October 14, 2010
Interview with a Kitty Paw
Kitty Paw was not “physically” harmed in the making of this interview and photo shoot (emotionally…maybe). 

I love having Kitty Paw in my life. I adopted her from my parents about six years ago when I felt as though she wasn’t given enough attention at my parents house (at the time they had two  indoor dogs, two outdoor dogs and another cat – they’re down to just two indoor dogs now). Kitty Paw is clearly “only child” material. 

Anyways, for those of you that don’t live with a cat (notice…I’m choosing my words carefully – I don’t own Kitty Paw, I live with her), cats are great! During the day (while I’m at work), she sleeps, eats, uses the bathroom, sleeps, bathes, sleeps, eats…you get the point. Then, she hears the garage door and stops doing whatever she’s doing to greet me (or my husband) at the back door. If we’re home, she’s right by our side…in the bathroom, on the couch…wherever we go, she goes. It’s pretty cute.  We get all the joys of a pet without the daily cleanup (minus a little de-hairing).
Kitty Paw 101210-1 RS
Unlike dogs, cats DO NOT enjoy playing dress up. Does this stop me…NO! So, I’m walking around Target the other day…wasting time, when I walk past the pet pajamas. I must have walked back and forth across the display a dozen times – picking up an outfit and then putting it back. Finally, I decided that even though I would only get about 5 minutes of laughter and photographs from the outfit…it was totally worth it. As you can see from the series of pictures, she is not amused.
Kitty Paw 101210-2 RS
After reading Chelsey and Mandy‘s pet posts, I thought it’d be fun to do an “Interview with a Kitty Paw.” Obviously, this is my best understanding of her responses, since most times I got a meow or boak… 

1. Kitty Paw, how do you like living with Ashley and Jeremy?  

They’re pretty great! Jeremy is so good about keeping my litter box clean and my water bowl full. And then Ashley treats me like a sister…she stays out of my way and lets me do my thing. Although I didn’t really appreciate her dressing me up like a doll baby. Not cool!
Kitty Paw 101210-3 RS
2. What do you do all day while Ashley and Jeremy are gone? 

You have no idea how much effort goes into looking this good. I sleep for at least six hours during the day…I mean, a cat’s gotta get her beauty rest. Then, I eat that junk you call food upstairs…I much prefer deli turkey or chicken. Can I have more of that?! Sometimes I talk to Bernard next door…he barks, I meow. But mostly, I’m just scheming to take over the world.
Kitty Paw 101210-4 RS
3. How do you really feel about your name? What is your full name?

You mean Kitty Paw…I’m down with it, although I’m kinda digging the nick names you’ve been throwing out lately. (Side note: we make up names for her everyday depending on the mood we think she’s in. We’re convinced that some days she thinks she’s gangsta and other days, she’s rather proper…I don’t know – we’re weird) My full name is actually Princess Kittrella Panelope, but you can call me Kitty Paw or just Pa.
Kitty Paw 101210-6 RS
4. What is your favorite toy? 

Isn’t it obvious? I love that bird thing you got me, but only after you pulled it off of that dumb hanger thing it was on. I really enjoy toting it around the house with me. I also like bows and anything with cat nip. Of course, I also love bugs. I don’t know why, but if there is a bug (or button, piece of trash, tag, etc) on the ground…I’m going to play with it. On the other hand, that chirping rat you bought was ridiculous. I’m a bird cat, so let’s keep the toy purchases focused on BIRDS!
Kitty Paw 101210-7 RS
5. Are you more like Ashley or Jeremy? 

Ashley…for sure, and I think Jeremy would agree. I’m usually pretty sweet but I need to regularly sleep and eat (who doesn’t). I can also be pretty moody so if you catch in the wrong moment. Example – in one minute, I can enjoy being rubbed…in the next, get your hands off me fool!
Kitty Paw 101210-8 RS
6. Where is your favorite place to sleep? 

Well, it depends on the time of day. I love the morning sun, so I will usually sun bathe in the morning. But then it gets too bright and I prefer a cool dark place, like under the bed. Then of course I love the green couch…especially after you or Jeremy have moved – I love that warm spot you leave behind.
Kitty Paw 101210-5 RS
7. How do you feel about a baby sister or brother one day? 

