Macro Friday: Harvest Moon
Full Moon RS
ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/200 (55-250 mm lens w/ tri-pod)

On Tuesday, I traveled to Detroit for the day. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to spend the night in Detroit, but the trade-off was a lack of sleep (for whatever reason, I don’t sleep well before my husband or I fly even though once I’m on the plane…I fall right to sleep). Anyways, when I got home, my husband took me to get something to eat. By the time we came home, there was a full moon in the sky. It was so incredible that I couldn’t wait to come home. I later learned that this week is “Harvest Moon” week for 2010…it is the first full moon of fall. It’s also the first time I’ve been able to photograph the moon with any clarity at all. 

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By the way, this photo might be a bit of a stretch for Macro Friday…but the way I look at it, the moon appears very small, and macros are about making small things larger. So, that’s all for today. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    So gorgeous! I love taking pictures of the moon :)

    beautiful shot!

    Holllly cow. this is stunning. i wouldn’t even know how to begin to try and take something like this.

    It’s absolutely gorgeous! What a cool shot!

    Wahou ! It’s gorgeous ! ♥

    Oh wow, Ashley! What a smashing good Harvest Moon you have captured!!! I also want to try to capture a moon with clarity also. Ha. I have yet to do so. !!

    Happy Week end, Darlin’!

    Beautiful moon. I love how clearly you can see the details of the surface. Great job!

    Simply beautiful….I was looking at the moon last night and admiring the beauty as well!

    Very Cool Photo!

    It’s absolutely perfect! How beautiful!

    It’s beautiful, Ashley!

    That is an awesome shot of the moon! Beautiful.

    That picture is great! You can almost see the craters and everything!

    oh wow–this is awesome!

    Incredible capture, Ashley!!
    This week has been AWESOME for NIGHT SKY photos!!
    Earlier in the week I was able to get Jupiter and 4 moons around it. Then at dawn yesterday I did get the HARVEST MOON. Yours is closer and much more detailed! Mine was further back catching the view from down our street. I’ll post it… just not sure when. I’m having major computer issues, but my new computer is in production! YAY!! ;D

    Sam wasn’t me to snap the moon this week. I didn’t want to drag out my tripod, tho.

    You did a GREAT job, Ashley!

    Just so you know, this was considered a “super harvest moon” and the last time conditions have been the same was 20 yrs ago! The moon was rising exactly at the same time as the sun was setting, exactly 180 degrees opposite in the sky.

    I missed it. It was cloudy that night. Boo.

    What a great picture Ashley. We’ve been in awe of the moon this week also. We are surrounded by deep woods and don’t have street lights, so the bright light from the moon has really been noticeable this week. Hope you two have a great weekend!

    It’s perfect! So far the only moon pictures I’ve ever attempted were on my lousy point and sheet a couple of years ago… you’ve inspired me!

    And GREAT clarity! I took some shots of it as well but haven’t edited them yet. Slacker.

    gorgeous, absolutely love it!

    That is an amazing shot!

    It’s beautiful Ashely!!! You did a fabulous job and I think it works for Macro!!

    I SO wanted to get this shot, too. I thought about it all week. And when the day finally arrived…I didn’t make it outside. I was so bummed this morning when I realized I missed it!

    Good job :-)

    Wow! That’s absolutely beautiful.

    Wow, what a great shot! I can’t believe the detail you got on it! I’ve been wanting to photograph the moon all week but I have no idea how to go about it.

    So beautiful… we have a great view of the moon rise from our house because we live on a hill, but my photos never are this clear. Happy fall to you!

    Wow- this is a great photo! I can never get the moon to look this good. Great job!

    On a walk to the park with my hubby I also saw this wonderful harvest moon and tried to snap off a shot.. But with no luck.. Your shot is wonderful…

    Wow. This shot is absolutely amazing!

    Oh my gosh Ashley, what a beautiful shot!!!!

    the detail on the moon is amazing!! what an incredible shot!

