October 28, 2010
Autumn Color
This week, in North Carolina, we are still experiencing 80+ degree temperatures. I was in Houston on Monday and Tuesday…same thing. So, I’m protesting the weather, pulling out my long sleeve t-shirts and proclaiming that AUTUMN IS HERE!

To celebrate Autumn (aka FALL), there are a few photo challenges this week with an autumn or fall theme. So, I thought I’d share some of this week’s pictures that represent fall.  
IMG_7769 RS
First, I thought I’d share a little more of the fun I’m having with my new Lensbaby Composer with a star aperture disk – this is really going to be fun at Christmas. The above photo is one of a few shots I took on Saturday, October 23rd (I’m going to wait and share the other shots next week). For those of you participating in the Scavenger Hunt…and who might still be stumped on what to do for Tilt-Shift Photography…you don’t need a lensbaby/tilt-shift lens to achieve the effect. Here are a few links that you really should check out: Tutorial Here or Tilt-Shift Maker here or Coffeeshop’s Teeny Tiny World. For more fall photos, go to: 

IMG_7457 RS
I think I’ll enter this shot into Wishful Pictures photo challenge: fall. 
I think Autumn also represents the fair. These next two shots (above and below) are not a ferris wheel…and I wish I knew what it was called. You kinda climb into the ride like a cage…two per cart. The carnival workers pull the door closed and then they start spinning you until the rid itself is lifted up like the ferris wheel but moving much faster. I took these shots while waiting in line. To catch the motion, I simply lowered my shutter speed. I decided that for the shot above, I wanted to experiment with texture…but I think the natural shot looks better. What do you think?
IMG_7454 RS
Exif Data: Tamron 28-75 mm @ 28 mm focal length, ISO 100, f/20, 1/13. For more autumn shots, go to: 

I took this last shot the other night with my lensbaby. I love the color that is reflected from the traffic and car lights. Something a little different…
IMG_7748 RS
For more color shots, go to: 
Have a great day!

    Love love LOVE the second shot! It’s looks awesome! I love the colors, especially that baby blue! All your photos and edits are simply amazing :-)

    Bravoo, beautiful!!!
    I lake it very much!!!


    Autumn- that’s beautiful colours around us and weather that changes and what brings with it the coughs and colds,
    I hope you are keeping well,
    I had a cold and not much time, so only now trying to catch up with my blooging

    wow look at the stars in that first shot! That will be fun at Christmas!
    And I think i like the shot without the texture better, but the texture still looks good :)

    pretty pictures.

    Love the Ferris wheel photos.

    The color made it to GA, too, butt so did the rain. No fotos yet!

    Love the texture on that ferris wheel.

    Love both the carnival ride shots, but the textured one is exquisite! The texture is perfect and makes the sky magical. I was a bit intimidated at first about the Tilt-Shift Photography, but am experimenting with the links you suggest, and finding it a lot of fun. ♥

    The carnie rides are my favorites – there’s something about the colors and the spinning that is really pretty to me.

    Girl, I hear you on the weather. The rain came and now it’s back to muggy and hot; that last shot is pretty cool, glad to see you are enjoying your lensbaby.

    The second shot is a absolute winer :).

    Wow, 80 degrees! We had snow yesterday….I had to dig out my winter hat and gloves! lol. Beautiful pics.

    These are incredible photos! You are so creative. You are definitely an artist behind the camera!

    By the way, I protest the weather too. We’ve been wearing summer clothes up here in Connecticut and it’s almost November.

    Beautiful photos!!!! I love both of the ride photos, the texture makes it look like a painting & the natural captures the speed. I blinked and it went from fall to winter…..I was able to enjoy a couple weeks of warm temperatures & beautiful changing leaves at least!

    I just love your photos. I continue to struggle improving my photos, because I get overwhelmed with how time consuming it is, so I am living vicariously through yours….haha.

    I am protesting the weather too. We were in Kentucky last weekend and were shock at how warm it was, then we come back to Florida and it is 90+. What? RIDICULOUS!!

    BTW, lovely note and pics you sent paper mama.

    Beautiful shots! Love your “ferris wheel” ones…and your last one…swoon! I don’t know for sure if if it is, but it looks a bit like bokeh. I’m a HUGE sucker for that. Ha.

    You have such a talent to making your pictures into a true piece of art :)

    love the ferris wheel!

    Great photos! The second is my favorite. The fair always makes it fall time.

    I’m also protesting this warm weather and wearing long sleeves! This warm weather is getting old :) When we lived in NC last year it seemed that Halloween weekend was always the transitioning time from warmer to cooler weather. So hopefully it’s just around the corner!

    I soooo love that natural shot! the other is cool too but the movement translates sooo clearly on the natural shot! I wanna use that as my desk top background! or even print it for my wall!

    I love those ferris wheel photos!! I have been to the Teeny Tiny World tutorial but I’ve never used it! I really want to.

    Nice photos!

    I’ve read about the Lensbaby Composer but I’m not sure I’ll get one due to things such as manual focus only and manual aperture switching.

    However, a Composer for $270 and a macro kit for $40 sounds pretty good.
    Plus, photos with it such as your first one here look can really neat.

    I love that shot of the wheel moving! I know, isn’t this Fall weather great?!

    We are finally getting that beautiful fall color in Oregon. It’s taken a few weeks of chilly weather, but unfortunately we’ve had downpours so not many pictures. I need to get back to the scavenger hunts! I miss it!

    Those are gorgeous, Ashley! I love the first one and the bokeh shot–beautiful! And like I say; wonderful photos as always! :)

    Those are great, as always!

