September 09, 2010
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You Capture and Phontography: Signs
Country Club RS
Yesterday, I was in Minnesota with one of my clients.  Try as I might, I had a hard time practicing my photography skills and trying to focus on the task at hand (my day job). Furthermore, our meeting room was looked out onto a golf course. The view was incredible…sunny skies, green grass…I only wish I could have pulled out my DSLR to really take some pictures.
Airport 1 RS
I flew home last night. When I got in my car, I remembered that You Capture’s theme this week is “signs.” Now, I could have just taken this week, but I figured I would combine phontography (photography via camera phones) with this week’s theme.
Airport 2 RS
There are a number of signs located in the parking deck. Directional mostly…and the lighting is very yellow/orange. Considering how often I’m at the airport, these signs almost feel homey. How sad is that?!
Airport 3 RS
I wish I could share some of the “signs” from a restaurant I went to last night while at the airport. There was an entire wall full of interesting, provocative and funny quotes. I tried taking a few pictures with my camera phone, but I couldn’t get close enough to take a good picture. The flash was also a bit distracting…can’t really go manual on the camera phone. Anyways, I’m off to catch up on a little work and blog reading. For more You Capture and Phontography photos, go to:


Have a great day!

    Well combined, phones are so great.

    great shots!!!

    I tried and tried to capture some signs and nothing inspired me at all. Oh well. Oh wait! I just got an idea! LOL

    Those are some good shots.

    I didn’t have any signs inspire me (plus we have had a NASTY FLU bug fly through our house) so I have nothing.

    These are great shots.
    There are some really wonderful phonography sites out there.
    I really love my iPhone for just this kind of portability. Just wish I had more time to play with all those great apps!

    Loved this post! I was totally meant to see it!

    Minnesota’s my hometown!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


    Hey! I live in Minnesota! Where were you visiting, what golf course?! Cool!

    Love your shots and how you framed them!

    I love the orangey lighting, it makes them look warm somehow.

    How nice to know u were in the state I live :) Nice shots, do let me know if u come this side in advance…

    I just laughed my head off about ‘can’t really go manual’ on the camera phone :) You are so funny! I wish I could turn the flash off on that camera as well since that is the camera I have with me 99% of the time! : ) Hope your trip was awesome.

    you know i love those camera phone shots!

    great job girl! I love the warm vintagey feel! :)

    Got my signs up
    Sheri, but you have to see this one!

    Awesome job Ashley! Okay, should I feel really sad for you that the airport signs feel “homey”? ;-)

    I honestly can say I love my iPhone pics that I take. They’re so spur of the moment. I usually catch some really great candid shots on my phone.

    Great shots…I love shooting with my phone, it adds so much fun and spontaneity to shooting.

    see Ashley all week I have been using my phone as my camera. since I was swamped with photos to edit and it was easy that my phone did it all for me. and I love that I can find new blog hops from you too! awesome shots.

    Ashley great stuff, I live in Minnesotoa. Where were you? the twin cities? Thanks for your encouragement.

    I always take pictures with my camera phone, because I always have my phone on me LOL. I like all of your pictures, they turned out really great. I think I would have had a really hard time focusing on work with a view like that out my window too! It makes it a shame you can’t have picnic meetings LOL!

    I really find it hard to make myself take pictures with my cell. Because I know they will not be perfect, and as I want them. But sometimes that is all you got, and I actually rather not miss a good photo-moment, so ..sigh..I take a few with my cell . This is good thou, because then, you always have that camera in your purse!
    that sky on the golf course one is very pretty! looks like a fine day!

    I love love love that you put the pictures through Poladroid. It gives a little extra something to the cell phone pics… You know you’re a photographer when you’re willing to use whatever camera on hand to capture the scene!

    Love the photos Ashley! I think that first photo is so nice, very painterly. Lucky for the project you didn’t have your DSLR out! :)

    Great pictures even with your phone.

    Airports are full of signs!! Great shots!

    Hi, Ashley! Cool pics!

    I was wondering whether you got my letter; I sent a few envelopes the day I sent yours and they’ve all received theirs.

    Have a wonderful day!


    I’ve been seeing TOO many of these cool phone pictures lately. LOVE the look of these. Makes me want a Holga, so instead I’ll just have to pull out my lensbaby. ;)

    Really like the second shot. What did we ever do before camera phones? :)

    Great photos. All from the iPhone? That’s amazing.

    Way to work that camera phone girl! I think the orange/reddish tones actually look kinda cool :D

    even though I have a camera in my phone I never use it, maybe I should start:) nice shots

    Well, you did get to practice your phone photography. I love my iphone camera. It’s completely replaced my point and shoot. And, those orange/red tones really look polaroidy.

    Hope you had a good time in MN, next time you are there make sure you go to the Mall of America, there are plenty of good signs there, especially in their parking garage. It usually took me as much time to drive to the Mall of America as it did to drive around the many floors of the parking garage to find a place to park!

    hehe yeah camera phones have their limits…But these are some pretty darn awesome camera phone shots!!!

    love all the photos you have been taking!

    Camera phones are better than nothing! I like the effect you used on these. Was it the phone or photoshop?

    I’m pretty amazed at the quality of phone photos…..I’ve only ever posted one, and it was before I used large ones on my blog….I love the parkade ones!!!!

    You should be proud of yourself being able to miss work and pleasure and to all come out of an Iphone. great job.

    Love it, very ingenious of you!! These are some good camera shots!

    Great shots! I’ve seen the same signs ;)

    I’ve never gotten into the habit of using my phone’s camera function… I don’t even know how to download the photos off the phone, so now I have these files in there and they’re eating up memory!

    It’s amazing the shots you can get with an iphone. Great job!

    Airport signs – something I used to see a lot of, and haven’t missed this year.

    I HATE it when I see a great shot and can’t get my camera out! You did a great job with your phone!

    I know what you mean about feeling frustrated without your DSLR, but at least your camera phone is pretty good! My cell phone camera is horrific!

    keep up with ur blogging and ur true identity will come! i like your consistency in posting and your care towards all of ur readers. :)

    Phone + photo = Great post idea!

    Nice shots, the colors look like the Polaroid photo is developing.

    It’s the first time I see the word phonthography. Your phone takes clear pictures. I am surprised !