October 11, 2010
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10.10.10 – Ten on Ten!
How cool is it that yesterday was October 10, 2010?! I decided it was a great month to start something I’ve been seeing for a few months now called “Ten on Ten.” My understanding is that you take ten photos on the 10th of the month…one every hour. Last month when I missed it, I decided that I would add it to my calendar so that I wouldn’t forget on 10.10.10. Anyways, here’s what my day looked like.
101010-8 RS
I woke up just after 8 am and walked downstairs. At 8:15, I figured I would start “Ten on Ten” (8:15 am).
101010-9 RS
An hour later, we were at the gym. As you can see, I’ve got my gym shoes on. I thought it’d be a little much to take my camera into the gym…I think they frown upon that kinda thing (9:03 am).
101010-10 RS
We came home and my husband made us brunch. We had ham, egg and cheese sandwiches – YUM  (10:14 am). 

101010-11 RS
We’ve got one real plant in our house. My husband thinks it’s his duty to move the plant into the sun during the day…it’s typically in the bathroom with little daylight (11:34 am).
101010-12 RS
I thought it might be nice to run a few errands (and not bore you with pictures of me sitting in front of my computer all day), so I went upstairs to get ready. I put on my favorite t-shirt (for the moment). It says “how many licks?”…remember the Tootsie Pop Owl (12:16 pm)?
beep click

101010-1 RS
We started by looking at televisions (1:24 pm).
101010-2 RS
We then tried to grab a bite to eat at a new Irish restaurant. I say try, because once we were seated…no one ever came to take our order. So, we left and went to Jason’s Deli instead. I love their broccoli and cheese soup (2:32 pm).
101010-3 RS
Once we came home, I spent most of the afternoon checking out all of the awesome Scavenger Hunt Sunday entries, editing photos from the past two weekends of portrait sessions and snapping a photo each hour. I thought for this particular hour, I would take a picture of an ornament my friend Candace made. She and her husband will be moving to Florida on Tuesday…she made these ornaments with their new address on them. Aren’t they cute (3:29 pm)?

101010-4 RS
As you can see, at this point in the afternoon…the plant has been moved to a sunnier spot. I think it’s quite funny that the plant moves with the sun all day long (4:26 pm).
101010-5 RS
Like I said, I spent a number of hours in front of my laptop…and watching our favorite shows on our DVR. Who loves Mad Men? We do (5:23 pm)!
101010-6 RS
Most Sunday nights, my husband is packing for another week away. Kitty Paw hates to see her daddy leave, so she’ll sit on his suitcase. It’s pretty cute. I thought this photo was a great way to end the day (6:25 pm), and a great photo to share with Bliss’ photo challenge: pets. 

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    Great photos!! Looks like your house has amazing light!

    I really like this idea – sort of a day in the life type thing!

    What a fun post!!! I loved it! You should do it more often! Thanks for sharing!

    I love your photos. I dont like when you are excited to go to a favorite place to eat and you get bad service or in your case, none.

    Also, I love Kitty Paw. So cute

    yay, you did it! : ) i love your t-shirt and your little plant…too funny, happy 10-10-10!

    Very clever…. great post!

    Wow! what a great thing to do! I love this idea, it’d kinda fun to document an ordinary day, and fun to see it too!

    Wow – you had one very busy day! And I agree, the kitty in the suitcase is the perfect closing image.

    We are both rocking the same firefox persona:~) Love it!

    you had a very productive day! all these shots are great, the one of kitty paw on the suitcases is really cute, and love the one of you taking a photo in the bathroom mirror. fun shots

    That is so cute about the “mobile” plant! Of course, I love Kitty Paws on the suitcase too! Hope you have a great week.

    Sounds like just a wonderful day :-) I LOVE how you just painted it all out and explained it to us. It was so nice to read! LOVE IT! Love the photos. I wish my life was that interesting right now, LOL, even in those little things! If I was do this this I would put everyone to sleep! LOL ;-)

    another amazing and fascinating glimpse into your life, what a great selection of photographs.

    great pics! i’ve seen that shirt before. in fact, i almost bought it. but i picked a blue one out instead that said “i don’t give a hoot” & has an owl on it. love me some random t’s.

    What a great post & shots ! It’s a good idea ! :)

    Great photos. I think it’s cute that your husband moves your plant around the house to follow the light and the last photo is adorable!

    I love seeing your day through photos! I think it’s really sweet that your hubby moves the plant around to the sun – very compassionate of him :)

    Great shots! I love your entry for Mellow Yellow this week. Mmmm…cheese!

    Erika B

    Fun being along with you on your day…the ornament is beautiful and the plant moving is quite funny. Great idea for the post too!!

    I think it’s so cute that you move your plant to allow it to get more sunlight! :) Great pics.

    Love the 10 on 10 theme. I don’t think I would manage…something here would have me forgetting an hour or two. I would have to set an hourly alarm! But, as usual your shots and blurbs make me smile.

    This is really cool…and I love Jason’s Deli!!

    a great capture of your day
    real nice

    Jason’s Broccoli Cheese soup is my fav, I had some Friday! …and Bentley does the same thing with our luggage when we pack so sad, but I love all the photos!

    I am loving the life of that plant. It is so spoiled! ;)

    I would love to do this! I dint knownif I have enough time in the day for all the fun out there! I’ll put it on my calendar- bit no promises! Lol

    I love the photo of the plant in the sunny chair. Such a neat shot!

    Look at you Ms. Multi-tasker! Great shots (and links) … Love the ornament shot. Great POV!

    aww Kitty Paw sitting on the luggage is too cute!

    You are just too talented. It was really cool seeing 10 hours of your life!

    Well, that was fun to spend a Sunday with you! …and your husband cracks me up with that plant!!!

    I loved seeing your day through the camera! I think it is so funny how your plant moves around the house LOL. Looks like a nice sunday!

    I think it is so sweet how your husband moves the plant around with the sun! We have a bay window facing South West that gets a good amount of sun, the problem is I never water the plants enough!

    Beautiful photos and blog!!!
    I lake it!

    Big kisses from Croatia.

    Zondra Art

    Beautiful photos and blog!!!
    I lake it!

    Big kisses from Croatia.

    Zondra Art

    alll awesome photos ps we have the same lotion in out bathrooms lol

    Great photos. Looks like a good day. I LOVE broccoli and cheese soup too. Wonderful job as always.

    I adore your Tootsie Pop t-shirt…and your whole 10 on 10. It’s very cool to see a day in someone’s life, hour by hour. I really love the pic in the TV section. If my hubby could live with a wall like that, with each TV tuned to something different, he’d be happy!

    OMG…HILARIOUS about your sun-seeking plant!! That’s so cute of your hubs! :D

    What a great idea!
    The photos are great.
    I especially love the Kitty Paw one!

    I love the 10 on 10 photo idea…I may have to try that sometime soon. And how adorable that your husband moves the plant to soak up the sun! :)
    BTW, we are also looking for a new TV (any suggestions?…my husband is being extremely indecisive).

    Very cool! Liked spending the day (Virtually) with you! I like the 10 on 10 too, might have to try that one!

    Love the pics!!

    thanks for sharing your day with us!

    Great shots of your day! That is pretty funny how the plant moves!

    What a fun challenge!

    What a fun post! It’s neat to see how someone spends and average Sunday.

    ashley, i added your button to my blog love page! trust me, there weren’t “cuts”. more like my brain couldn’t function at 1am last night & i just grabbed a few :)

    The clock photo is totally cool…and the traffic light collection :) is pretty neat too.

    What a fun post! Love all your pictures. Also LOVE your t-shirt.

    Laughing, laughing, laughing at the moving plant. Too funny! My husband recently tried to talk me into snapping a photo every 30 minutes or something, I told him I might try it for a week or something, but only a facebook thing – too much for the blog I think, lol. But I love this idea!

    Ashley thanks again for another great challenge share. Where and how do you ever find the time?

    What a great day! I completely forgot about it being 10-10-10! Love the photo of Kitty Paw on the suitcase.

    great shots Ashley. Love your sunny home. and love the bathroom shot, with your cool camera strap. And too funny that plant should live forever with such care.

