August 19, 2010
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You Capture: Kitchen Composition
If you ever find yourself hitting a creative wall as it relates to photography, try doing a 20 minute challenge. I decided that I would do just that when I saw that this week’s You Capture challenge was “In the Kitchen.” The basic premise is that you’ll confine yourself to one room and take as many pictures as possible in that room – you’ll be forced to shoot from new angles and perspectives.
Kitchen 1 RS
When we got engaged, we put a Tassimo coffee maker on our registry. Along with it, we put several packages of coffee and the coffee disc carousel on the registry. During my bridal shower, I received the coffee and carousel but not the actual Tassimo. My friends all joked that it would be funny if I had all the accessories, but no Tassimo. Well, one my best friends had the last laugh when she gave me the Tassimo as our wedding gift. It’s probably one of our most used gifts – I personally love the Chai latte.
Kitchen 2 RS
Speaking of coffee, close to the carousel is our “sugar bowl.” Of course, right now we’re using Splenda (will probably change this soon since apparently Splenda is bad for you). I love the little monkey.
Kitchen 3 RS
As I was walking around the kitchen, I decided I wanted to photograph our china. We’ve only used it once and I really do think it’s beautiful. Technically, it’s stoneware – I didn’t think we would use fine china (and when we do, I’m kinda hoping I have some passed down to me), and I didn’t want to have anything in my home that I couldn’t put in the microwave or dishwasher.
Kitchen 4 RS
You’re probably looking at my photos and thinking, “Dear God, this girl’s kitchen is way too clean.” I swear…it’s all my husband’s doing. He keeps everything so neat and tidy.
Kitchen 10 RS
Like this sink…you should have seen my sink when I was single. I always had a plate, bowl or cup in the sink…but he keeps it spotless.
Kitchen 7 RS
I’ll be honest, I don’t really use most of the kitchen. After our wedding, I actually told my husband that he should have registered instead of me…since he would be the one spending the most time in the kitchen.
Kitchen 8 RS
My grandmother did once say that a man should choose one room that he wants his wife to be good in. I’m not suggesting that women can’t be capable of skill sets in multiple rooms, I’m just saying.
Kitchen 6 RS
Am I boring you yet with my kitchen composition challenge? You could also do this in the bathroom…the laundry room, etc. It’s all about looking at the world from a fresh perspective.
Kitchen 5 RS
And I certainly took plenty of boring shots as well, but I love turning typical, everyday things and turning them into art. Maybe I should pursue stock photography. Ha ha.
Kitchen 9 RS
So that’s enough from me. Go check out more “in the kitchen” shots at:


    love that last photo – the over-exposure works really well with the brightly coloured cutlery. I think I should try this challenge sometime to stop me from thinking ” I have nothing to photograph”

    Wish my kitchen looked that spottless!
    Great compositions…

    I really love the kitchen composition – it’s my favorite room in my house. I will say that your sink and stove look immaculate. I don’t think our sink even looked that clean when we moved in! I think my favorite picture is the stoneware. You chose a beautiful pattern!

    great photos. i love your challenge within the challenge–the 20 minutes in one room idea. uh, the monkey sugar bowl–LOVE!

    Great photos! I love the idea of just snapping for twenty minutes. And can I please borrow your husband? Wow, I can’t remember our sink EVER looking like that!
    The last photo is my favourite, and also the one of the glass jug.

    You really took this to a new level!! GREAT!! ;D

    Fantastic photos! The green/white contrast in that last one is gorgeous!! I love green and white together.

    If your husband ever needs a challenge – send him over to my house. I have two teens living here, so my kitchen is never clean!

    Great challenge. Your china is beautiful.

    Wowza –great photos! I especially love the first and the last ones! :)

    Wow! Beautiful photos! You made everyday things into are work and they look beautiful! I’m in love with your china! We opeted against Fine China as well…I just didn’t want anything that I would be afraid to use because I didn’t want it broken. :) You could definitely sell these as stock photos.

