September 16, 2010
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RAW(e): Snacks
Raw - Snack
ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/60, Speedlite used (dragged the shutter)

I had a long day at the office today…back-t0-back meetings and a lot of talking. Believe it or not, I’m actually pretty introverted (I’ve linked up to Oh, My Darling – she links to a pretty great article on introverts…doesn’t mean that I’m shy, but that I recharge  “my battery” by being alone – thus, photography and blogging). While my e-persona is pretty friendly and outgoing…if I were to actually talk as much as I type, I’d be exhausted every day. 

Anyways, my friend/co-worker Mary really gets me…and she knows how much I love the delicious sugar cookies with frosted icing that are often sent with lunch (we have lunch catered in for special programs). I don’t even have to ask…she always pulls a couple aside just for me. I’m not even sure that our program participants know that the sugar cookies were ever an option. I brought this one home to photograph for RAW(e)…it may be my late night snack! Yum.  

Have a great night!

    One of those cookies would be the perfect way to polish off my day! Yum, and what a great co worker you have.

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    That looks so yummy…
    am also an introvert at heart, so off to read the link…

    Ohhh, looks delicious! Lovely photo, dear!

    love the color!
    One of my favorite cookies are the ones at the grocery store – the sugar cookies with the colored icing, and they always have holiday themed ones…LOVE them

    I am totally the same way- I think that’s the best definition of “introvert vs extrovert”- whether you get your energy from being alone or from other people. I like being social but it really can exhaust me.

    You are so talented!

    I’m also nibbling a late night snack- Dove chocolate squares!(bday gift from Hub) :)

    Oh and I believe I’m introverted as well. I need my moments to re-charge!

    Oh those look tasty! You have a thoughtful coworker who probably appreciates you very much!

    This shot is so CUTE! Can I say cute? I love it! Alright, first you were showing off with your macro lens, and NOW you’re showing off what an expert you are with the Speedlite. I have the 580SE, XE, whatever…used it like twice, and it’s sitting all alone in my camera bag. Oh wait! It’s with my 50mm 1.4 that I’m too lazy to put on the camera. Great job with the flash…impressive!

    Great shot!!! It’s really wonderful to have people that just get you & do things for you that show it!

    Wow, what a cool co-worker to save you some cookies! YUM!

    all I can say is “yummm!” I want some!! :)

    I really like this shot!

    I recharge by being quiet and alone as well. Unfortunately, with two teenagers in the house now, I’m rarely ever alone, nor is it ever quiet!

    Yummy! looks so delicious! great photo.

    As someone who just purchased an external flash…what does “dragged the shutter” mean?

    Could that sugar cookie look any more delicious? I think not. xx

    Mmm… sugar cookies! Yum. Awesome photo. And.. sometimes it’s hard to believe that bloggers who blog so much can be “introverted” – but they are. I can definitely be that way as well!

    Ewww… my kids would love that but I would run far and fast. Great use of your speedlight, I never would have guessed you used it looking at the photo.

    Mmmm…looks delicious! I could use a cookie right now :)

    i totally know what you mean about needing alone time to recharge. that is me to a tee.

    love the photo, hate the sugar cravings it’s giving me right now :)

    That looks good, and you shot makes it look even better.

    I wish I could coat my sugar cookies like that. But then since Ms Mar helps decorate them the coating dosn’t realy matter anymore, there is more 100 and 1000 on there then cookie and icing together.

    NOM! I could use a cookie. Wait *flashback to this mornings struggles with jeans* – scratch that – give me a carrot. Great detail on the diet wrecker! Shared the article on my FB, it’s so me, thanks for sharing!

    What I wouldn’t give for that cookie right now. Oh yum.

    My favorite Christmas diet saboteur. ; )

    Your fix is a sugar cookie; mine are savory chips! :)

    I’m blog hopping at the moment and the previous one I read had a cup of tea and now you have sugar cookies. Guess what I want right about now – yep, sugar cookies and tea please!

    They look yummie…having coffee right now, no cookies…:-)

    wow, this is a great RAW shot, love the colors and crispness. that cookie looks delish

    How fun! My coworker always brings me goodies too! I think it’s her way of keeping me in her good graces ;o)

    Sugary yumminess for sure! :O)

    Oh yum! Those cookies look delicious!

    Yum to the cookies, and thanks for giving the little introvert article shoutout!!

    I LOVE those cookies! I’m such a sucker for them. I see them at the store all the time and I have to be strong and not buy them!

    Nice shot–love the colors! It looks SO good. Sweets are a weakness of mine. For sure.

    Great Photo, love the contrast of the red cookie against the plate. It makes me pine for a glass of milk.

    Ooh yum! Great contrast.

    yummy, that is so sweet that she saves a couple for you! That really is a nice way to end the day or re-charge by having a good cookie!

    YUMMMMMM!!! I love me some sugar cookies!!! Great pic!

    Looks yummy!!