September 10, 2010
Dear Darlings…
This summer, I joined the Dear Darlings pen pal project. Melissa organized anyone that was interested in the project in groups of five and sent us an email with names, addresses and birthdays. I sent my first letter to each of the ladies in my pen pal group several weeks ago…and the other day, I received two letters from the group. I think I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE receiving real letters, so I thought I’d share my goodies with you as part of a few memes that I’m linking up to today.
IMG_6052 RS
My first letter/package was from Miki, from Argentina. The moment I found out that Miki was part of my pen pal group, I knew she’d send me a letter or package with personality written all over it. Her unique theme (the clothes line with little articles of clothing) carried throughout – from package to letter.
IMG_6057 RS
I loved how she even decorated the back of the envelope with this beautiful “shine” sticker. It made me realize how lame my first letter was, and I’m now more determined than ever to send them an exciting letter in the next round…maybe I’ll send my pen pals some photos…I mean, I am a photographer – it would be appropriate. 

IMG_6103 RS
(this photo being linked to Macro Friday and Punk Rock Mom)

Interestingly enough, when I looked inside the package, there was a ton of confetti. It was like she sent a little party to me…all the way from Argentina! I was careful to remove the contents of the envelope so I didn’t make too much of a mess, but it was too beautiful NOT to photograph.
IMG_6089 RS
Actually, Miki has a reason to celebrate. She is engaged to David, and is planning to move to California soon to be with him. I don’t know exactly when their wedding will be, but I do know that she’s excited to start a new life together. Awww…don’t you just love a good love story?
IMG_6091 RS
(this photo being linked to Punk Rock Mom)

As if sending a letter wasn’t enough, Miki was so sweet to also send a small gift. I swear, this girl is so creative – she certainly knows how to make someone feel special. I’m not sure that my photos can even compare with the amount of creativity this girl has.
IMG_6093 RS
Because we both like cats, she even included a little cat cutout on top of the package. Right now, she’s trying to figure out how her black cat, Dimetri, will travel to California with her when she moves.
IMG_6097 RS
I mentioned that Miki sent a gift…well, what did she send you might be asking? Well, she sent a set of six thin coasters. I think I might have actually said something like “awwwww” when I opened the gift…followed by running over to my husband to show him the goods. In typical male fashion, he said something to the effect of, “that’s cool.”
IMG_6100 RS
(this photo being linked to Punk Rock Mom) 

Like I said before, I really loved every moment of Miki’s package and letter. She’s the type of girl you can’t help but have fun with, and you can tell that she’s the type of person that really puts a lot of effort into anything she gets involved with. So anyways, I won’t get into much more detail of her letter, but I do want to give Miki a shout out. Thanks Miki! If you have a chance, check out her blog. 

IMG_6054 RS
My second letter was from Amy in Canada. She too is quite the creative person and sent a handmade card and envelope with her letter. Just looking at the envelope, you can’t help but be in a good mood.
IMG_6058 RS
Can you tell I really enjoyed photographing these letters…even down to the small details – again, I think my first letter out was really lame. Look at the time and attention she put into making the envelope.
IMG_6059 RS
I love how she used Peanuts on the outside of her card. if you’ll remember, I used the snoopy flag during the August 2010 Photo Hunt to represent me (by the way, voting is now open…click HERE to see all the favorites – I’m listed in several categories). It’s like she paid attention! 

Ashley Sisk: Flag that Represents Me

Inside the card, Amy included a couple of images from magazines as well as a black and white flower. On the side, she wrote that I could color the flower in if I’d like. Well…I might just do that.
IMG_6061 RS
Then of course she wrote me a fun letter. I liked that there was a unique (and pleasing) smell to her letter…it set the tone and shared part of her personality with me. Amy is still in college and hopes to be an Art Teacher one day. She also loves photography, so perhaps she’ll like my next letter to her. She wrote, “I like taking pictures of something usually regarded as ugly and showing it as beautiful. Because, I believe everything is beautiful!!! We just have to find out why.”
IMG_6062 RS
I do love a girl with a creative spirit…and it looks like both Amy and Miki are just the type of creative people that I’m going to enjoy hearing from as part of this pen pal project. If you want to see a little more from Amy, you can click here (although I don’t think she blogs as regularly as Miki).

Anyways, that’s my “show and tell” moment for today. Thank you to my darling, Melissa for organizing the Dear Darlings pen pal project (you should visit her too), and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

    Wow. Those girls are creative. Awesome letters! :)

    Marla @

    Really beautiful letters. I love letters so mcuh, it is a lost art.. And your macro shot rocks!

    Gorgeous pix! Thanx so much for entering again! :D

    I could not agree with you more about “real” letters.
    I sometimes feel it is really becoming a lost art.
    As always, these photos are so beautiful.

    What a great project – love the photos of the letters – some people are so incredibly creative! Blows me away!

    That’s really cool! The pen pals are really creative and I love the angles and macro in the photos.

