September 28, 2010
Touch-Up Tuesday: Newborn
Several weeks ago, Ashley sent me a photo challenge. I’ll be honest (and I’ve told her this directly), I was a bit intimidated by her challenge…only because I don’t think I’ve ever fully removed a hand from a newborn photo like this. Now that I think about it though, the concept of removing any background is roughly the same – I don’t know what I was so worried about. Anyways, I put a star by it in my inbox and finally came back to it last night. By the way, if you ever wondered how to achieve this pose with newborns…here’s how you do it.
IMG_8356 Before and After
Ashley sent me the raw file through SENDSPACE, so I started my processing by opening the photo in Adobe Camera Raw. There I made white balance and exposure corrections before opening the photo in Photoshop Elements. I always start in ACR.

Last week, I introduced you to Perfect Workflow. I’d like to tell you that I went back to my steps from last week…but I went back to a slight curves adjustment followed my Squeaky Clean (sorry guys, I’ll try harder to use those freebie tools along with you since Squeaky Clean is no longer a freebie). I then used Coffeeshop’s Baby Powder Room to clean up the skin (really low opacities to keep it natural). 

This is where it gets tricky…I merged my layers and then created a duplicate layer. On that duplicate, I used the quick selection tool to select the right side of the photo (just background). I then clicked ctrl T (free transform) and pulled the right side of the selection to the left (essentially reversing the selection) and positioned it on the left side of the photo in the space where the hand was.  

Did I lose you? 

I then used a layer mask (filled it black) to paint over the hand in the areas where it needed it be covered up. I cleaned up the edges with the blur tool (it’s a bit tedious, but not really hard). Finally, I used Amy McMaster’s Berries N’ Cream to add a clean, soft finish. 

So what do you think? For more touch-ups, go to: 
Photography love...
Now I’m off to finish writing a report. Have a great day!

    I’ve tried this but not successfully …nice job!

    Awww, how adorable! and you’re so talented too- i want all you photography knowledge:-) xx


    I with that Baby Powder Room was int LR3. Love that preset!

    Amazing! Jealous!! I want to learn how to do all of that so bad.. well I dont know if I have the patience for it but I LOVE the end result.

    I love it! great edit

    dude… that’s amazing!!!!
    fabulous work!!

    Beautiful! So when are you going to have one of your own? :) Nice work!

    Oh wow! That is amazing! Thanks so much for explaining it. I haven’t removed backgrounds and stuff yet. I guess I should practice. Great job! I love it!

    Love it! Though I must admit, I may not be brave enought to tackle that myself, not just yet. I too LOVE baby powder room!!

    Wow!! What a difference. :D

    It’s so cool that you can do that. When I grow up, I want to edit like you. ;)

    Ashley! I couldn’t be more grateful for your tips and tricks! This specific tutorial is right up my alley!!! Thank you so much!

    You are truly AMAZING!!!

    You did a great job removing the hand out of the photo! Thank you for posting this! I was going to do a tutorial like this but now I don’t have to! I was stressing over it! Ha ha. You are brilliant! :-)

    Yes, you lost me just a bit ;) But nice job! Looks like it was never there at all.

    great job! that is just the cutest little baby too!

    Great job! I need to learn how to do this…!!

    Wow! Nice job…I have a lot to learn! :)

    Ohh this is soo cute !!

    Best Regards

    You did a wonderful job and so glad you left the skin natural. Too often I see over edited perfectly creamy skin on newborns, and that’s just not how they look! Now, will you share with us how you get that great little body positioned like that? So cute!

    You’re much better at editing out backgrounds than me – I’ve only been using the patch tool for small things. Going to have to try the bigger stuff too now. You’ve inspired me.

    This is amazing! I’m sure that baby’s parents are thrilled with the final result. I’m always floored with how much power there is in these editing programs…Thanks for explaining it step by step.

    Wow!! Absolutely amazing! You seriously have some mad skillz! Love it!! :)

    It’s amazing what a little “touch up” magic can do to a photo!! Great job!

    Oh wow, you did a really great job!
    It now looks so sweet…
    Thanks for the tutorial.

    girl you always amaze me! awesome job!!!

    you’re a genius with the layers! i only know how to use my healing brush to try & improve skin… so glad to be following along with your awesome blog, you’re definitely going to be teaching me a thing or two, love it :)

    That looks fantastic! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do something like that!

    I really love Touch Up Tuesdays because I always learn so much! And this week is no different – I’ve been trying to figure out how to remove stray limbs from pictures since Georgia was born. I’m off now to try out some of my “ruined” photos!

