August 19, 2010
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You Capture: Kitchen Composition
If you ever find yourself hitting a creative wall as it relates to photography, try doing a 20 minute challenge. I decided that I would do just that when I saw that this week’s You Capture challenge was “In the Kitchen.” The basic premise is that you’ll confine yourself to one room and take as many pictures as possible in that room – you’ll be forced to shoot from new angles and perspectives.
Kitchen 1 RS
When we got engaged, we put a Tassimo coffee maker on our registry. Along with it, we put several packages of coffee and the coffee disc carousel on the registry. During my bridal shower, I received the coffee and carousel but not the actual Tassimo. My friends all joked that it would be funny if I had all the accessories, but no Tassimo. Well, one my best friends had the last laugh when she gave me the Tassimo as our wedding gift. It’s probably one of our most used gifts – I personally love the Chai latte.
Kitchen 2 RS
Speaking of coffee, close to the carousel is our “sugar bowl.” Of course, right now we’re using Splenda (will probably change this soon since apparently Splenda is bad for you). I love the little monkey.
Kitchen 3 RS
As I was walking around the kitchen, I decided I wanted to photograph our china. We’ve only used it once and I really do think it’s beautiful. Technically, it’s stoneware – I didn’t think we would use fine china (and when we do, I’m kinda hoping I have some passed down to me), and I didn’t want to have anything in my home that I couldn’t put in the microwave or dishwasher.
Kitchen 4 RS
You’re probably looking at my photos and thinking, “Dear God, this girl’s kitchen is way too clean.” I swear…it’s all my husband’s doing. He keeps everything so neat and tidy.
Kitchen 10 RS
Like this sink…you should have seen my sink when I was single. I always had a plate, bowl or cup in the sink…but he keeps it spotless.
Kitchen 7 RS
I’ll be honest, I don’t really use most of the kitchen. After our wedding, I actually told my husband that he should have registered instead of me…since he would be the one spending the most time in the kitchen.
Kitchen 8 RS
My grandmother did once say that a man should choose one room that he wants his wife to be good in. I’m not suggesting that women can’t be capable of skill sets in multiple rooms, I’m just saying.
Kitchen 6 RS
Am I boring you yet with my kitchen composition challenge? You could also do this in the bathroom…the laundry room, etc. It’s all about looking at the world from a fresh perspective.
Kitchen 5 RS
And I certainly took plenty of boring shots as well, but I love turning typical, everyday things and turning them into art. Maybe I should pursue stock photography. Ha ha.
Kitchen 9 RS
So that’s enough from me. Go check out more “in the kitchen” shots at: