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Ask Me Anything! - Ramblings and Photos

September 25, 2010
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Ask Me Anything!
The other day, I got a great email from Samara at The Link Adventure, asking to know more about me. I started to think about myself as a blogger and realized that unless we’ve connected over email…chances are that you know very little about me (either that, or my life is extremely boring). 

So…I’m slinging the doors wide open…ASK ME ANYTHING! No question is off limits – personal or related to photography/photo-editing (although I completely reserve the right to ignore a question if it seems inappropriate). I will sort through your questions and respond to them over the next week in a separate post (or posts depending on how many questions are sent my way). 

With that said…I’m off for the rest of the day. I’m going to my hometown to do my first children’s portrait session with three little girls, and then going to my friend’s engagement party. It’s going to be a blast…I’m so excited! 
CityScape RS
Oh, and just in case you missed it, I’ve created another “planet photograph” using the tutorial I wrote on Wednesday – I was so excited to find a cityscape photo to work with. If you click on the picture above, you’ll be redirected to that tutorial. I used Amanda’s “Hollywood” action on this one. Click HERE for more freebie actions designed for Photoshop Elements.

And, while I’m here, I need to thank a few bloggers that have sent me awards in the past week. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I am not prompt about posting these awards…or following the rules, but I do at least want to thank the following people for thinking of me.

Thank you Marie at The Things We Find Inside for this “Life is Good” award.

Thank you Ewa at Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time for the “Versatile Blogger” award. 
Thank you Pam at Pieces of Me for the “Cherries On Top” award.
Thank you to Janet at My Semi-Charmed Life for the “Circle of Friends” award.

And last but not least…thank you Krystal at Puppies and Pacifiers for the “One Lovely Blog” award.

Alright, I think that’s everything. Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


    Hmm, ask you anything…
    When did you first become interested in photography?
    What made you choose Canon over Nikon (or another brand)?
    What is your middle name?
    Okay, that’s it for now! :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture! I’m going to have to try and do one =D

    Good one!

    Let’s see…

    What’s your favorite color?

    Besides blogging and photography, what is your all-time favorite activity?

    Who is your biggest hero?

    What’s your favorite genre of music?

    What relaxes you the most on the weekends?

    Okay, that’s enough. :-)

    Congrats on all the awards! Have fun shooting today! If you could live anywhere in the world for a month where would it be?

    That is definitely a picture I would hang in my house! Awesome job!

    Beautiful photo! And congrats for the awards!
    What I’d like to know is, how you handle all this? I’m already overwhelmed with my own blog, reading a few other blogs and my 365 project…

    Beautiful photo! Sounds like you have a great Saturday lined up. Wondering what your favorite type of food is and do you or your husband like to cook? Do you two have a wish list of places you would like to visit?

    Oh I LOVE that photo!! I so need to try that!

    My question: What’s in your camera bag?

    What textures/overlays do you use for your photos?
    About how many photos do you take every day?

    Love the blog. :)

    That’s it…I need to take a landscape/cityscape shot soon! :)

    What photo classes have you taken and which one(s) was/were the most helpful?

    Love the picture!

    How did you learn photography?
    Have you taken any workshops to learn more about photography?
    Whats your favorite holiday?
    Whats your favorite thing to photograph?
    What are some things that you hope to capture in the future but have yet to?

    Love that pic! Gonna have to try one. I think we’ve chatted quite a bit to know some about you but I’m looking forward to hearing all your answers to the questions being asked. Congrats on all your new awards!

    Hey Ashley-
    No questions, just comments. (I may have questions later tho.)
    I love to read blogs, but time is an issue. Your blog is so inspirational. I loved reading that you’ve only had your DSLR for a year. It makes me hopeful that a year from now, I’ll be turning out work that’s 1/2 as lovely as yours. That would make it pretty amazing. I’m also amazed how you manage to “visit” and comment to others. That’s very kind.
    I’m looking forward to diving into some tutorials when I’m ready. Just learned about the “rubber stamp” in photoshop….I guess that’s a great first lesson. Onward.
    Thank you for all you share about what you’ve learned. Ready for scavenger tomorrow if I can find something miniature today. :)

    Tell me about the first day your parents and siblings saw your photography and there reaction? Any encouraging words? How old were you? Where were you?
    Also what did they think when they saw you bought a big expensive camera?

    My very favorite “planet” photo so far. LOVE IT!

    I’d love to know more about how, with your busy work life, you are able to fit in creative time. I’m struggling with that lately and would love your insight.

    Do your IRL friends (and family) know about your blog?

    What’s your “must have” camera lens? (Or the lens you use the most)

    Love the planet photo! It’s my favorite one :)

    love that pic!! Where did you meet your hubby and how long have you been married? What is your favorite thing about being married…Do you want to have kiddos? What do you to for work? :)

    Like many, I was wondering how long you’ve been toting a camera.

    Congrats on all the awards….and, have a great weekend!

    great as always i am going to practice another of those.

    ask you anything? Did yopu go to photography school? and did you use amandas font tutorial for your fonts? if so help me some time if ya can.

    have fun with your shoot and party.

    Gorgeous photo. Everytime I see your latest pics I am amazed. :O)

    that photo is sooo amazing! i a gonna have to hop over to that link, thanks for sharing! I am also gonna think up some fun questions to ask you! have a great weekend!

    that photo is sooo amazing! i a gonna have to hop over to that link, thanks for sharing! I am also gonna think up some fun questions to ask you! have a great weekend!

    great edit, I have to read your tutorial again on how to do it,
    I am probably going to ask the same as some of the above great bloggers: what photography classes did you take?

    wow, congratulations on all those awards! will have to think of what to ask, enjoy your party!

    Hi, stopping by from Amanda & Don’s Saturday around the World…love your photography! I’m hoping to get a new digital camera in the next few months. Any suggestions?
    BTW…I’m traveling from Spokane, WA.

    Ok so,..when and why did you start blogging? Are you a selftaught photographer? ( embarresing if these things are actually to be found here somewhere)

    - Why are you so awesome?

    - If Kitty Paw could talk, what would she say?
    - If Kitty Paw already talks to you, what is she saying and are you going crazy?

    - Who does the majority of cooking: you or the hub’s?

    - Any baby’s in your NEAR future? No pressure or anything…

    - Are you moving to the Northwest?

    - When are we going to Vegas?

    How old are you?

    What type of job do you have? Is this what you went to college for (if you went to college)? If not, what did you get a degree in and plan to do?

    When did you discover your talent for photography? Have you always been interested in photography?

    Have you ever gotten paid to do a photo shoot?

    What is the craziest, silliest, or most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you or that you have done when doing a photo shoot (whether you were by yourself or with others)?

    What are 10 random things about you?

    How did you meet your husband?

    If you could have any power, what would it be?

    What is your favorite book and movie?

    What are a few items on your bucket list?

    If you were to write an autobiography, what would a couple key highlights be?

    I see your photos are just as awesome as ever!

    Hmm, it looks like others have already posed some fabulous questions.

    What’s your favorite household appliance?

    Funny you mention about getting to you know you more and asking you questions… I just tagged you in my most recent post!! I’d love you to participate!

    Love that photo. You have a gift. Wondering how you started down your photography road and what you would recommmend to another who is embarking on the journey??

    People have asked some great photos! I can’t wait to see your answers!

    Oh wow, I love this version of the “planet” photo editing that you showed us! It inspires me to try another one.

    As for the asking anything… I know there’s been lots of times when I’ve wondered, “How on earth did she do that?” But the thing I want to ask the most right now is, what are some of your favorite editing tricks/tips?!

    Okay, a couple more! :)
    When and why did you decide to start blogging?
    And what is your dream lens?

    LOVE this photo, Ashley! So neat!

    And as for questions…

    Is photography something you’ve thought of going professional with?

    What are some of your other hobbies?

    Have you been to any photography classes or workshops? Do share:)

    You are one amazing gal!:)

    Congratulations on the awards!
    So well-deserved Ashley!

    Do you have a basic set of steps for each photo that you work with… something that you always do with each photo that you edit? :)

    Love your planet photographs! Thanks for the tutorial. I can’t wait to find a picture to do this with!

    Love your planet photographs! Thanks for the tutorial. I can’t wait to find a picture to do this with!

    Man I love that photo, I’ll have to come back for the tutorial before I forget!

    Ask you anything? I could probably find the answers in I scout around let’s see:

    1.) How long you been married?
    2.) What type of work do you do? (*I know you get to take a lot trips)
    3.) How long have you been into photography?

    And the most important one of all:
    4.) Do you highlight your hair for that awesome color or is it all real?

    I thought of one more:
    Name a few photographer sites that you recommend

    any chance your coming to florida in the near future?????

    Sorry I have been behind on my blog reading and haven’t checked yours out for a few days..and of course you have a lot of posts for me to catch up on. Questions for you….what is your must have lens that you most often shoot with?
    Do you have any/What are your plans for beginning a photography business – how are you going to start out?
    Do you have any good sites to visit for photo editing tutorials?
    And non-photography – what do you like to do for fun when you’re not taking photos?

    That is such an awesome photo! My question is totally random but that’s how I roll LOL. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you want to go and what would you want to photograph?

    - What’s your guilty pleasure?

    - What’s your favorite movie of all time?

    - If you could purchase ANYTHING photography related what would you buy first?

    **Sorry if these questions have been asked already :)**

    i’ll just second chelsey’s questions cause they are the best.

    and i think julyish for vegas!

    LOVE that cityscape circle!! Amazing!