Anniversary Cake!
I love love loved our wedding cake. When we were planning our wedding, I went to a bridal show for “inspiration.” To be completely honest, I thought the whole thing was a waste of time with the exception of CAKE TASTINGS! I hadn’t quite figured out what type of cake we’d have at our wedding…I just knew that we’d probably use a local baker – one who typically baked pound cakes and decorated with fondant. That would have been all fine and good until I had a taste of a sweet potato cake. 

I remember leaving the show with my mom talking about how much I loved that sweet potato cake…it was absolutely necessary to have a sweet potato wedding cake. She loved it too and couldn’t wait to drop by our baker’s home to discuss a sweet potato recipe. So, within a week or so of the bridal show, my mom stopped by this lady’s home. She’s been baking our cakes from this woman for years, so my mom pulled around to the back of her house and knocked on the back door (because that’s what you do in small towns, right?). It was unlocked and gently opened, so she went on into the kitchen to leave the recipe on top of her mixer with a note. She was not expecting what happened next…

Out of nowhere, our baker comes around the corner wearing nothing more than her underwear (bra and panties of course). Oddly enough, she wasn’t embarrassed at all and continued to have a conversation with my mom for another 10-15 minutes. Some people might have second thoughts about using this lady as our wedding cake baker, but this wasn’t our first strange wedding planning experience (I’ll have to tell you about our caterer’s husband’s underwear sometime),  and we decided to take a chance.
Cake Collage
Our cake was a four-tier sweet potato cake with butter-cream frosting, covered in dogwood flowers (very southern…the North Carolina state flower). My mom made the little love bird cake topper. It was DELICIOUS! Photos above by Lynette Mittendorf.
IMG_7472 RS
I’m not sure that I effectively covered the top tier of our cake before freezing it, but one year later, we pulled it out of the freezer for another bite.
IMG_7477 RS
It was quite the process…move from freezer to refrigerator overnight to thaw out (Saturday night). Early afternoon, move from refrigerator to counter to warm to room temperature. At time of serving…unwrap from tin foil, cut slice and warm for 25 seconds. Pour yourself a glass of milk and enjoy! It was seriously delicious…even better than I remembered.
IMG_7478 RS
Our cake is back in tin foil, back in the freezer…waiting for another year (I’ve been told that it’ll keep for years as long as it’s well wrapped). 
I’m not sure I can wait another year. Have a great day!

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    Fascinating photos!!!

    Super yummy! I love the idea of a sweet potato cake – do you have the recipe? We didn’t freeze our cake, mostly because we moved across the country a month after we got married. As a side note, I also had dogwood flowers decorating my wedding cake!

    Wow…I so love the dogwood blooms. Just beautiful!

    (And, yes. It will keep for many years.)

    You had me at Sweet Potato Cake….yum!
    I must not have wrapped our well because ours was gaggy on our first anniversary, which was 20 years ago!

    oh yum! After four months we looked at ours and we threw it away. ha!

    You are so good at keeping the cake for a whole year! I had plans of doing just that, but 2 days after the wedding, we decided to sneak it out and we ate it all! =)

    Looks yummy! I’ve never heard of sweet potato cake but now I feel I must try it. Funny story about the baker :)

    What a cool wedding cake story. I cant wait to hear about the caters hubby’s undies. LOL

    I’ve never heard of a sweet potato cake either but I love sweet potato so I bet I’d like it!
    Beautiful photos!

    I’ve never heard of a sweet potato cake either but I love sweet potato so I bet I’d like it!
    Beautiful photos!

    Do you still have the recipe? :D Your cake was absolutely beautiful. I love the topper! Gorgeous…and tasty looking.

    That’s literall a “SWEET memory!”

    I must try, now that I live amongst the Dogwood forest!

    There was no cake left for me to wrap…I’m guess that meant it was good stuff, or we didn’t have a big enough cake.

    We had 2, the wedding cake and the grooms cake :)

    Dude, I go to weddings just for the cakes like this. It’s just beautiful and I want to eat my computer screen right now. I must have cake or something sweet for breakfast now. Thank you for posting this on a Friday, since calories don’t count on the weekend :)

    this looks very delicious. Beautiful cake. I love wedding cakes they are the most detailed of cakes and oh so good.

    Your wedding cake looks like it was just made yesterday—amazing! I’m anxious to try ours again in four months (but it’s going to have to get here from New Mexico, so I’m not holding my breath!).

    congrats again

    Looks delicious, I can’t wait for our cake in May!

    Oh, Ashley, your cake was gorgeous!! We managed to wait until our anniversary to eat the top tier of our cake, but ours was a very light cake filled and covered with buttercream and strawberries, so after the first few thawed bites, it got super soggy and gross. Oh well, at least we got a few tasty bites out of it. I’d be interested to see if your cake lasts for another year!

    Happy first anniversary! :)

    What a fun and amazing story! Love, love, love sweet potato cake as much as I do carrot. Your cake was beautiful and I adore those dog wood blossoms. Your photos, and memories, are awesome. ♥

    The story had me cracking up! Too funny. I’ve never had a sweet potato cake but now I want one. The cake was beautiful!

    I understand your love… what beautiful photos!! What an awesome story to go with it as well!

    I’m a new follower, and what a very special and inspiring blog you have!

    awesome photos, you had a beautiful cake! I have never had a sweet potato cake, but it looks delicious!

    Beautiful cake! My husband & I just had our first anniversary in April & I was really surprise how good our cake still was (ours was spice cake), I thought at the time about saving the rest for future years as well, but we decided to just eat the rest of it. I was happy to have the freezer space back & we just couldn’t save any it was so good!

    Ha, loved the story:) And the cake looks amazing. You’re the third blogger who’s made me extremely hungry this morning – gah!

