October 16, 2010
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Happy One-Year Anniversary!
One year ago today (October 17, 2009), I married my best friend. This weekend, we’re going to enjoy being together…so I will likely be away from my email and blog. But, I thought I’d share some of our favorite photos from our wedding day, courtesy of Lynette Mittendorf Photography.
I love you for continuing to love me despite my imperfections,
I love you for finding me endearing when others might find me impossible,
and I love you for sharing our vision for a brighter future.
Because you have loved me from the very beginning,
 I will love you until the end, and for this, I promise to treat you the way
you want to be treated, and with the respect you deserve.
Because I desire what is best for us, I promise to fight for you, not against you.
Because I believe in you, I promise to stand by your side, to listen when you speak,
to comfort you when you’re upset, and to join your laughter with my own.
Because I accept you for who you are (your talents, gifts and your quirks),
today I erase all past offenses, and I promise not to let the passage of time
or the opinions of others  dull my appreciation for all that you bring to this world.
When life challenges us, I promise to focus on the resiliency
of our love and the commitments we’ve made to one another and to God.
And, if I stumble and fail to live up to my promises,
I will look you in the eyes, hug your neck and ask for forgiveness.
For better or worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,
I am committed to doing whatever it takes,
as your wife and partner, now and always.
I love you Jeremy. Happy Anniversary!

    Aw, how sweet. Great photos!!

    Happy Anniversary to you both!! These are fantastic photos – I hope you continue to be as happy throughout your years as you appear to be on your wedding day. Best wishes for a glorious future!!

    Lovely photos! I hope you guys have a wonderful anniversary :)

    Ah that was so sweet! Beautiful words and pictures, made the hair on my arms raise, so so beautiful. Happy Anniversary! Have a fabulous weekend :)

    aw, what a beautiful bride! Happy Anniversary.

    Congratulationson your anniversary – and your wedding photos range from stunning to lovely – what a nice collection of memories!

    Aw, so sweet. Stunning pictures Ashley. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary! You guys are a hot couple!! Your dress is gorgeous too. :)

    HOW GORGEOUS! Happy Anniversary, friend! Hope you have a wonderful day with your hubby.

    Beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

    Have a wonderful anniversary!!! Great Photos :-)

    Happy Anniverary. Thanks for sharing. Awesome shots. Have a fun weekend.

    oh congrats!!! you look so good together :)

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    Oh My! You had a gorgeous wedding and are such a beautiful couple. Have a wonderful celebration weekend! ♥

    Congratulations Ashley and Jeremy on your first anniversary. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    I loved your wedding photos Ashley – that dress was such a lovely style and suited you so well.

    Happy Anniversary!! You were such a beautiful bride and have a handsome hubby. Sending wishes for much happiness to both of you!

    Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom. The pictures are lovely.

    Happy first anniversary!

    Loved seeing the photos! Happy anniversary…and many more to come!

    Looks like a day to be remembered! Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary Ashley! What a Fairytale Wedding!

    Happy Anniversary! So cool to see your photos, everyone looks so incredibly happy. And your hair is fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

    Gorgeous!!!! I love the first one and the one with your Dad (I’m guessing?) and the one where you’re laughing. And the b&w one. lol I like them all =D
    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary! BEAUTIFUL wedding pictures:-) Enjoy your weekend!!

    Awww! That was really sweet! You were a beautiful bride and I really love your bridesmaid dresses! Happy Anniversary!

    What a lovely tribute to your lucky hubby. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Happy Anniversary to you both! What a beautiful day :)

    So sweet and gorgeous pictures! See you soon. Have a great day tomorrow. Happy Anniversary!!

    Happy Anniversary! Love the photos – they are gorgeous!!

    What beautiful photos of a gorgeous day! The words you chose to accompany them were perfect. Happy anniversary – enjoy your weekend together!

    Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pictures are beautiful and so are you! Have a wonderful weekend!

    awwww, how sweet!!!! loved it all, the words and the pictures!

    Congratulations on year 1 and I hope you are blessed with many more!

    Happy Anniversary! Wow, one year, you guys are still newlyweds!

    LOVE the pics, so amazing! And you had an outdoor wedding on a beautiful day…perfect!

    Now go, GO enjoy your weekend!

    Oh Ashley, you are so beautiful and you make a stunning couple. Happy first anniversary!

    WOW, how sweet was that?!?! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy! :D

    What a sweet post! You looked stunning on your wedding day! You two are so cute!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Beautiful! Congratulations!!!

    GORGEOUS photos! You are absolutely beautiful! Happy Anniversary and I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend with the hubby!! You deserve it!

    Beautiful – what a couple!!! Love the photos!!!!!
    Happy anniversary!

    Awww happy anniversary.
    Wonderful photos.

    Oh my goodness. Happy Anniversary!

    wow! Those are gorgeous pics! You are a gorgeous bride! Happy Happy Anniversary to you!!!!!!

    Amazing! you looked beautiful that day!
    Lynette captured beautiful moments:)

    That is so incredibly sweet!!! I can feel the love! I hope you both had a spectacular first anniversary, with many, many more to come!!! :)

    Oh my goodness! Your looked BEAUTIFUL!!!!!The pictures are gorgeous too!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!

    You two not only look incredibly in love, but you look like you had so much fun! :) Happy anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary. Truly wonderful photos. You are glowing!

    Beautiful wedding, Happy Anniversary.

    What gorgeous photos! You were a beautiful bride. Happy Anniversary! Did you save any of your wedding cake?

    Oh my goodness, beautiful! The photos are amazing, hope you enjoyed your anniversary weekend.

    beautiful bride.. I love your pictures.. and I love the last one.. I love your rings.. my first fiance.. and I had those.. loved them.. LOL… but seriously where did you get married.. loved the local… is it a winery.. I was married in a winery… Hope the anniversary weekend was the best…

    That was really sweet. Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary!!
    What stunning photos, dresses, venue and I imagine it was a great affair! Many decades of happiness to you both.

    Beautiful wedding photos, hope you did have a beautiful weekend.
    You looked lovely…

    Beautiful photos and vows. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.


    aweee- how sweet- loved your hair and dress!!! I wish I had been into photography back when I got married 18-years ago– I would have loved to have photos like these

    Congrats! You and your hubby looked amazing on your big day! What a gorgeous wedding, your dress, the location, the pictures! My favorite part of these pictures is seeing the true love that is flowing out of you both! You can tell that you were meant for each other the joy on your faces is priceless!

    Oh my goodness! I missed this post earlier, but I am so glad I caught it now. Everything about it is beautiful! I hope that you had the happiest of anniversary weekends!!


    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!

    This post is beautiful. Congrats on your one year!!

    Amazing gorgeous photos — you are such a beautiful couple. Nice match my friend! :) I love your smile — and the two of you brighten up eachother!

    We celebrate #3 this Weds! :)


    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful post :)

    You looked absolutely gorgeous. We went cheap on our photographer. She did a great job considering what we paid, but, if I had it to do over again, I’d want this! It’s so worth the money!

    What beautiful Wedding Photos. The joy you felt us apparent on your faces. Happy Anniversary. Many many years to come!

    I must have missed this. You looked gorgeous! And you and your husband look so happy in these pictures…and so in love. =) Happy anniversary.

    Okay! You got me! I’m crying (with laughter mixed in!) You wouldn’t mind if I copied these words off, would you??? You beautiful woman – you!

    Love, Katy

    These were so pretty shots!!!! :)

    Look how beautiful and happy you both look….All your photos are just gorgeous….but that b&w took my breath away.

    sigh! simply beautiful and stunning, Ashley!! Loved seeing this peek into your life!

    Congrats to you and Jeremy!!