Children’s Portrait Session: Sneak Peek!
This weekend, I met up with Emma, Frances and Caroline for a portrait session. For the record, this was my very first children’s portrait session, and I am now fully aware that I need more practice shooting children (well not literally…you know what I mean). For those of you that have been sending me “have a baby already” messages…you’re still going to have to wait at least another year before I’m photographing my own children. 

Anyways, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from the session. I’m still knee deep in editing, but there’s no reason to keep you waiting. This is Frances…and she is three. You know what that means…her photography willingness only lasted for a little while.
Stone Girls048 bw-rsThis is Caroline. I swear, she is the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen (as if I’ve ever seen an ugly baby…come on now!). She just ooo’d and aaaah’d at me. Yeah, I wanted to take her home with me.
Stone Girls017 rs
Back to Frances…she became the Princess of Props. In one moment, she was wearing last season’s Halloween costume, and in the next moment…sunglasses! Hey, she can wear anything she wants as long as she’ll stop and smile.
Stone Girls061 bw-rs
I’m sharing this photo for Aspire’s Photo Challenge: Black and White Portrait.
Aspire Photo Challenge

Let me introduce Emma. Emma is in the third grade (if I remember correctly), and is the sweetest big sister ever…she is also an amazing helper. After a little adjusting, she didn’t mind getting in front of the camera or just helping make her sisters happy.
Stone Girls050 bw rs
I’m sharing this photo for this week’s the Paper Heart’s Show and Tell Challenge: Up Close and Personal. I tend to like “fill the frame” shots. I also love to capture life as it’s happening. You can’t pose these types of moments.
Photography love...

The great thing about photographing life is that you never know what will happen in front of the camera. The girls’ mother wanted a cute picture of Caroline’s bloomers with her monogram. So, we plopped her down on the carpet and I went to work. Well…Caroline had other plans and decided she was ready to start crawling. Wow…what a moment!
Stone Girls029 bw-rs
I’m sharing this photo for Ten Thousand Words theme: Beginner.
a thousand words wednesdays

Remember the Princess of Props? Frances brought in a toy camera and spent about a minute pretending to be me before Caroline decided that this camera would be a good chew toy. I couldn’t decide if I liked the color or black and white conversion more…so I posted both. Which do you prefer?
Stone Girls070 rs
Our intent with this session was to capture the girls’ personalities…first in their room, and then outside. When I asked Emma what she enjoyed doing, she responded, “read.” So, I figured what better way to capture her personality than on her bed, reading a book. This was soooo me as a kid – I constantly had a book in my face. 
Stone Girls090 RS
After a while, we decided to go outside. I only wish that I would have been able to start our session a little later in the day as it was incredibly bright and HOT outside. Nonetheless, the girls were right at home and immediately started playing (swings, bubbles, you name it). Emma decided that she wanted to get one of their pet chickens for a picture. I live in the city now, so pet chickens are a bit foreign to me. This one posed quite nicely though.
Stone Girls173 bw-rs
Anyways, there’s your sneak peak. What did you think? I’ll try to post a few more pictures over the next few days…until then, check out some of the sites I’m linking up with today.

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the long road
I hope everyone has a great day! I may be away from my computer today, so be patient with me as I return your comments.

    Great photos Ashley! I especially liked the “bloomers!”

    so beautiful

    Those eyelashes are unbelievably cute. I like the B&W version more (of her chewing on the camera), but both are great.

    Great pics Ashley! You are well on your way to becoming a portrait photographer. I love the one of the bloomers! ;-)

    I think I might like the b&w better than the color of Caroline chewing on the camera. Her eyes just “pop”.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

    Lovely photos! I think you did a great job on them! I like the black and white photo the best.. but then I am such a lover of black and white I always fall for it.. both are quite lovely!!!!

    Wow…those are great! If I had to choose either color or B&W, I guess I would go with color. Although I love how classic the B&W looks. Great job Ash, like always!

    They’re wonderful! can’t wait to see more.

    What a great post! I think I like the b&w the best, but I’m not sure,
    I like them both. I really like how you made the eyes pop.

    Great job!

    Wow, great job, I’m impressed! What cute kids!

    Great Photo shoot.. I think you did well….I remember my first shoot wiht multiple children.. I took like 5oo pics. hahaha I am so much more efficient now. You work is beautiful

    Ashley, you did a fantastic job. :) I love the sibling interaction you caught here.

    My tips for taking pictures of children: most 1’s and some 2’s love to sit on stuff (like chairs.) Use this to your advantage. It keeps them from running off.

    Don’t be afraid to be silly. The last family I did had brothers age 3 and 6, the best pics i got the whole night was when i was belching like a frat boy. Never thought “burps on command” would be a job skill.

