September 13, 2010
Challenge Me Monday!
There are a number of photography memes being hosted today. Rather than clog your readers with multiple posts, I thought I’d put them all in one place. I hope you won’t mind.

First up is It’s a Beautiful Life Photo Challenge: Little Piece of Heaven. Mandy typically encourages us to take a fresh photo for her challenge, but since she broke her own rules, I’ll break them as well. I took this photo in July while on vacation. 

The truth is that this photo has less to do with that particular trip and more to do with what the shot reminds me of. As a child, I was a camper at Camp Don Lee every summer. I started going for one week and by the time I was 15/16 years old, would attend for four weeks at a time. When I think about a little piece of heaven, I think about Camp…and specifically, I think about walking to the end of the pier and either watching the sun come up or go down. I can still close my eyes and imagine standing at the end of the pier…it really was (and is) my little piece of heaven.
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I’m also going to include the above photo in the Simplicity Photo Challenge: Water.

Next up is I Heart Faces: Vroom Vroom. I did not get permission to post this little boy’s face, but I still love the shot. He was playing all by himself on a park bench – he really was having the time of his life. When I looked through my photos for this theme, I kept coming back to this moment. So, I didn’t post this photograph as an individual post because it doesn’t meet the criteria (all submissions must have a face in the photo), but I wanted to share it anyways.
Vroom Vroom
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I Heart Faces - Photography Challenges, Tutorials and Tips
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Finally (for this post), this week’s Alphabet Shoot Photo Challenge is “B.” I feel like I should be on Sesame Street announcing that the letter “B” has sponsored this program or something. Ha ha – yep, even though I don’t have children yet, I’m making Sesame Street references. Ideally, I would have taken fresh shots for this challenge, but I thought this would be as good an opportunity as any to re-share a few of my favorites.
IMG_3198 edit blog
“B” is for BEE. This shot was taken at The North Carolina Zoo this summer.
Ashley Sisk: Butterfly
“B” is for BUTTERFLY. This shot was taken at my inlaws’ home for the August 2010 Photo Hunt. 
Simple Object 1 RS
“B” is for BRUSH. I actually took this shot last week for Faith’s SLR Class – simple object. I really love the way this shot turned out.
The Bug RS
“B” is for BUG. You all have seen this shot before, but I still love it. I took this shot the same day as the butterfly shot.

For more of the letter “B,” go to:

I hope everyone has a great day!

    I love your I Heart Faces shot, even without a face. So neat. Love the processing. Your Little Piece of Heaven shot is great too.

    I would LOVE to be standing on the end of that pier!! That photo is gorgeous, seriously. Thanks for linking up!
    And I love your vroom vroom photo! The processing is fantastic.

    Love your photos! The vroom vroom is really nice. They are all really nice!

    Awesome! Love your submissions, and great idea with putting them all together into one post, LOL!

    Really lovely shots, and this weekend I too was at the beach, love it there – B is for Beach….. and to me it was a little piece of heaven too. Love seeing your captures as they are lovely.

    Once again these are all beautiful! I love your style on all of these and how consistantly amazing you are!

    Beautiful shots! I really love your first one….it’s amazing how we can look at something & be taken back!

    Beautiful shots! I really love your first one….it’s amazing how we can look at something & be taken back!

    That hairbrush picture is really great.

    Just added a song to my B entry as it is also Music Monday! I like music every day though…..

    You KNOW I love those bug shots!!!! =D

    Ashley love all your Monday shots, you did very good. And to be able to get up that close and sharp to the bee without getting into trouble. thanks for adding them to the “B” challenge.

    I love your first shot, it looks so peaceful

    these are all amazing! My favorite by far is the car one!

    So many challenges, so little time!!!
    These are great photos Ashley.
    Thank you for the visit.

    i love the vroom vroom one the best!

    These are ALL great, Ashley. I’ll have my “B” post up in the morning!

    these are all beautiful!!! but the vroom vroom one stole my heart! seriously, what a great shot! and i so wish i heart faces didn’t always need a face because this would be a shoe in to win. love it! btw, i responded to your comment to me on my blog, but in case you don’t check it, thank you so so much for your kind words. you have no idea how much that means to me! it totally made my day, week, month!!! ;-) Thank you! xoxo

    Love your photos. The vroom vroom one is GRATE. The ABC thing is soo cool.

    Amazing shots! I really like the bee picture, very nice.

    ashley you are so talented….. the bee and the butterfly are just too pretty!!!

    the dof and the colors are just superb.
    thanks for sharing. this makes me smile

    That bug shot is simply stunning.