    We always have a bowl or glass in the sink…my husband complains that I can’t pack the dishwasher correctly….great shots!

    Great shots! I really like the different angles you shot from, very creative.

    Your kitchen photos are FANTASTIC!!!!! I completely forgot about this challenge!!! My favorite is the Tassimo carousel! OK…and the potato smasher!!!!

    OK, new favorite post! These are so awesome I can’t even narrow it down. Girl, you amaze me. You really do.

    Think I need a do-over on this assignment…

    Okay, first and foremost: I want your kitchen! :) Secondly, you totally intrigued me with your shots–they are beautiful. Bravo!

    Beautiful photos as always Ashley!!

    what a fun theme wasn’t it??? I especially love your last shot!! I need to try something like that!!

    wow, you make everything look like it is straight out of a magazine! what lens did you use out of interest? they are really great shots, great idea too

    Love these photos! That is a great idea to really challenge yourself. I’d love to try it, but I’m afraid I have to go clean my kitchen now that I realize how FILTHY it is after seeing yours–yikes!

    your photos are always so good!
    thanks for the wishes!

    Awesome photos!! I’m kind of jealous of your kitchen. I’d love to join in – but I think people might laugh at all of my kitchen stuff! My kitchen is in complete disarray. Ha ha.

    I love the angles, the pieces that combined make a kitchen :)

    What a lovely kitchen! The perspectives you used are also amazing!

    These are beautiful! Especially love that last shot of the silverware inside the glass. The light is just gorgeous.

    I’m just astounded at the cleanliness of it all. (sigh)

    Nice close ups and composition – great challenge! And thanks for stopping by my blog lately – love your comments and the time you take to leave them.

    I love the last one… It’s so simple, but breathtaking at the same time. Awesome. :)

    Marla @

    Your photos are inspiring! Simple things made into art. Thank you for sharing.

    They are delightful! My husband and I came to an agreement after ten years of married – I’ll do the food prep (thawing, washing, chopping, etc.) and the clean up (washing dishes/loading the dishwasher) if he will do the cooking (which he LOVES). Works for us! :-)

    I love that last shot!

    Shut up girl, your kitchen is WAY too clean. HA! I’m jealous (yet again, I should get over that) As usual your photography is way above par. I love the last shot, but I also adore your sink. It is so clear (and clean… lol, but I digress) My favorite shot though would have to be…

    {thinking about it}

    The serving pitcher. Hands down!

    I love the last shot and also the one of the handle of the jar (i just forgot what its called ha ha ha ha ha ha i think i am a little tired. ha ha…) anywho love the shots!

    Haha, I love your grandma. And your kitchen.

    Fellow Tassimo lover here… I couldn’t survive without mine, now I need the disk carosel

    Im about to do this. Kitchen theme is a little hard :-)

    Love the monkey bowl, the pitcher handle, and… how clean it is!! Sigh.

    You are a fortunate woman to have such a husband! Great pictures. I love the way the glass pitcher shines! Beautiful

    Love them, love the first shot and the serving pitcher! I am a clean kitchen person myself!

    Your kitchen is pretty lol! The photo contest starts every sunday hun

    I love your kitchen photos! How on earth do you have such great lighting? My kitchen (it’s actually my sister’s) is so dark and my photos turn out yucky!

    My husband and I actually won a Tassimo (after specifically NOT registering for it) at a Bed, Bath and Beyond Registry Completion Event. We still haven’t used it, but maybe once we get our own house, it will be a great entertaining appliance!

    My china is my grandmother’s and it is sitting in a box in my parent’s basement. We just don’t have room/need for it yet. I vote you tell your husband that if you are allowed to get a kitchenaid, then he gets homemade rolls, cinnamon rolls, and amazing cookies. It’s a pretty good trade off.