    Oh my goodness! That looks delicious! Love the photos! :)

    How cool!!

    mmmm….sweet potato cake sounds yummy! glad you got to enjoy it again!

    Beautiful cake and photos! The cake sounds tasty. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have used that baker after she met us in her underwear. I would have thought she was crazy, or at the very least a bit sketch. You’re quite daring! lol

    Haha funny story. I WISH we would have saved ours!! That looks so good.

    Fun story and i love sweet potato pudding and cakes. Yours was beautifully adorned:-). XX

    Loved the story! Looks delicious.

    Awesome post! Yuuuuuuumy. Great, now I’m hungry. lol

    Wow that is an amazing cake! Sounds yummy too! Happy Anniversary!

    What a beautiful cake, and such a nice story to tell, congratulations once again on your anniversary that was and many more happy and yummy ones to follow.

    YUM!!!! way to go on keeping your cake! We were moving overseas, so we didn’t get to keep our cake. We gave it to some random couple. :( Yours looked aMAZING!

    So beautiful, and delish! What a talented baker you had!

    I’ve never heard of a sweet potato cake, but it looks yummy! :D

    Very nicely decorated. :) We didn’t have any cake at our wedding. We didn’t do a dinner at all – our reception didn’t start till 9pm… the wedding was at 7. Ah, the joys of marrying into a family of dairy farmers! ;)

    Love this and the story…Our outdoor reception was held on the hottest day on record and the icing slid off our cake.. it did not look this good one year later…but then it was not sweet potato either…

    HA! I love the South! Classic characters wherever you look. Great shots and story!

    what a great cake!

    What a fun cake. We didn’t save ours – it was almost all gone b/c it was pretty yummy! Happy Anniversary!

    mmm, lovely cake! I’m salivating just looking at those photos. Looks delicious.

    Happy Anniversary! Beautiful cake and wonderful shots!

    I’ve never heard of sweet potato cake before, but I love all cake, so I’d probably think it’s divine!

    What a gorgeous cake you had!! Love sweet potato anything, and yes, it will keep for a very long time in the freezer. Too funny about your cake baker!

    I think its fun that you keep this tradition. I heard that the cake always turned out disgusting (I guess I heard wrong) so we didn’t do it. Instead, we had a small cake, the size of the top tier, made for our first anniversary

    First… that story made me laugh out loud!! ha ha ha!! you are a brave girl using that baker!!

    We had six individual cakes… and the chocolate hazelnut one was so good my step mom put one whole cake away for us… so we quartered it … froze it and enjoyed it four times on special days… but we did not risk saving it for years! Good luck!! =)

    on our 5th anniversary we went back to the bakery and had a small one specially made! =)

    Gorgeous cake!

    I’ve never heard of sweet potato cakes – but now I want to give one a try.

    Aww – I want to try Sweet Potato cake now! Your wedding cake was beautiful. We gave our extra cake to an elderly man at work (DH and I use to work together). Leroy use to tease us about “gettin’ some of dat cake” when we were dating. He thought we would be married from the begining. We felt it would be bad luck for him not to have some, so that’s where our anniversary cake went, to Leroy.

    Wow, your cake is/was gorgeous! My stepdad made ours – it was a cupcake cake!

    Gorgeous photo and wow that cake looks amazing!

    We never had a wedding cake, well we never had a “real” wedding either. Perhaps one day we’ll save up our money and have a proper one!

    how cool. that sounds delicious!

    Wow that looks delicious! Your so creative.

    I’ve never seen a cake like this before Ashley – nor tasted a sweet potato one – it sounds simply scrumptious. Your wedding cake was a work of art and so glad that you were able to save the top layer for yourselves for your anniversaries.

    My mum made mine -a traditional UK fruit one – lots of cherries, raisins and sultanas all steeped in alcohol so that it would taste so good on the day. The top decoration was from my mother’s own wedding cake.

    Fun story. I suppose in the chaos of a wedding it’s hard to really remember how great the cake is. I’m sure it was even better this time.
    There’s a song that goes “Once you have sweet potato pie, you won’t want pumpkin again”…maybe it’s true of the cake too.

    wow! i never thought you could preserve a cake for that long… what a great anniversary idea! btw, your cake was stunningly gorgeous.

    That story is hilarious! I would have died! Love the cake, very pretty!

    We must not have wrapped our correctly. It was not good. A pumpkin cake sounds awesome.

    What a beautiful cake! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of sweet potato cake. Sounds delicious!!

    Ahh – happy anniversary! We celebrated ours yesterday. Your cake looks AMAZING! I think I would be polishing that baby off in one sitting… wait a whole ‘nother year!?!?! That is crazy :D You have willpower!

    I can’t even begin to imagine what that must take like. Great pictures and I love the decoration.

    I’ve had sweet potato pie, but not cake, that looks delicious!

    Hey! I saw your blog on Location Central looking at other bloggers close to me. Great looking cake and photography! I have a group for local photographers on Facebook which I’d love to have you join. My email is shannon at lifelong impressions dot com. My Facebook profile is

    Beauty and hilarity all in the same post!

    You did save it! YEAH! I’ve never heard of sweet potato cake. Pie, yes. How cool! We froze our top layer and then moved from Hawaii to CA. I carried that top layer on the plane. It tasted just as good one year later. I never knew you could refreeze it for years. We couldn’t resist eating the whole thing though. It was a little layer.

    Your cake is beautiful and looks delicious, even after a year!! We did the same thing with our wedding cake, but my husband wouldn’t let us keep it after our first anniversary. He thought it tasted just fine, but the thought of year old cake didn’t appeal to him!

    cake – one of the best things i love when doing wedding photos =) your cake is awesome and it looks so delicious!

    oh yummy cake! beautiful macros!