    Oh man! You’re crazy! Look at all those challenges!

    Those are some of the coolest letters! Great pictures (as always!:)) Love the macro shot!!

    Amazing pictures of some fabulous goodies!

    i love snail mail or real letters! these are so cool! and love the confetti shot ♥

    love all the letters, and the colors in the pictures look gorgeous, and who doesnt like getting letters in the mail??

    Man, this sounds like so much fun!! I love letters too…going to have to check that out!

    How fun! Those are so neat and such an exciting way to get to know other bloggers.

    Ummm…WOW! LOVE that they both took so much time on their packages. Isn’t it amazing how little things like that mean so very much!?!

    That is so neat! I love all the little details they added, it really shows their personalities and the time they put into it. What a great idea.

    That is amazing, I loved the confetti! That is so awesome that you are doing that! Those girls are pretty creative!

    Both of those letters are pieces of art! I’ll bet yours was really great too – did you take any pictures of it before you sent it?

    amazing job I wish I had that talent!

    Wow! Those letters are incredibly creative! :)

    Love the letters, very creative! I’ve always loved penpals as a kid :) Your photographs are amazing! How do you keep up with all these challenges? Kudos to you :)

    That is very cool! “Real” letters are so much fun. :) And, it’s nice to get something in the mailbox that isn’t a bill or a flyer! :D

    Wow, you got some really awesome letters!! I’ve got to step up my game with my penpals now, hehe. Thanks so very much for blogging about Dear Darlings — a few of your great readers have gotten in touch with me to sign up, which is super exciting.

    How awesome! When I was in high school, and all through college, I had penpals all over the world. But, I guess we grew out of each other, and I never get any real mail anymore – I’m jealous! However, after seeing what you’ve been getting, I don’t know if I could put that kind of production together to mail to someone else. I hope you develop lasting relationship, and this project grows into the quite unexpected for you!

    Lucky you Ashley..I have sent all my letters and have sent out 8 post cards…but i have yet to receive anything from anyone…I am bit bummed…I love your macro shot though….

    What a cool swap! And, what talented people you were paired up with.

    How could I not show you some love. I loved this post. The art of letter writing I’m afraid is becoming a dinosaur. I too enjoy writing or receiving a letter….but the letters you got were really amazing.
    Thanks for sharing….love your blog.

    Wow. These letters are beautiful, to say the least. I can tell how much you treasure them by how you photographed them. Thanks for sharing them. It makes me want to start letter writing again.

    Beautiful letters! You could tell that both of them spent time putting together their letters and making them lovely. =)

    Love your shots of them, too!

    this is awesome. the photos you took of them are great. I love how good your lighting is in all your photos!

    Looks like so much fun! As always, your photos are amazing!!

    I think I’ll head over to Oh, My Darling and sign up myself. I love getting “real” mail – as long as it’s not bills! :-)

    Wow. Just wow! Those are beautiful! I never knew an envelope could look so happy! :)

    Those letters are really cool!
    I suppose my letters to my group is pretty lame too in comparison.
    I have sent all my letters but not received yet. I hope to soon.
    Love your photos…simply gorgeous all around!
    ~Naila Moon

    What amazing letters! You have such sweet penpals! Love your shots too!

    Whòòòw, what a great post and I love your shots!
    They are really amzing.

    I love having pen pals. You’ve just inspired me to get in touch with my friend Alma from Spain. (We used to send each other gifts–about twice per year) just for the fun of it. (We became friends when I studies in Spain during college–well over 10 years ago.) These pictures are gorgous. I love how you captured each and every detail. Have a wonderful weekend!

    I’ve never had (nor wanted) a pen pal and now I can officially say that I do! How awesome, and your pictures tell the story beautifully!

    oh, SO cute! i love all the bright colors. you’re one of the most talented people i’ve ever seen!!

    Very unique shots and great post!

    Great shots! How neat! :)

    Those two are so creative. Thank u so much for sharing. You got the details of everything.

    Funny my husband has the same response. :)

    These photographs are amazing!! You’ve captured every detail :) I would have died with excitement if something like that turned up in my letterbox, lol

    Dear Ashley

    I’ve missed coming over to your blog in the last week due to my work commmitments and a very unstable internet connection – you are so inspiring. I love seeing what you photograph and these shots are no exception. I also love the flower pictures you’ve taken for the competiton aswell. They are just superb. :) Rosie

    AWE, Ashley! I’m so glad you liked what I sent! =D And thank you SO much for those beautiful words and pictures! Everything looks way nicer through your lens!

    It was fun to prepare this envelope =)!

    Hope you’re having an awesome Sunday; I am now! =D



    Fantastic! That sounds so much fun….but I have to ask you….did you find a secret to adding hours to the day??? Seriously, how do you do everything that you do???

    Those are some awesome letters! They really did an amazing job with them! I think that is such a cool thing to do, I also love getting real mail, there is something so exciting and personal about receiving a handwritten letter! I am happy to see people keeping a dying art alive!