September 28, 2010
I’m using this opportunity…
…to share a few animal photos. Actually, when I saw that Mandy’s  (a Sorta Fairytale) photo challenge this week was “snoozing,” I could only think of one photo (outside of the one that my husband caught of me and Kitty Paw last night).
IMG_3364 RS
This summer we visited the North Carolina Zoo. It was HOT! Many of the animals were resting due to the heat, but I went to great lengths to capture the lion taking a snooze. You see, he was laying right up against the wall of his space…so, I had to lean over the wall in order to get this photo. I think another tourist actually laughed at me as I hung on for dear life. 

If you want to see more “snooze” sessions, go to:

Since I’m already at the zoo (mentally, not physically)…and since Photo Freak’s challenge this week is “ANIMALS,” I thought I’d share a few of my photos from the zoo that haven’t previously been shared. I was able to get pretty close to this elephant…
IMG_3423 RS
…but not so close that I could smell him! And there there was this cute little turtle. It looks as if it’s trying to find the light. I also love that you can see it’s little reflection.
IMG_3193 RS

If you want to see more animal photos, go to:

Don’t leave just yet…I just decided to align the next few photos with the Alphabet Shoot Challenge. This week is sponsored by the letter “D.” You may be wondering what this gorilla has to do with the letter D.
IMG_3349 RS
Actually, this is pretty gross…but D is for doo-doo (who knew that I’d be writing about doo-doo tonight…I sure didn’t).
Quack Quack-22 edit 2
D is also for DUCK! This might actually be a goose, but tonight, it’s a duck.
Puppy Portrait
And D is for dog. 

For more “D” photos, go to:
Until tomorrow…have a great night!

    Love the crazy fun photos! The elephant, turtle, and the little doggie are my favorites! And that reflection is sooo cute! :-)

    Anyone who posts pictures of poop has a special place in my heart! ;)

    Oh my gosh! Those photos are amazing! I always try to get good photos of the animals when I’m at the zoo but they never turn out! Thanks so much for playing along!!

    Amazing! Animal photos are so hard for me – probably because they never hold still

    Love these photos! I can’t wait to get my new lens…gotta take it to the Zoo!

    Hahahaha! Dodo. Yes, I am five years old ;)
    Seriously, love the zoo pics. If I weren’t wrestling a toddler who won’t sit in a stroller and chasing a preschooler at the same time, I might could get some good zoo shots. Someday… *sigh*

    Beautiful !! I love the ones with the turtle and the duck :)

    Best Regards

    Wonderful animal photos. I love love love the turtle photo. The reflection is so crisp and clear! It’s a perfect mirror image.

    As a mom of 3, it’s doo-doo. Not to be confused with dodo, as in the dodo bird. You see the diff?

    I always love your animal pics; and I’m not even an animal person. Somehow you always manage to make them look interesting, and they’re enjoyable to look at…never boring! You inspired me to take some animal shots last time I was at our local zoo; but seeing as how we have like 6 animals, it didn’t go so well.

    Hope ya had a good one! XOXO

    Love all the zoo photos! Looks like a great zoo.

    Love the turtle shot! The reflection is gorgeous!!

    wow Ashley! You are truly talented. These pictures are amazing! Love the lion pic!

    Amazing images – especially the zoo ones – I never seem to be able to get past the bars and/or glass.

    These are all so great. I really love the lion and the turtle. Great photos.

    These are such wonderful shots!

    GREAT! Now i have to pick wich one I am goign to use…might use two. I make up my own rules as I go along becuase its my blog and thats how I roll… :P

    What cool pics. Lion is def my fav.. ya know right beside the doo doo gorilla ;)

    Can not wait to see the wedding pics!!

    They are all great!

    Ashley, All of your pictures are wonderful…I love the sleeping Lion. Denise

    great shots. i am glad that lion is only sleeping…

    I love these shots! The zoo is such an amazing place to get photographs.

    great shots…especially love the turtle one!

    LOL!!!!!! Fantastic shots!!!!!

    I wanna hear more about how you clung on for dear life hovering over the lion’s den!

    I love that little turtle pic. So cute. Amazing shots… as is the usual.

    these are great, I can’t take animal pictures, your pictures are way more interesting than the average animal at the zoo shots.

    These are all great, Ashley! We LOVE turtles, tho, so I have to pick that as my fave. :o)

    WOW!! Great shots!! The lion shot was worth the risk!! LOL!!
    You’ve got the whole WILD KINGDOM here! Especially that LAST ONE!! Look at those TEETH!! (SO CUTE!)

    The Turtle photo did it for me! Love your work my friend! :) Thanks for sharing….. I SO LOVE animals.
    We were infiltrated with turkeys this week, but they really don’t like to pose and my shots were terrible. Oh well. :( Someone needs to clue them in…. Seriously 25 turkeys in our back lawn & woods and then again at the neighbors on the way up the street….. :)


    LOVE the turtle shot!! Totally awesome.

    The doo-doo was hilarious. :D

    Great shots all, but I love the turtle one the most… so sharp, so clear!

    I love the pictures! I can’t believe how close you must ha be gotten to that lion! It is a great shot!hope your having a good week so far!

    I love the pictures! I can’t believe how close you must ha be gotten to that lion! It is a great shot!hope your having a good week so far!

    Ah to be able to go to a zoo and actually get to see animals that would be grand. Love the details and the doo-doo photo. you really had me going. thanks for sharing them

    Great animal shots! The lion sleeping shot is impressive.

    Love animal shots! turtle pic is fabulous!

    Fantastic shots!

    Awesome…I love the turtle one most…

    I totally wanna cuddle up with that lion and take a nap. Something tells me that isn’t how it would all go down though. So soft and lovely looking.

    Love the definition on the elephant especially!

    Wonderful D’s…that dog is just precious…and that doo-doo made me smile! thanks for sharing!

    We live near the NC Zoo in Asheboro as well. We live just north of Greensboro and we love the zoo. Now that it has cooled off some, we need to get back there. Fab photos, by the way. Love the “duck” LOL