Let’s not talk about it. This interview is over…I’ve got licking to do.

I hope you enjoyed my little interview with Kitty Paw half as much as I enjoyed writing it. 
Have a great day!


PS: I’m with a client all day. You know the deal…give me a break as I return emails and make blog visits.

    OMG you are hysterical! I saw those at Target too but never even thought to get one for one of my kitties. I don’t think they would have kept them on as long as your Kitty Pa. Love your photos and Q&A session. Very smart cat you have on your hands. ;-)

    LOL! Gangsta Kitty Paw – now that’s the costume you need to be looking for!

    I’ll have to comment here…you crack me up! I love the Kitty interview, and the photos. I could just imagine what she was thinking after you put on that sweater and follow her around with the camera.

    Oh crack me up! I love that you could even get her into the outfit – Ranger and Pumpkin would definitely NOT stand for that! The interview was too cute!

    Ha! Hilarious!…and, welcome to the other side of insanity where we translate our pets’ language into English ;D…been doin’ it for years, myself, and it’s nice on this side of the fence!!!

    What a patient little sweetheart!!

    LOVE her costume…and how she slyly slipped her paw out at the end.

    Fantastic interview!

    You are too funny!!

    Tell Kitty Paw she looks really cute in her outfit. :)

    That was the BEST interview ever!!! Hilarious!!!

    I dress my dog up so dressing the cat is so cool haha! She is adorable!

    Hilarious! I’m guilty of dressing my dog up occasionally, he always drops his head in embarrassment.

    Poor, poor kitty! :) Watch out… she’ll get you back some day!

    OH MY I LOVE it! I love Kitty Paw, too.

    LOL! I love your imagination! And that outfit is hilarious!

    Kitty Paw is adorable. Also my dog hates dressing up. He will undress the best he can. He claims it hurts his dignity.

    Too funny, thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning! Thank Kitty paw for me too! *smiles* Have a great day!

    Oh my gosh, that was too funny! I need to get my cats some cute costumes!

    Oh my gosh, that was too funny! I need to get my cats some cute costumes!

    Cute, funny,I love it!!!


    I’m affraid to interview my dog– LOL

    Oh I LOVE this! That’s sooooo cute!!!!!!

    this is so funny + cute!

    you are crazy but in a good way. Very interesting interview. I may have you come over and interview Pebbles I wonder what she would tell you. :) Kitty Paw looks very cute/funny in that pj.

    love this post – made me laugh – how did you ever get that outfit oh Kitty Paws-
    mine would never let me
    although I can try on my new kittens…..hmmmmm

    im sorry, there are no excuses with blog visits. clients or not…mmmkay

    Cat’s are great, and I love the outfit this is a really great post and I love how Kitty Paw is trying so hard to escape from it!

    I would dress Dexter cat up too if there was a shop that sold stuff for them (will have to check it out) and as for Marvin & Carly they will be dressed up for Halloween no doubt about that one!

    bwahahahaa, you are so funny. I love this. I used to dress my cat up in a tutu. Oh, what torture, but oh so cuuute.

    HAHA, so funny. I think the costume is adorable, our cat would never have tolerated us dressing her up.

    I love this! Your kitty paw looks like my JimKitty!

    I dressed him for Christmas last year and he did the same thing. Sort of wobbled around and then just laid down. I was laughing while reading this!

    Oh, I enjoyed that. You’s funny girl!!
    And the pics? Crisp and clear and oh so cute!

    I love these photos of Kitty, they capture her many moods. This was such a fun post!

    Ha ha! Too funny! Love it!

    This whole entire post made me laugh, love love love it! If Bentley did not have only child syndrome I think they would get along wonderfully

    Definitely enjoyed this interview, sounds just like my kitties at home!

    Haha! LOVE his costume!

    hahaahahaaaaaa!!! you & Kitty Paw have me cracking up! love her pj’s, my kitty would have ripped my hand off the minute i came at her with that! Kudos to you for getting it on her. and i am starting to think that moody cats come in some form of black!

    Haha, I’ve been waiting for this since you told me she has the same outfit as Roxy :) Too cute.