    WOW! That’s amazing!!!

    Wow! You’ve got to be the queen of editting!

    Yes, you lost me. Will you do a tutorial (step-by-step) on how you took out the hand? Or is that giving away too many Queen of Editting secrets?

    Um, hello….that is amazing. I’m truly in awe right now.

    I agree with Elizabeth! That’s totally amazing, Ashley.

    Completely impressed! I never thought about copying the other side – even though I do (amazingly) know how to use the free transform tool. Never occurred to me. I would have just cloned all the stuff on the left, and it would have looked awful. GREAT tip! :-)

    Your work is amazing. I am curious…about how long did this take you to do?

    wow! I’m impressed and amazed! And it is so sweet : )

    You did a really great job…wouldn’t even know it was there. Bravo!

    I’ve never reversed a selection before but what you have achieved is stunning. That pose is so cute aswell.

    Umm…WOW!! Amazing job!!! I’m pretty sure I’m NOWHERE near removing an entire hand/arm from a photo in my photoshop skills but maybe just maybe with your awesome blogs help I’ll get there one day!! Thank you!!

    Ashley you did an incredible job1 The edited photo is wonderful.

    Awesome pp skills!

    Incredibly adorable, Ashley! I’m going to have to experiment w/ my newborn nephew!!!

    Wow…I’m in total awe. Definitely something beyond my Photoshop capabilities! I’m totally jealous! Great work.

    stop it. YOu are SOOOOOOOOOOOO good at editing pics!! :) hehe. This is aweseome!!

    You did great! A much better portrait and a precious wee one!

    Great job! You completley lost me on the directions LOL! But I love what you did!

    Thank you! Amazing difference in only 15 minutes!!!
    re; your question…it can be anything you’d like, from a photo edit to a recipe, or simply a photo without any words. Just something that is you or interests you.

    Wow, you’d never know a hand had been there! Awesome work!!

    Oh my gosh, this awesome photo is reason enough to have a baby (just kidding). You did a fabulous job!

    Great work… and thanks for the instructions, too! That was awesome. :)

    Wow – amazing.

    that is seriously AWESOME! You should do a very explanatory tutorial on how to take that arm out…I would LOVE to learn how to do that. And you have PSE right? Nice job!

    That’s great! You should do a lot more tutorials on things that you learn how to do! This question is about the make your own planets post. I can’t figure out how to get the line to not look like it’s there. How did you get yours to look so nice? Mine just looks sloppy. :( Please help if you can@

    great job, ashley! i’m sorry it’s been so long since i’ve visited.. we went from a crazy summer right on into a crazy fall… daughter through one semester; one son needing help 1/2 way through his block scheduled classes, and the other one doing well… mama’s tired! :)
    hope you are well~

    Amazing! Love your edit. Great job removing the hand and “turning on the light”! :)

    Love it! I hope to be able to do that someday!

    I think it flippin AMAZING!!!! WOW! You rock girl! I keep staring at it and it looks like you did nothing! Okay, one day you need to do a workshop!

    WOW! That is amazing.. You did a fabulous job…

    ASHLEY!!! Your work always leaves me speechless sweetie! While I am not working in Photoshop, I am learning sooo much from your edits adn trying to apply that to Corel. Thank you for such great visual delights.

    You did an amazing job!

    incredible, girl! Seriously impressive!

    Wow, what a difference. I love it.

    Excellent work Ashley! When I see work like this I actually start thinking I may want to learn how to use photoshop! But I have no spare minutes left to squeeze that in too! Sigh ~ Maybe in time.

    This is amazing to me! I’m so jealous you can do that to a photo. The end result is stunning!

    Stunning edit, Ashley!

    Wow that is amazing! Great edit!

    WOW, perfect!

    Awesome job!!!

    Girl, you are the queen of touch ups!! Absolutely amazing!

    Awesome! Can I hire you? :) Actually, I wouldn’t be able to afford you! Great job.

    I love newborn pictures. This is amazing.

    Aww- I can smell the baby love fresh scent from here!

    Dear Ashley do you know why I love your blog so much..its not only for the magnificent photographs, but the tutorial you every time provide….That’s how helpful for us that I am not able to explain thru writing…..thanks a lot for sharing the secrets of the art of photo editing….

    Did I comment on this already? I’m lost this week….

    SUPER edit! WOW!!!! I can’t believe you removed the background so flawlessly!!!!

    Wow, that is amazing! It’s flawless!

    WOW!!! Amazing!!! I wish I had read this tutorial before I did a newborn shoot this morning. Thank you so much for all of your tips–they come in handy so much!!!