomas then it broke the sec. I got home :( Yours is soo cute, love it!
    And I’m LOL about your Sun Drop! it’s like when I talk about Cheerwine, unless you live in NC, nobody knows what you are talking about :)

    Lovely shots Ashley. Particularly like the book – lovely depth.

    Love your book shot at the bottom the best. Hearts just give me a great feeling — funny – as every day I look for heart shaped clouds and heart shaped everything! Nice work as always. Only you can make a bag of Sun Chips look artsy. Kudos! Happy Thursday!

    Love the photos, especially the book!

    Love them! Can I have the watch? Great shots!

    Love the book shot, and I love crisps too – I will however resist the temptation of eating them (oh, but they are now fixed in my mind), resistance is futile!!!!

    love the book shot and the sun chips one…very cool and amazing how you can make the ordinary look so cool!

    I like that watch shot with the reflection, very pretty! And what a cool idea w/ the book, neato!

    Great shots! Love them.

    LOVE the pic of the book – too cool! And the watch is gorgeous. I’d wear it. ;)

    Oh, it’s my lucky day!!! Happy to have a new visitor to my little corner of blogdom and even happier to visit YOU!!! Your photographs are incredible…love the BIG sizes and how you capture things…after mowing the lawn, I’m comin’ back with a glass of lemonade and visit some more. I am so grateful you left me word of your visit!

    You are SO creative! I hope my pictures can be that cool one day! :)

    Your watch is awesome, and your mom is awesome too! haha

    Have an awesome day!

    I love the book shot and also I had to re read what you said about the chip shot because I thought you were outside looking at some type of building. I love that shot as well!

    these are great photos. I love the heart book one.

    Wow, I love the watch shot, and it was my favorite… until I reached the book shot! It’s just brilliant!

    Great shots… as always. I love how you look at things!

    Wow. I loved this look at all of your every day things Ashley. Your watch is so pretty.
    LOVE your book pages. I haven’t read anything all summer. Usually I am all over books in the summer. Darn this thing called blogging.

    that’s a pretty watch! and i love the book shot, i should try that sometime =)

    love the new watch – and now you have me curious about the books – i loved the twilight series –
    will go look these up on Amazon!

    I want that watch :) I don’t even wear watches LOL Great shots!!

    Those sunchips are making me super hungry! I’m not kidding. Why does your blog make me hungry? I’m trying to lose 10 more pounds by the end of the summer. Does that mean that your blog is potentially dangerous to my waist line? ha…

    I also love the book. I need to get on that series. I’m running out of brain candy reads.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! That watch is GORGEOUS!!

    oh my gosh…..they’re all so gorgeous!!!!!

    Great shots! I love the new strap. So cute :D The book shot is darling too. Love ‘em all :D

    Wow! What can I say! It’s perfect for the theme! You inspires me a lot!! That watch – your mom definitely got a great taste :) It’s beautiful! I’m going to do the same technique with my book :D

    Hi! As soon as I figure out how to follow you, I will! But I just wanted to say I read your About Me and I can’t believe you just started not long ago, you look like a professional to me! Love your work!

    That watch is screaming buy me. If it sparkles, I love it! And the book shot is just too cool :)

    Loving the book shot and may i borrow that watch? I need some bling:-). It’s gorgeous!

    Clocks, how I hate them. I cover them at night cuz the light from them keeps me awake, I have to go clear to kitchen to see what time I wake up, lol. I too love reading and I’m thinking about making me a camera strap thing. I never use my neck strap, but wrap it around my arm. Am thinking I would like one of those where you put your hand between it and the camera, we’ll see.

    Love that watch – your mom does have good taste!

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried Sun Drop, but I’ve seen it in the store.

    These are so great!! I love the one of the book pages and the potatoe chips! :)

    What a beautiful watch! I love the book shot!

    Your Mom sure knows how to pick a watch! It’s gorgeous!

    Love the pictures, I especially like the chip one. Probably because I’m hungry, and it looks delicious. ;)

    The book photo is cool, too!

    Love the shots–love how you made everyday things look so cool! Such a pretty watch too!

    Wow the book shot is amazing…

    These are all very neat shots of everyday things – you always have such great photos!!!

    Thanks for stopping my blog!! I love discovering new blogger photographers too! And you have some AWESOME pics! BTW – I saw that same shot (the book one!) on Oh, My Darling too! I love your interpretation :) And how exciting about the camera strap cover win! I’m looking around for one too! Thinking of going to My Funky Camera…they have some really cool ones!

    I love all of these photos!! Your mom does have some excellent taste. I LOVE that watch she got for you. I would totally wear it all the time too. I know exactly what you mean about constantly looking at the time. I am looking at clocks all the time so that I will know what time it is and all.

    I am so jealous of that camera strap cover. It is so cute! You were soooo lucky to win it! I never win anything. Love that photo of your book!

    Ha! The chips and soda, so creative! And the watch shot…wow! You have an eye, that’s for sure!

    Oh yes, I love her! And take her with me everywhere I go. :) 35mm film, currently saving my pennies to get another roll developed mind. :)
    This is such a cool idea! I really like the heart from the book, I like to read before bed time too. And that camera strap! It’s so pretty.

    Your mom has taste! And that book shot is gorgeous.

    I am also jealous of that ultra fab camera strap!

    I love Sun Chips too. They make a perfect afternoon snack.

    OO MY! That watch is AMAZING-LY beautiful. I love these ‘everyday’ photos! i am for sure going to be joining in. thank you for sharing, ashley!

    Your new watch is gorgeous and I love the book shot. I have those books waiting on my shelf for me. I bought them after your suggestion a little while back. Cant wait to start reading them!

    That book capture is amazing! Love it so.

    Your blog is amazing….and those photos…
    so inspiring…
    Love the book shot!

    ahhhh! both the book and the sunchips are AMAZING. kkep up the awesome work (:

    Great photos, love the book and the watch!!!!!

    Those are all wonderful shots. I especially like the first and last–really the book is my favorite because that is just cool!