    What a great take :) I am featuring my kitty on Sunday’s scavenger hunt :) I tried to dress her up, but she was having none of it!!

    I NEVER like cats. Until a stray came around when my son was 18months old. She ended up being the best kitty ever and a fantastic personality. She’s been healthy, happy and a great addition and changed my heart for sure.

    I always wanted a dog…still do. Our cat seriously acts just like dog…it’s weird, and cool :)

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Bwahahahaha!!! TOO hysterical!! :D

    The third picture with her belly hanging out absolutely kills me!!

    I tried dressing Peter up once. He laid down on the floor and refused to get up. I should do that again. ;)

    That first shot where she’s looking right at you is the best! Sharing space with a cat, and imagining what they’re thinking and feeling is fun. Great post!

    HaHaHa this is sooo good – and the costume ;o) – I can see she didn´t like it !!!

    Very funny! Looks like she figured out how to take her costume off!

    Best post ever!! Love it, so hilarious. Moose would hate the costume too! Love the first pic…absolutely beautiful!

    First off, it may just be the xray tech in me but AWESOME choice of outfits for Miss Kitty Paw!

    Secondly, hilarious interview :) Since we can’t have a kitty here at married student housing, I’m getting my cat fix through you and Kitty Paw!

    Hahaha oh my gosh how cute is this post! Your little kitty is so sweet :)

    OMGosh sooooo funny! Kitty Paw and I both are only child material. Oh yeah!!! The outfit was TOTALLY worth it, and if I had or liked animals…one of those pics would be up on my wall, or at least in a frame. The pics are awesome! And you got me laughing! :-)

    I just love your post! The interview is awesome! Too cute with the kitty outfit.

    LOL! So funny! And those pictures are hilarious.

    Too funny, I love it! Great outfit for her!

    What a great idea! I love your interview, and the photos are so funny! The outfit with the treats inside the skeleton is hilarious;

    I may need to go on a Halloween pajama quest for my cats. Our black cat wears most of his outfits without any fuss… as long as there isn’t a hat. The female is like Kitty Paw and usually walks out of it.

    LOL….we have always had cats until we adopted our second dog. I miss them. Kitty Paw looks great in the PJ’s!

    This is awesome! Love the pictures too…I need to get my cats some sweet Halloween outfits.

    this is so cute. Im actually going to be doing themes too with show yourself and Im doing fall so it fits with the outfit and such I love it :-)

    Too cute! Love the costume. :)

    Well worth the cost of the costume!

    ROlling on the FLOOR! great interview.. and the jammies are too cute!

    Heehee, so cute! Kitty Paw is my favourite cat on the internet. Except mine, of course.

    Fab interview and those pjs rock!

    YOU are a NUT!!! I mean that in a good way, of course. I can’t believe your cat tolerated that outfit for so long….. I am afraid that I would have just caught blurry messes if I tried to put an outfit on my cat :D
    BTW – totally worth it for those shots :D

    Ha ha! I LOVED the interview. It was so nice to get to know her some more.

    I’m just about convinced that you are crazy though. ;D

    Yes!! So nice to officially “meet” Kitty Paw!! She’s awesome and I love her halloween outfit. Oh and her full name is awesome!!
    I never really had a cat… we had an “outdoor cat” growing up but I never had a lot of interaction with her.
    After reading this interview, it’s making me want a cat!

    AWESOME!!! I like Kitty Paw.

    ha,ha,ha!!! how did you manage to dress Kitty paw, my cat rarely allows even to be touched :)

    I love this post. Kitty Paw is so gangsta.

    Hi, Ashley! I got your letter!!! =D I’m so happy I did! Thank you so much for the pictures! I love them! I was going to post a comment about your new header to tell you how much I love it and now I got the printed pic, yay! >*.*< The interview with Kitty Paw has super funny, hehe. Dimitri would NEVER let me put clothes on him. I’ll be writing back really soon =). Hug! Miki.

    Your cat really cracks me up! I smile every time I look at the header and then this post just brings it all together! Great costume for Kitty Paw – she wears it well! :)

    Haha that is hilarious! Cute kitty!

    too funny, ashley!

    i am seriously in love with kitty paw right now.

    You are so funny Ashley!! And Kitty Paw is so cute. Love the halloween outfit.