    What a great project and I love your photos, as always! Do you use a tripod for your macros? They always come out so sharp! I have a tripod, but it always seems like such a hassle to bring it out of the closet, but I definitely should if it means getting great results like you! And good luck with the plant. Every time I get my hands on one, it ends badly :(

    I am CRACKING up at the plant moving around the house. That is all kinds of awesome.

    That pic of all the TV’s is great.

    what a fabulous idea! i am really loving your macro monday, stunning image! hope you & the hubby had a great weekend together :)

    what a fun day! I love how you move your plant…so cute:-)

    For some reason I am madly in love with the traffic light photo. The lines, the composition, the cars below, the colors. LOVE it!

    What a great series of photos. Love it. My cat sits on my luggage too…as if we won’t pack and leave.

    WOW, what a great idea to take photos, I have to do it some time :)
    have a lovely week!

    Wonderful!! Never would have guessed this was your first time participating! The lighting is great

    This is a very interesting concept and I enjoyed sharing your day with you. And I totally remember the Tootsie Pop Owl…CRUNCH!!!!

    Ok, the moving plant is just too funny! And kitty paw is so cute…poor baby doesn’t want her dad to leave!

    Beautiful! You’re very creative!

    Love that I get to snoop into other people’s lives :) with permission of course

    Tag-you’re it!

    I like this idea! And it is pretty funny that the plant moves throughout the day. I’m definitely not that good to my plants!

    I love how you captured your day. As much as I take pictures, I have never thought of it. I guess because I didn’t think anyone would care. LOL But, people like us appreciate a life through a lens. The plant thing cracked me up! Love it! Oh, and thank you for the comment. However, I changed my picture sometime after you left your comment. I thought the edit was too much after I gave my eyeballs a break. Much better. If you want to take another peek, please do! Have a great night!

    Great shots!!! And how crafty are you to work some extra challenges into the mix?!

    Hmmmmm…. the plant moving thing is VERY silly.

    I wonder if he’ll do that with your babies? :D

    I wish I had done the 10 on 10 this month… being the 10.10.10 this year!! I am going to have to write it on my calendar to remember just like you did!! You captured your day with Fabulous photos!! ;) and my little girl had an owl party…. and we used the very logo from your shirt for her invitations!! We made cake pops at her party… so we changed it to how many licks does it take to get the center of a Cake pop.. and then inside it said … don’t lick… Bite! =)

    thoroughly enjoyed this

    Lovely photos here. I like the fact that you take such good care of your plant!

    I have some friends that do a 12 of 12. I haven’t heard of 10 of 10, but it’s the same concept, just done hourly. Anyway, it’s fun to try new things. I’ve been ‘meaning to’ do the 12 of 12 for like three years. ;) My favorite is the cat on the suitcase. Speaks volumes, for sure. They know when their people are leaving, and they don’t like it. Message sent, Kitty Paw. Message received! ;)

    What an awesome challenge! These are all super images.

    trying to catch up on all my blogs – loved your picture an hour idea !!! Now that you have a friend moving down to the sunshine state – you must visit – hopefully she’s kinda close to here!!

    darn, i wished i had known. this sunday would have been a perfect day to participate. anyways, love your photos. i love how the plant moves around. =)

    This sounds like a great idea, I have wanted to do a day in photos of my life for a while now… maybe 11.10…. Were you looking at T.V’s at Best Buy? It looks like their tags ( I work there) but at the same time it looks so different too.

    This is so fun! I should do something like this.

    Your blog is always inspiring. Most of the blog photo challenges I am doing right now I got from your page of challenges.

    Does creativity just ooze out of every pore??? Do you breath creativity and eat creativity… You are incredible!!! really WOW!

    I love the your 10 – what a fun day!!! I love the one of your kitty at the end. My cat usually ends up INSIDE the suitcase :D

    My hubby left for a week long trip yesterday morning, and our kitty sat on his suitcase just like yours!!! She refused to move! Everytime we would bring her into our bedroom to sleep she would RUN back to his suitecase! lol