    I’ve been blaming every strange, hard or complicated thing that has happened this week on the full moon. Now that I see how beautiful it is, I’m feeling kind of bad for sending all my blame in that direction

    My youngest has been entranced by the moon all this week.

    What a clear shot! Great work…

    Oh and I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to spend the night in Detroit. ;)

    Wow! This is spectacular. I can see the man in the moon!

    Not a stretch.. Great Macro shot. What lens were you using?.. I can not for the life of my get a moon shot with this kind of clarity…You totally rock. And I am so happy that you did not spend the night in Detroit..

    UNBELIEVABLE! Beautiful beautiful picture!!

    lovely shot! I love taking pictures of moon, sun & everything from the sky…you did an awesome job :)


    beautiful as always!

    Beautiful moon shot :D
    Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my blog too!
    Also try this route for installing Chelsea’s actions; C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\7.0\Locale\en_US\Workflow Panels\actions
    (obviously the 7.0 will be whatever version of PSE you are using).
    Then you have to play them through the ‘guided’ edit mode (not full), choose ‘automated actions : action player’. Play the action. You might get error messages ~ just ignore them and continue. When it’s done go back to ‘full’ edit mode and you should see all the layers to play with :D
    Hope it works for you. This is such a great find for me, it means a lot of otherwise inaccessible actions are usable in Elements :D

    Beautiful! Love the clairity.

    Ashley this is great – I’ve wanted to capture the moon like this but its been cloudy here every evening this week. Not sure my camera has a powerful enough zoom though.

    i have been wanting to take a moon shot but we live where it’s too bright to take it right out the door. so we need to go somewhere dark and far to do this…soon

    what a brilliant shot, I tried the other night but didn’t get it. This is fantastic

    Holy moon batman! I’ve tried to get the moon a hundred times and it’s a little white nothing in the corner of my boring photo. What lens did you use here? I’m looking to get a zoom lens (70-300?) but I don’t know. I swear, you never cease to amaze me.

    Oh wow, Ashley! How stunning! Great shot, dear!

    Gorgeous shot! I kicked myself for not taking a pic of the moon, it was so beautiful the other night!

    What an awesome moon photograph! The detail visible is simply amazing!
    I have camera envy again. ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by my little home on the web!

    This is awesome! love it!

    Great clear shot! I also took a moon shot this week…but I had no idea about it being a Harvest moon!

    Considering I’m the 51st person to comment, I think you got a good photo of the moon. :) Wow, Ashley. That’s awesome!! So clear. So crisp. So amazing. The moon sure has been amazing here lately. What a capture!

    So, my husband and I are from Michigan. David is from Farmington Hills (Detroit suburb) and I’m from a small town outside Lansing (by Michigan State). Were you in downtown Detroit?

    very nice. I took one did you see but nothing compared to this. great job.

    awesome shot!!

    Last thing you need is another comment about how beautiful that moon picture is … but it is, of course. I saw it, too, from my kitchen window in BC. It was tiny but it glowed enough to inspire a poem. :)

    Wow! What an amazing shot!

    What an amazing shot you got here. I have still not been able to capture the moon with any detail, and this is just perfection!!

    Seriously GORGEOUS! I love it! This has inspired me to give it a try sometime. :)

    seriously beautiful. love everything about it.

    Excellent moon shot! You must have a really nice zoom lens.

    Wow, what a great shot! Amazing!

    I’m so happy to see a picture of the Harvest Moon!! I forgot to get out there and capture it myself. You captured it perfectly!!! I believe I heard on the news that this was the first time in 20 years there was a full moon on the first day of Autumn! :)

    Oooh…very nice. We had clouds & storms. It was much needed rain…but it blocked the Harvest Moon:(

    Beautiful shot! Thanks for the settings, I struggle with my moon shots but I keep trying :)

    What an awesome shot! I love it. It’s so crisp and clear! Great job!