    That was fun to read! I’ve been looking forward to this interview Ashley. Your shots were great along with those big eyes looking back at me from the screen. What a stunner she is in that outfit.

    so so cute. I love that costume. As usual great images and great angles. She’s a beautiful cat.

    coming back to say Love this to funny.

    oh my gosh-i love him!

    So cute! That costume is adorable!

    Love this!!! Very entertaining and the photos are great!

    Aaaaahahahaha… I love it!

    I especially love the photo where kitty’s belly is hanging loud and proud. Such cute photos!!

    I may or may not have a few hats that my cats want to wear…best 2 bucks I have ever spent!

    So I guess you could say that picture is the cat’s pajamas!! Bwahahahaha! (Okay that’s probably been said 70 of the 76 previous comments but I am too lazy to go look). Such a sweet cat. Makes me wonder how much Ruby (dog) would tolerate…

    This is hilarious! Love it!!!

    We have two cats that live with my parents currently. And you bet your backside I dressed one of them up in her first Halloween costume! Then she developed an allergy to everything and she scratches at her back until the skin is broken. So now she has to wear a t-shirt! I think it’s all psychological…she just wants to wear the shirt!

    Hahaha! Hilarious! It makes me want to interview my puppy… but I’m not as clever as you! :) haha

    Great photos! I love your blog!


    What a great post!! I love the jammies, poor Kitty Paw!

    That is so adorable! Love this post!

    Ok, seriously, you are making me want a cat! I think I may have to boycott your blog ;-)

    I love everything about this post!!

    What a funny post! Kitty Paw is clearly interview material.

    lol! …if only I had that much time on my hands! ;)

    What an incredible and enjoyable post Ashley! I needed a smile today. ♥

    Aww!!! I’m loving the interview with Kitty Paw!! I think she needs her own “day in the life” post or better yet, her own twitter account ;o) Loving the kitty PJ’s!

    Oh my gosh, that second photo made me laugh out loud! What a patient cat! :-)

    Do you have a million scratches from wrangling her into that costume? I can’t imagine a cat not squirming putting that on. Too funny!

    Love the interview with Kitty Paw! I can’t wait to get to Target and see what they have. Too funny!

    Love love the interview idea. I just might be borrowing it soon. :0

    Your Kitty sounds so much like our Lucky it’s scary. Lucky even liked the feather thing better once it was off the stick. He also totes things around the house. Our daughter shuts her bedroom door or he’s in the Barbie house and soon items are all around the house.

    I’ve never been into house cats, but I tell you this one we all love (ok except my husband). But he even sees the joy the cat brings to the three of us and can tolerate him.

    Great post!

    I am so impressed that you were able to get that ON your cat at all! What a darling and creative post :)

    Love the interview and the photos are great! I could never dress my cat or dog up, they won’t let me. Cute post.

    Hahaha Kitty Paw looks so nice all dressed up! So cute! I miss having a cat, they are the best!

    I loveLove this. Thanks for the smiles and laughs

    hilarious.. and so funny go kitty paw

    hilarious.. and so funny go kitty paw

    You are a brave woman for attempting to wrestle a cat into an outfit. I would have loved to seen pictures of you putting that on the cat. Your cat is very entertaining by the way :)

    You probably don’t have time to read this….but, if you really want to have a good harmless laugh sometime, put paper boots on Kitty Paw. Cut or tear a circle of newspaper a little smaller than a saucer, put Kitty Paw’s foot in the center and fit it around the leg and secure with a rubber band. It is more fun IF you can get all four boots on. You may have to get Jeremy or someone to help you with this. Put Kitty Paw down and watch him/her try to remove the boots. Last time I did this I laughed so hard!

    You are too funny! I loved this interview and Kitty Paw’s outfit!!!! My favorite part is where y’all make new names for her depending on what mood you think she’s in … perfect!

    hahaha. that just made my entire day! You are too cute Ashley!!

    Yay for cats they are the best!!

    Way to go Ashley on winning the contest!!!! Congratulations and what a cute idea with the interview. I also wanted to say thank you so much for your comment on my blog and especially for the great list of photo challenges you put together. I’m new to all of this and it really helped me to see what is out there!