September 07, 2010
In a Yellow House: On the Water
On my way to California last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to sit in the window seat. I normally prefer to sit in the aisle…I’m always scared that I’ll be stuck on the inside of a row when I need to use the bathroom…and that some over-sized, sleeping man won’t wake up for me. I know, it’s kinda ridiculous.
IMG_2889 RS
Anyways, the first part of our trip…I slept. Then, somewhere between Chicago and Sacramento (because my connection was in Chicago), I woke up and saw the most incredible views.
IMG_2890 RS
From that far up in the air, this area looked like a desert – my guess is that we were somewhere over Utah (I have other images that I’ll find an excuse to share another day). Then we approached what looked to be several bodies of water. I’d love to know what exactly they were.
IMG_2893 RS
This one, in particular, really caught my eye. As our plane approached it…all I could think was “the parting of the red sea.” Heck, I don’t even know if this is water, but it was an incredible sight. With that said, I’m going to enter the above photo into this week’s In a Yellow House challenge. 

For more “on the water” photos, go to: 
BTW, I am traveling again this afternoon and will be with a client tomorrow afternoon. If you’re thinking that I am traveling a lot more these days…you’re right. Some people go back to school (or prepare their kids for school)…I jump back on airplanes. Have a great day!

Sweet Shot Day

    Those shots are sooooo amazing!!!! Wow! I never knew you could get such fantastic ones from an airplane window!!!!

    WOW WOW WOW! These are awesome! I love the lines and textures and colors.

    I’m still kicking myself for not taking photos out the window on our plane ride to Iowa last year! I’m quite intrigued by the “red lake.”

    Wow! That is cool! You inspired me to snap photos when I fly from California to Florida in the spring.

    Awesome! I love sitting by the window so I can see the view..and sleep with my head against it :)

    Such amazing shots you get on your flights. It’s years since I was in a plane, and probably will be many more, but you certainly know how to give someone a taste for heights!!

    hey ashley, i was just on your site and you got to commenting before i did! i want to say how lovely your plane fotos are… i never get that great of a view. the red water is my fav shot!!

    i love these! i am always to afraid to look out the window while flying so im glad to actually see what it looks like from above!!! good job!

    that is amazing but also a little spooky at the same time. it is incredible how it looks from above. it doesn’t even look real. great shots, love the textures!

    Wow…these are almost surreal. Like on another planet. Are you sure you were flying over earth?

    I’m like you though – can’t stand getting stuck at the window. It sure paid off for you this time though. These are amazing shots.

    Thanks for taking the time to come by for visit, seeing how busy you are these days. I always love to see your comments.

    Have a great week!

    My goodness, that’s a HUGE body of water & definitely red in color! I wonder where/what it is??!! If you find out, let me know!

    hi ashley, gorgeous pictures! i am SO your new follower. i am in the dslr market right now & will be back many many times for some tips :)

    btw, i see you shoot with a canon. i was leaning towards the nikon d90. what are your thoughts?

    come check us out at

    I think it’s Great Salt Lake in Utah – check out this aerial view I found.

    Great Salt Lake

    What a nice surprise to wake up too :) Beautiful shots!

    wow awesome job!!!

    Nice shots Ashley.

    Beautiful shots. Never knew they could be so good out an airplane window. Love the red lake.

    I thought those first two were in a desert! That red “water” is crazy!!

    Beautiful shots, I am the same way when traveling I hate to ask other people to move for me to get out and use the bathroom!

    simply amazing. i am always afraid to look out the windows on planes. i don’t really like to fly, although i do it because life would be boring without travel!!

    Awesome photos Ashley! Makes me feel I’m visiting the moon. ♥

    Grate photos.

    Loveyour last one, it dosn’t look like it is from earth.

    I just love seeing the ground from that altitude…so beautiful.

    Great shots!!

    These shots are simply AMAZING!

    Amazing shots! Looks out of space!

    WOW!! Are you talented or what? Hello beautiful classmate! Thanks for following my blog, I’m a new follower of yours too now, happy to meet you!

    At first I thought they were photos of frost on glass…how cool!

    Amazing,I always forget to take my camera when I’m on the plane

    Hi Ashley,

    Came by to say that I gave you an award. I think you and your blog are awesome and you absolutely deserve this award.

    Thanks for being a regular on TTWFI.

    You can find the award here…


    whoa! that is so cool :)

    I’m so curious now as to where that was! I’m going to check out the other commenter’s link for Big Salt Lake.

    Great shots, so intriguing!

    I have the EXACT same fear. I’ll do most anything to get an aisle seat.

    Incredible shots. The last one looks like a tongue of flame with the fiery white edges around it. Very dramatic. :)

    Awesome shots! My favorite is definitely the last one. It’s completely amazing.

    These photos are beautiful. Isn’t the diversity in the United States just amazing? I remember thinking that when we visited the Badlands…so different than Wisconsin!

    That last photo is just so cool! When I see great views on a plane, it’s really hard for me not to poke my neighbor and say, “Look! Lookit!”

    I love your photos and did the same thing when I flew from Denver back to California recently. I got some great cloud shots and photos of the Grand Canyon. It was really pretty neat and it made the flight go by so much faster!!


    This is just AMAZING!! Wowee!!

    Nice job :)

    Have a happy day..

    K xx

    Amazing shots!!

    I love photos taken from up above and these are no exception!!

    Love the last one. What a great expereince to be able to jump on a plane and capture Gods beauty from far up. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Good shots Ashley and that too capturing this from the plane :)

    Those photos are beautiful! I think that is Utah. The big one might be Salt Lake. I live in Sacramento and my family is out in Wisconsin so I’ve seen those same images from an airplane before. Good luck with the photo contest!

    I don’t think I commented on these yet…but I see that I am the 43rd person to comment, so clearly you don’t need further validation. ;-)

    But these are AWESOME!! They look like a map or something…beyond cool! Hey, did you meet my husband yet? ;-) He’s leaving Thursday…

    Woahhh! Stunning1
    I always take the window seat but I’ve never had a photo oppertunity like that one (nor would have my photos come out quite so beautiful hahah). It’s funny cause I actually just posted some arial photos yesterday!
    Anyway all your photos are really gorgeous , I’m really enjoying them. :o)

    I’d much rather jump back on airplanes!!
    What amazing views you got here.

    Thank you for visiting!

    Your blog is so beautiful! So many great images!!!
    Hugs, Yvonne

    Really, really cool…looks like something from another planet :)

    spectacular view!

    WOW! Ashely these are amazing…especially that last one!

    Those are awesome! I love seeing landscape like this on airplanes. Although if I’m wearing flip flops, I always worry we’re going to land in the mountains and I will be wearing inappropriate footwear for survival.

    These shots are just amazing! I know I am just repeating everything everyone else has already said but it really does look like you are taking pictures of another planet! So cool!

    I love how the world looks from way up in the clouds :D Great shots. Totally worth getting stuck by a fat, slumbering man – hee!

    Hard to believe you were flying over the US.

    love them. what a great perspective.

    Look at me, way down here at comment 55! Sorry it’s taken me so long to visit this week! Your photos are gorgeous, as always! I am so impressed with your ability to get such great shots out of the dingy airplane windows! You are so talented!