Sky Watch Friday
090910-4 RS
The discussion of “signs” yesterday had me thinking about some of the recent signs I’ve seen that fall is coming. Sure there is a nice breeze in the air…the humidity has mostly faded away…and there is buzz of a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks (of course, I have checked out this speculation yet). One of my favorite “signs” that autumn is coming…is the sky.
090910-2 RS
I often have a hard time catching a decent sunset during the summer, but as soon as the seasons start to turn, our skies on the east coast become God’s canvas. It is truly incredible. Can you see the plane in the sky?
090910-1 RS
On my way to pick my husband up from the airport last night, I kept my point and shoot in my console (I would have brought my DSLR, but I was rushing out the door)…and I’m so glad I did. Yes…autumn is here. 

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Skywatch Friday

    Beautiful sky photos. I love this time of year. I was noticing the sky on my drive to school yesterday, wish I could have pulled over to take a photo. My favorite is the last one, gorgeous colors!

    Oh, and I’m so glad it is! Gorgeous photos!

    Gorgeous photos! I love the fall – it’s really the only decent time in New England. The sun is out but there’s a crisp breeze that reminds you winter is on its way. I can’t wait for apple picking season, pumpkin patches, and hot bowls of soup after raking leaves.

    Grate Photos, Love the last one.

    I agree. The sky is one of the first place I notice the change of seasons. I cannot really put it into words, but your photographs here do a beautiful job of that. Especially the last one!!

    Ooooh…that last one is AMAZING!

    Have a great weekend, Ashley. XO!

    gorgeous pictures! i just love how the sky looks different during the different seasons. so pretty!

    Beautiful shots! :O)

    I love how the first one was taken right there on the highway. It’s sort of displays ordinary, every day life in balance with the majestic and beautiful! As always, they’re all gorgeous shots.

    Love the sky shots! Oh how I love the sky… : )

    These are beautiful. I just took some shots last night of the sunset. Got Presley down for bed and noticed the sky glowing outside our front door. One of those ‘have to grab my camera’ moments.

    Beautiful sky pictures. Great job! Have a good weekend.

    So gorgeous!!! It’s been just plain grey here lately….so it’s a beautiful sight for me!

    All are beautiful Ashley, but the last one is beautifully dramatic. ♥

    These are so pretty!
    I love the sky in the Autumn,…especially the light, I feel like all day could be “almost sunset”time and that’s such a pretty warm light :o)

    Beautiful shots! They make me want to curl up with a hot cuppa tea. Autumn is my favorite time of year–fresh picked apples, pumpkin patches for Isaac, and the cool air…wonderful stuff! Your pictures captured the turning of summer beautifully.

    wow this are incredibly beautiful :) have a lovely weekend

    i looove pumpkins spice lattes from starbucks! yay! for fall! it is probably my most favorite season! once the leaves turn you will have to come shoot some of the lovely views here in the good ol’ foothills!

    Your sky photos are always so beautiful :) Hope you have a great weekend!

    Last shot is my favorite! Have a flippinfantastic weekend chica.

    What heavenly skies. So rich and gorgeous!

    Last shot is my fav’ love DUSK :)

    I love the fall time!! Skies like that are one of the reasons! Great shots!

    Funny, on my way into work I was thinking about the sky and how it can be so pretty! Then I got on here and saw your post! I like the last shot!

    The sunset in the last picture is gorgeous! The sky looks incredible and you documented it so well! My favorite time of day.

    Gorgeous sky shots, I love the little plane!! The colors in the last one are amazing!

    beautiful, beautiful sky pictures. I love how the sky really does look like God is painting it!

    What gorgeous shots!

    That last shot is soothing and beautiful!

    Very nice! Our skies are subtly changing too.

    Happy Friday, Happy Skywatching, and Happy Weekend!

    Love the first shot, it looks like Autumn is there, the sky looks moe subdued.

    See you at SHSunday…

    You are absolutely right, Ashley! Autumn on the East Coast is beautiful! I have some similar shots that I will be posting soon. It’s hard not to love the sky this time of year.

    I noticed that bite in the air this morning!

    Gorgeous, Ashley. Were you actually driving to the airport when you took these? ;~)

    Alberta, Canada

    Such beautiful sky photos! I’m so ready for fall – it’s my favorite season!

    I think I missed all the link ups this week – I didn’t even do skywatch Friday. I hope to be back on track next week.

    Gorgeous skies. I could just lay under them and wait for stars!


    Again more beautiful pictures! My favorite is the last one, I love the movement of the clouds, it is so cool. I don’t know how I missed so many of your posts! Sorry for not giving you any comment love on those days!

    Very pretty skies out your way!