    **you have a award waiting for you on my blog :)

    Ashley, beautiful pictures as always, i liked the way Brush is shot, so natural with hair left…
    I wanna learn editing techniques from u… I use Picasa as its a open SW. There is so much to learn from u :)

    These pictures are just stunning. I always enjoy looking at your photography. Keep up the amazing work!

    Your vroom vroom shot is so cool!

    I love the first shot, too.

    And the simplicity of the brush is great. :)

    I love the Bee shot, great shots as always!!!

    These are all really great! I love the Vroom one the best, even without his face the picture is really great! Myles loves the last one of the bug, he has asked to see it again a few times LOL. Oh and I finally signed up for post-crossings I am so excited!

    I love when pictures come along with a story attached. The beach shot is lovely, but the story behind it makes it beautiful. I used to go to summer camp too – at Lake Tahoe for a week every summer. It was run by the Sierra Club, and we would go on hikes, bird watch, and learn the names of all the local flowers. Every time I see a picture of Lake Tahoe, I’m reminded of it.

    I wish I could visit that place, I love that first photo!

    Beautiful photos! Love the pier photo!

    Beautiful photos! I really want to be on that beach.

    These are wonderful…I love the bee and the pier! Gorgeous.

    You are so organized! I could never get organized enough to group all the submissions in one post…

    I LOVE the first shot and your Vroom Vroom entry is awesome, too –even without a face! :)

    Hi Ashley I love all of these shots. Yes camp brings back good memories.

    Wow, I’m so glad you shared the bee shot. It’s amazing..even though I HATE bees! :-)

    Wow! Great photos :) I especially love the car one great effect!

    Awesome photos once again! The bug is a favorite picture of mine and I will say the brush turned out really cool!

    Thanks for explaining how you can make your pictures bigger in your last post (i’m still catching up on blogs). I have always wanted to know how you do it and I will try it out one day!

    Oh My Goodness you take beautiful photographs!!
    I really love the brush one, too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

    Thanks for visiting. :)

    Wonderful Images.

    Your macro shots are awesome.

    Ashley, these are amazing!! I especially love your macro shots! Makes me want to get a macro lens :O)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and linking it with your references! It is such an honor and a surprise because I have your site bookmarked already and couldn’t believe you found mine :O)

    Again, love the faux motion blur, and your slice of heaven would likewise be my slice of heaven – sigh!!!1

    All of these are beautiful shots, but after reading your story, I can really picture what it was like standing out on that pier. Love the time of day you captured that. That bee shot is awesome!

    All your shots are really great!
    My favorite is the vroom,vroom, even without hat, it’s a cool shot.
    I like the movement in it!

    Your phoos are just gorgeous! Love the one of the little boy and how it perfectly captures the moment.

    Love your Vroom Vroom shot! The blur is awesome. All your shots are great!

    Glad you posted the bug shot again!! Wow!! That’s a great one! Just a reminder that I need to bring outthe macro lens more often :o/

    I LOVE that pier shot!

    For more of that weird could be related blogger connection – My high school principal’s name was Don Lee.

    That pier shot is lovely, great perspective and the whole shot gives a real sense of space and peace.

    I love all of these! They are great! I really like the pier. I am a sucker for beaches and always love a beautiful shot of a beach!!

    WOW! I just love that beach shot. And the one of the bumble bee is so awesome too.

    I know I already commented on the hairbrush, but I’m back (through the Simplicity link!) I love your beach shot, the pier is great! And the little guy with the car, too cute. How did you edit that or is it taken with a fish-eye?

    Your first shot is just gorgeous. I love the lighting and color. Makes me want to go to the Ocean…

    Love the bug shots and the car one is neat… how’d you get that effect?

    Your first shot is just gorgeous. I love the lighting and color. Makes me want to go to the Ocean…

    Love the bug shots and the car one is neat… how’d you get that effect?

    I love every single on of these pictures! Beautiful!! I’ve always wanted to photograph a butterfly, never have gotten close enough to one yet though!

    All I can say is WOW WOW WOW about all of them.

    And the pier shot? I am in love with it.

    Amazing shots! visiting from the B is for… I will “B” posting tomorrow! ;)

    Love the bugs!!

    Love your shots, as always! Really love the peacefulness of the pier shot and of course I am still crazy about that bug photo!

    Totally thought the first picture was for “B” (beach). :)

    The beach pier photo is amazing! It could be a “B” shot too! Love the little boy in the Vroom Vroom shot…looks a bit like my grandson.