    We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and I haven’t had a second to edit and post. This week was a lot of “filler” just trying to stay afloat :)

    I’m still in shorts and tank tops!!! I thought I moved away TX, Ha!


    You have a lensbaby?! How cool! That’s on my wishlist :) I want the kits with the heart shape adapter for the pretty bokeh effects! Great photos!

    Oh, I love that first shot of the carnival ride with the soft processing. really. love. it. Is it on flickr? because that’s an instant fav.
    Fab photos all of them, Ashley. Have you contributed a night shot for the mortal muse challenge? I hope so!

    Fantastic shots Ashley and I do prefer the “wheel” without the texture. That lensbaby is going to be so much fun especially taking Christmas shots.

    These photos are amazing! The first one makes me feel like I’m blasting off into some magical world!


    These are all great…I love your ferris wheels, they are so whimsical and I love that color! And your lensbaby fall shot is just gorgeous…I don’t have any shaped aperatures, but you may be convincing me I need some! :)

    Thanks for the encouraging words on my lensbaby flower w/ the soft focus lens…what a huge learning curve on that one, but I am going to get better LOL

    I know exactly what ride you’re talking about, but no clue on the name of it, either. I like it best without the texture…those colors are gorgeous all by themselves!

    I love all these shots, love your use of the lensbaby, I need to look at all these challenges! there are so many out there. These really are fantastic shots.

    Gorgeous. I love the second carnival ride photo!

    wow, you captured some beautiful motion shots! Thanks for the tips on the tilt shift. You know lensbaby is charging like $250 for theirs?

    Great shots! Love the motion captured in the ferris wheel shot!

    I always get so intimidated to comment since you tend to get 40+ comments, but I just love your ferris wheel pictures! I love the movement! And silly question, which if you don’t catch it here, so I’ll email you later, but what is a lensbaby?

    I love the Carnival shots, both with the texture and without! I love the movement and the colors! We are having really warm weather too…I miss the fall weather!

    Awesome shots, can’t wait to see more!

    fabulous shots with your lensbaby, very unique indeedy! still LOVin’ those ferris wheels shots, great motion :)

    WOWSAS!!! These are amazing. I love the color and the action and.. well, all of it :D You are ROCKIN’ that camera.

    Your Fair shot are very fun and whimsical!

    I really like the edit of the wheel with the texture! And, that 1st tree picture is stunning. Now, I’m off to see what Lensbaby is all about.

    I love these shots! Especially the ferris wheel :)

    I really love the ones of the carnival rides, the colors and the movement are really cool. That is a neat lens, I have never seen that effect before!

    These shots are great. I’ve been wanting to play around with movement in my photos. I don’t have a good tripod yet. I love your “ferris wheel” shot.

    want to trade houses for a week or two or more??

    I like all of these Ashley. The ferris wheel thingy is really great. I guess I too prefer the original version-but not by much. Great colors and sense of motion.

    beautiful pictures as always darlin!

    Love the tilt shots. I trried that it is fun.

    we are having a wind storm here so I have not had a chance to take any new pics, and uploading is going slow.

    wow this motion looks awesome!!

    Amazing photograph…really nice creation.
    Best Wishes.

    i love the photos! especially the fair ones! and the night bokeh

    wow these are awesome hun

    Great photos as always. I like the second shot.

    I can just imagine the fun you will be having with the lensbaby around Christmas. I’m excited to see what you will come up with!

    Your ferris wheel shots are amazing. I love all the bright colors.

    I LOVE your ferris wheel (not really ferris wheel, but whatever they’re called) shots! I studied the EXIF data to see if I could replicate a look like that of something moving. Very cool!

    Ashley, your ferris wheel shots are amazing. May I repeat. AAAA-MAAAA-ZIIING! :)

    These are great Ashley. I really like the car lights. If you wouldn’t have said anything, I don’t think I would have known. Cool!


    While I would hardly call your writing just “Rambling” your photos are superb! I almost feel transported into the moment.

    Your pictures are awesome, as always!

    awesome shots! I love the 2nd and 3rd but they are all great!

    I feel like I survive summer just to get to fall. It’s the besy season!

    Great photos!

    Love the Lensbaby work. Mine didn’t work well with my D80, so I sent it back. I would have had to shoot entirely in manual, not A or P or S but argh. Maybe I’ll try again when I get a better camera.

    Wow! You have mad skills, girl!:-)

    I LOVE the texture in the Ferris wheel shots! Beautiful!

    I love the shot with your Lensbaby. I like the natural shot of the ferris wheel thing. The colors seem to pop more in that one. I wanted to try and get to the Fair this year, but the traffic and crowds deterred me. Maybe next year!

    Stop making me need that lensbaby!! That last shot is too cool.

    I LOVE the ferris wheel without the texture. Just a fabulous shot.

    Lensbabies are sweet…love those shots. The ferris wheel shots are fabulous!

    I love the (non) ferris wheel shots! Especially the one with the texture, it looks like an old-timey postcard. Beautiful!

    Wow those ferris wheel shots are my favorite. Nice job!

    I like the natural shot best too. The lights shot is fun as well, they almost look like funny bug eyes.

    Gorgeous , These are gorgeous

    I really love your series of ferris wheel shots.

    I just got a macro, so this isn’t in the budget for a while, but love the results. Thanks for sharing. Especially that first shot of the fall leaves. Beautiful.

    I really like your first autumn shot. Nice job.

    Beautiful! I love the ferris wheel shots, you do amazing things with texture.

    Those are some CRAZY cool shots!