September 17, 2010
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Macro Friday
Thank goodness it’s FRIDAY…and you know what that means: MACRO FRIDAY. However, outside of a few macro shots, this weekend is going to be pretty busy. Tonight, we’re going to see The Black Crowes…and tomorrow we’re going to our friends’ wedding.
IMG_6228 RS
To prepare for the weekend, I went to Steinmart the other day to see if they had any cute shoes for sale (I needed some shoes for the dress I’m wearing to the wedding) – I’ll share my new shoes with you on Sunday (to represent “pair” of course). While I was there, I found a cute new top that I thought might be appropriate to wear to the concert…that’s right, I actually bought a new top to see The Black Crowes.
IMG_6240 RS
The top is grey, sheer and has these little trinkets hanging from it to look like a necklace. I thought they were macro worthy and spent a few minutes last night taking a few photos.
IMG_6231 RS
Fun fact: my mom used to do business with Chris Robinson’s father. He was a sales representative for a few of the clothing lines she carries in her store (my mom owns a Children’s Boutique called The Red Caboose). Although he’s retired now, she tells me it was rather interesting to hear about his son’s life with Kate Hudson…to see pictures from the wedding and pictures of their son, River. 
 Blogging from Bolivia

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I hope to see you all on Sunday for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    i was first…just sayen

    Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend, look forward to seeing the shoes on Scavenger Hunt

    Your macro shot are wonderful.. I am so stuck on doing flowers for macro shots.. It’s so fun to see different shots.. Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead.. hope you enjoy it..

    Oh, sooooo pretty! I am craving closeups of things like jewelry. These are beautiful and just hit the spot!

    Love, Katy

    I bet you are so going to looking rockin’ hot listening to the Black Crows! I am jealous!

    You and your macros!! So pretty! I really need to get a macro lens!

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    You are a grt photographer……proud to follow you…

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    this is lovely! I feel I am going to the wedding with you as you describe everything to do with it so beautifully, have fun.

    Yes, you can use those photos :)

    Gorgeous macro! :)

    Hi Ashley – lovely macros from your top. I hope you enjoy the concert tonight and that wedding tommorrow. Lots of good photo opportunities at both events too.

    Ooh, these are pretty! :)

    Oooh, I like what I see of the top! Have fun this weekend!

    Pretty photos. Have fun this weekend!

    Great shots, have a good time at the concert!

    I love The Black Crows! Of course, they’re from Atlanta so it seems like they’ve been around pretty much forever. Have a great time!

    These shots are just amazing Ashley!
    I especially like the first one.

    The embellishments on the shirt are so cute and the photos are amazing, as always! Hope you have a blast at the wedding!

    That does sound like a pretty busy weekend…but that means some pretty awesome photos next week, right?!

    Cool macro shots! I would have bought a new top too LOL! I can’t wait to see the shoes! Have a great weekend!

    beautiful photos! Looks to be an awesome shirt. Have fun!

    Great shot… I want a shirt like that, dying to see the shoes…

    very nice. Gosh I have to tell ya again thanks for the bigger pic tips from earier post. You inspired me to change things up a bit. Stop over and let me know how it all looks. Now I can join in all the fun of like Fix it friday and the others.

    Perfect shots! That looks like a pretty shirt!
    Hope you have a great concert/wedding weekend! :)

    so pretty! Enjoy your weekend

    beautiful! The tones are amazing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    beautiful! The tones are amazing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    beautiful! The tones are amazing!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    A great concert rates a new shirt. ;) Love the pics you got of it.

    I didn’t have any weddings this year – but I’m sure there will be one eventually. ;)

    Okay, that’s not fair – to show us the macros from the shirt without showing the entire top. It looks adorable!

    Enjoy the concert. My ex-husband used to say Hard to Handle was my theme song – LOL!

    You always like to leave us guessing! Love the macros, what fun little gems on the shirt!

    Oooh so pretty. The tiny details of the photos are wonderful.

    Oooh so pretty. The tiny details of the photos are wonderful.

    Thanks for visiting me. :)

    In response to your question, I’m not the one getting married. My best friend is.

    Happy Weekend

    Enjoy the concert – I have a feeling it will be amazing.

    Those are wonderful little charms! Hope your weekend is a blast!

    Ohhhh beautiful!!

    Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend! I can’t wait to see the shoes for “Pair” (I love Steinmart too)

    I love that first shot especially! The great sense of sparkle with texture… *sigh*

    Great texture shots… all the texture is terrific.

    Speaking of jewelry…I think my teenager just decided that I no longer need any of my cute jewelry.

    hmmmmmm. will I ever see it again?

    Love it! You must be the greatest multi tasker EVER!!!

    Have fun at the concert!! Given the sneak peek you gave us , I’m sure your new top looks fab!

    wow. those are all beautiful. I have been trying to come up with creative photos to take, but sadley I am rarely satisfied.

    You blog inspires me. thanks.
    lauren anne

    Creative macro shots. Love! And I. HEART. BLACK CROWES. You have to tell me how awesome they were.

    you’re the second blog i have read today where someone’s going to a concert… i really need to get back into live music.
    how in the heck do you find the time to concentrate and organize all the photo challenges you do? I can’t keep up.
    Have a fab weekend!!!! p.s. I HEART Steinmart!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend. & I apologize for the follow link not working properly. I replaced it with a new one if you still wish to follow.


    As usual Ashley your shots make me drool…the colors, clarity, focus, etc etc. Have a great weekend. We are off to pick apples!

    Beauties as always!!

    You are probably tripping the light fantastic right now. Have fun!!

    Great shots!!! Looks like a great find! Photos of you in it???