    If it’s ok with the parent, use candy. Smarties work well. They are small, clean to eat, and you can throw pieces at them (they usually think this is HILARIOUS.) I often bribe my boys for pictures.


    These are great Ashley!
    I am loving that little monogrammed diaper cover, and little baby Caroline’s eyes? Amazing!

    Those are amazingly sweet girls and photos! You did such an awesome job, I’d never have guessed it was your first child shoot!

    And did I read that right – you caught Caroline’s first crawling ever?!?! Amazing!

    Beautiful work! I think I like the color pic of the baby chewing on the camera better.

    I just had my first photo session with people other than my family yesterday, too!

    LOVE their names…and these captures!

    I think you did a great job! You’re getting ‘have a baby already’ messages??? ta hee hee hee…..

    I like the b&w for the choice between the two of Caroline! :)

    I love all of your pics, however, and the narration made them even more interesting. I could actually picture the whole photo shoot….:)

    Gorgeous photos!!!! Great idea lumping them all together! Beautiful shots!

    Oh gosh, these are so adorable! I love them ALL, but there’s something about the second one that I love especially. It just looks like she has so much to say! I love the diaper one too – so cute! :)

    Fantabulous job, Ashley! I really like the one of Caroline in the crib. Kids are the best. They are so candid and real. You’ll see what I mean as you photograph more kiddos. Love it!!!!


    well for first attempts you did GREAT, capturing soooo much personality in those lovely gals :) And I’m in love with the color version of Caroline, those eyes are killer precious a complete doll! Fabulous job girl!

    OMGosh Ashley, what adorable little models!! You did a wonderful, wonderful job on the portraits. I’m really not good at shooting portraits, so will have to learn from you. ♥

    These are so adorable. How cool about the crawling. You did a great job for your 1st time. I never had any doubts though. :)

    Absolutely adorable–great job!

    Those are pretty dang good for your 1st childrens session. They are definitely challenging! And indoor sessions are always harder, you did great!

    Beautiful!!! I love the shot with the glasses!

    Great job girl!! These are precious.. I think (after knowing the story) the bloomer pic is my fav. What a special moment to have caught :)

    Sweet photos, Ashley. I love the first of Caroline in her crib, just adorable! Your conversions are lovely. I like how you photographed the girls in their element, reading, kissing, crawling. Great job!!

    Great job! I love the one of the two girls together and of the older one reading. That little one has some beautiful eyes!! I personally like the b&w version.

    Oh my goodness, Caroline’s precious! Just look at those gorgeous eyes! :)

    I love them! I think you did fantastic, especially for a first time children portrait session. You can only grow from here. Amazing Ashley!

    Yup bloomers is my fave because it is so special considering what happened and just a super cute shot!!! What beautiful girls. Great job Ashley!! I’ve never photographed newborns and I’m terrified to try…I guess we all have to start somewhere:).

    Of all of these, I really like the first one the best. Doing my own kid’s portraits I tend toward exactly that type of shot… tightly framed with an eye in the rule-of-thirds position. Beautiful!

    You did such an awesome job capturing those candid moments! And how amazing to be there the first time a baby starts crawling! I’m sure the mom will absolutely *treasure* that shot!

    Beautiful shots! You really captured the moments that mom will treasure forever! I prefer the b&W shot of baby and camera. Just darling ;)

    I love them all…the bloomers one is a fave, and the shot of Emma reading is the other (reminds me of my daughter)…

    You are so right, that is in deed one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen. Her eyes are so big and bright – seriously, she looks like doll.

    I love the bloomers shot, and the one of Big sissy looking at baby sissy. That was a great moment you captured.

    I prefer the color photo for the one of her chewing the camera…which is odd because I love B&W’s. They are both lovely though. Great work!

    These are gorgeous as usual! I can’t stop looking at that 2nd pic, of Caroline in her crib…her eyes, her lips, the pink background. I love it!

    p.s. It’s nice to meet another Vampire Diaries fan! :) Thanks for coming over to my site!

    SO SO pretty. I love all of them. You are so good :) The crawling picture is too cute.

    Fantastic work…you are very talented! The eyes on the baby look amazing.

    Love the photos — especially the intro of Emma — the eyes of the baby in that shot is such a great capture. The bloomers is definitely a classic.

    Nice job.

    Wow those are beautiful, I can’t wait to see more!! I like the one in color but the b&w looks good too, tough one!

    LOVE the crawling shot! How cool that you captured that. :)

    I think I like the colour version of baby with the camera.

    That first pic is beautiful, too. :) Great job! :D

    woah ash these are awesome!! ok you got to tell me did you use natural light or is there a trick i dont know about to get the catch lights in the eyes under artificial lighting?