    FANTASTIC SHOT! so jealous i want to take an awesome moon shot like your!

    This is a fantastic shot….love moon pictures…they are so mysterious!!

    so great ashley. just beautiful.

    beautiful!!! With a Macro lens??

    This is a gorgeous shot!!! AMAZING clarity!! I attempted to take a picture of the full moon last night and failed miserably, hopefully one day I can get a pic like this!! Great job!!! :)

    Wow that is amazing! I also attempted to get a shot like this last night. I failed. HUGE.

    I tried few times to capture the Moon, but I never liked any of the photos I took

    holy cow!!! this is an unbelievable capture! gorgeous!

    Great shot – thanks for sharing


    I really like your blog and I have an award for you on my blog

    WOW!! Thats awesome!

    wow that’s an awesome snap….

    oh my gosh… it is stunning! i’ve tried to take a picture of the moon before but it has never looked like this. it is my new goal! hehe


    ps. lovely blog darling!

    This is amazing! Fabulous, as usual :)

    Okay… I must admit I just tried to replicate your photo and I failed miserably!!! I used the same lens and settings… and did NOT get anything as BEAUTIFUL as this!!!! Did you edit it at all?

    Stunning, I was wondering how to take moon shots. Thanks for listing your camera settings as well. It helps those of us still fumbling to figure things out! :)

    What a gorgeous photo! I’m over from Amanda and Don’s Saturday around the World! I’m in Northern California!

    You really did great on getting the moon shot. I can’t believe how much detail you got with your 55-250mm lens. great jog. wow!

    Love it! I have a Macro filter but am having trouble with it… can’t get a good focus. Hope to figure it out soon so I can capture beautiful pictures like this!

    Very, *very* cool! GREAT job!

    Hi! I’m visiting from Amanda & Don’s “Saturday Around The World,” and I LOVE your blog! I’m from Georgia, so now I need to go and dig a little deeper to find out where you’re at. Can’t wait to start following you! I just got PSE and I’m loving it so far, so your blog is calling out my name right now!

    This is just awesome. Amazing detail, thanks for listing your settings!

    Geez Ashley, what, do you have a macro telescope now? lol…..I can’t believe you got that kinda clarity on the MOON….Nothing like getting awesome focus on something thats….oh, MILES AWAY!

    Beautiful job….seriously… that is just neat!

    Ashley this is a seriously amazing capture. I’ve tried to shoot the moon a few times and I always end up coming in the house frustrated with my efforts. You give me hope that it can be done!

    Umm. Just wow. That looks so real i feel like i could take a step and be on it! The texture is awesome too

    oh wow. and yay for accomplishing something new!

    oh wow. and yay for accomplishing something new!

    Holy 94th commenter! This picture is amazing Ashley. So freaking gorgeous.

    Oh wow, this is beautiful. :)

    Wow! That is an amazing shot Ashley!

    I’ve seen quite a few of the questions I had in mind already listed here. Other ones include … Where are some of your favorite spots to take photos? You mentioned doing a photo session for someone recently? Are you starting to do that/more of those and if so, what inspired you to do that? What did you learn from your recent photo session with that family and what might you do differently/the same next time? What is it about photo challenges that motivates you to do so many? What’s your favorite city (that you’ve been to) to photograph? What are some goals and things you’re working on in your life right now? Have you always lived in NC?

    In general, I’d love to hear little inflections of Ashley into your posts. I get the need or desire to leave some stuff out, but I think my original email was about wanting to experience the person behind the photos a little more. Your back story, what you saw in a photo that you were inspired to take, how your day is going, what you did over the weekend, etc. To me, it’s easier to connect to the photos through the photographer. Anyway, fun idea to open up an “ask me anything” post. Thanks!!

    Incredible shot!! This looks like it should be in a science book or something!

    That is amazing! It really makes me want to try photograph the moon. How did you get it so clear?

    That did turn out great!