    What a great idea to get my creative juices going! I have the opposite kind of hubby. He loves to cook but hates to clean up after. Our kitchen doesn’t look half as clean as yours. I’m having sink envy at the moment.

    Awesome shots. Definitely stock photography worthy.

    Dang Girl, these are amazing! You made an awesome series out of an ordinary place. I love the composition and creativity of these. Beautiful work, as always!

    I like your shots – great job! And, hilarious what your grandmother said! :)

    Great pictures! Also I’m so jealous of how clean and tidy everything is. I’m guessing you don’t have a tiny toddler running around throwing food at you :)
    Love your quote from your Grandma about being good in one room.

    FAB!!! Such wonderful photos – I can’t pick a fav!


    I’m trying so hard to give up splenda but it’s impossibe!

    Love these. Very interesting and creative. We now use Stevia- all natural. And wand your husband to my house for a cleaning session, please.

    Oh, man you were funny this time around! Love the quote from your Grandma. And yes, your kitchen is way too spotless. Not even a speck of dust on your shiny stove buttons? Love that last shot!

    Yah, seriously, even the utensil drawer is neat & organized…DH & I have this ongoing joke b/c he always organizes the utensils in perfect order after emptying the dishwasher, I of course do not! LOL, LOVE the lil monkey on your splenda pitcher holder thingy!!!

    I love how you make everyday things art, Ashley. Miss you too, but totally understand why you are busy. We could never hate you! *muah*

    I love the glass pitcher handle, well done! Oh, and I wish my hubbs would clean my kitchen like that, I don’t think mine has been that spotless since we moved in!

    Man I wish my kitchen was that clean!! Great Photos!

    Well done Ashley. That last shot would definately make good ‘stock’!
    I didn’t do this weeks You Capture ~ my kitchen is always too messy, full of debris and living with 7 kiddos. Nothing pretty, or even interesting. Only practical stuff. Anything worth shooting in there has already been shot, and as YC is about taking NEW pictures I just gave it a miss this week :(

    wow, beautiful pictures girl! i’ve always been curious about the Tassimo coffee maker. glad to hear that you love it. I always see it being sampled at costco!

    I can’t believe your hubby is so neat and clean. I’m the same way… my sweet man is the complete opposite. Before we got married his apartment would have dirty dishes in the sink for days. :-)

    Love your photos today. You really captured the beauty inside an ordinary room.

    Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed your kitchen photography challenge! I’m inspired!

    These are AMAZING shots. Well done. I love your grandma’s saying… I am totally using that one :D

    I love all of these shots! The kitchen is probably my very favorite room in the house! I could have looked at 20 more photos of your kitchen LOL they were great! BTW I love Chai Lattes! That is my winter drink of choice!

    very cool shots!

    Wow! Beautiful photos! You made everyday things into are work and they look beautiful!This is a good piece of content, I was wondering of your post.Thanks.


    Lovely as always! Love the last shot – my favorite! And the next time someone tells me I’m clean… I showing them this post :)

    WOW – love this!! The contrast is SO perfect on the coffee carosel and I love the shot on the white countertop. You got SO many nice shots!! :)

    I’m not sure which is more amazing – your shots or the fact that your husband keep the kitchen immaculate?! :) Those are all so cool! I thought you were at a restaurant at first.

    I love the ‘sugar bowl’ shot and the monkey!!! We keep packets of sugar in our bowl too. (Sugar in the raw though.) It’s so much easier!

    I also liked the potato masher and the gorgeous olive-yellow-green handles in the last shot. Your kitchen just sparkles!

    I love all your shots! My favorites are the one with the glass pitcher handle and the yellow-green utensils. I’m so jelous of your sparkly-clean kitchen.

    wow these are great shots! you make the kitchen look so glamorous! i love those placemats too!

    You found some really great, unique shots. I love the pitcher one and my that sink is CLEAN! Also, love your choice in china (stoneware). Very pretty.