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I wish you lived close by so you could do a session for G – the kids’ personality shines through the pictures so clearly. My favorite photo is the one of Emma reading – that was definitely me as a kid.

    They are beautiful! Great captures!

    Your pictures are amazing.. You have to be so happy with these shots.. I Loooove the B&W shot, If I had to chose that would be the one… Hope you have a happy Wednesday.

    Awesome snaps..the little angels look truly blessed….

    beautiful pictures!!

    Aren’t children awesome to photograph? They really keep you on your toes and make you bring your A game. I adore these shots. In general I would take a black and white portrait over a color one any day, but I really prefer the color shot of the babe munching on the pink camera. Her eyes just pop in it. Really lovely work Ashley!

    wow incredible photos! caroline is so so sweet! i prefer the black and white version! but that’s just my taste!

    Look at her go! :) Wonderful captures, I find children so much fun to photograph!

    What beautiful little girls! Great job on the shots Ashley!

    Oh my sweet goodness!! Those are so adorable. Fabulous job my dear, as always. I couldn’t wait to stop by when I read your email that you were joining up. So glad you linked up. Welcome to the party. And they really are beautiful pics (And great subjects).

    What beautiful eyes! Thanks for your comment today, I was thinking it might make a neat planet photo shop….I really need to get photoshop elements!

    Amazing shots…as usual!

    Wow, gorgeous photos of gorgeous girls! As for the camera/chew-toy, I just LOVE the black and white version. The contrast is perfect, and I feel like her eyes pop more.

    Seriously, how beautiful are these girls?! Wonderful work, Ashley!

    Oh my Gosh, that babies eyes! Look at them! So big, and beautiful!! Amazing photos!

    I left a couple of comments on flickr earlier, but these are all so gorgeous! :D I like the colour version of the toy camera/chew shot, but I might have clones out the ripped paper on the bottom of it! That shows less in the BW and her eyes pop really well in the BW too, but I like the vibrancy of the colour ~ tough choice! :D

    Oh wow!! These are gorgeous!! And for your first time, I think you blew it out of the water!! The parents are going to be so thrilled with these pics!

    Great photos! They are lovely and you did a fabulous job for your first time!

    beautiful. I loved the shot of her reading the book!

    I love your photos. Truly beautiful. The second one is my favorite. What a sweet little face.

    Beautiful photos! You did a great job capturing everyday moments … How neat for the baby to start crawling during your shoot?! That’s awesome!

    Adorable! Her eyes are stunning! : ) Great job!

    Gorgeous photos, I can’t believe this is your first children’s portrait session because it looks like you have been doing it forever. You rocked it.

    Ashley…..You did AMAZING!!!! Those photos are so fantastic!!! I love how you captured them in their own environment doing their own thing….Beautiful!!!

    Beautiful! You’ve done an amazing job and those girls are too cute.

    Ashley, these are amazing! Their families are going to love you and your mad skills.

    These are great, I can’t wait to see more. And I love those big gorgeous eyes on Frances!

    oh my goodness Ashley! I know what you mean realizing you need more practice shooting kids! -OH SO HARD ;). But Seriously!! You Are GREAT at it! these are one of the best childrens photo sessions I have seen! I Love how you caught their play and personalities and still managing to get such a great focus on their eyes!!!
    Awesome :) More kids photo sessions for you!

    nice work. I am so behind, but had to stop by.

    Hi, thanks so much for coming back and following! You are so sweet! I can’t wait to see more of your pics. I’m also going to try to do the scavenger hunt on Sunday.

    You said my 2nd pic (peeing) tripped you a bad way? It cracked me up at the time but is it inappropriate? Let me know your thoughts. :)

    Thanks! Ashley

    These are great! How special that you caputred Caroline’s first time crawling!!!

    great job :) I am falling in love with photographing kids!!! I just did a session with a 2 year old little girl this weekend (I will be posting pictures tomorrow!!!!) and I loved it!!!

    I love them all!!

    Beautiful work that will last more than their lifetime :) To answer your query, I prefer the color photo. That pink is perfection and done so very well!

    so GORGEOUS!!You have a great talent! x

    wow what a selection, my favourites are the black and whites as I love portraits of children in black and white, you have captured lovely natural looks, angles and movements and none of the photographs look staged which so many childrens portraits do, impressive stuff.

    Nice b and w conversions

    These photos are perfect! They really capture their personalities.


    These are amazing! Do you do sessions in Chicago – HA :D

    What beautiful kids, you did a great job!

    These pictures are beautiful. I love your idea about capturing the girls’ personality.

    greatjob with this session…bloomers shot and pic of little caroline by herself are my favs!!

    Cute girls! I love Caroline’s eyes, so pretty.