October 01, 2010
Macro Friday
Before I share my Macro Friday photo, I wanted to share some good news…
Flowers in the Fairy Garden by Ashley Sisk
I made Pioneer Woman’s GROUP ONE!!!
I don’t usually submit my photos to Pioneer Woman because I’ve always been intimidated by the other entries. And, I figure what are the chances that my photos would ever be selected as a favorite. But she picked me! I don’t even care that she (her team) grabbed the title of the photo instead of my name. Anyways, if you want to see the others that were chosen in Group One, just click on the chicken above. 

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…
IMG_6847 RS
Yesterday afternoon, I had nothing prepared for SkyWatch Friday or Macro Friday. Heck, I was still writing a guest post for Jamie over at Pure Joy to post at some point during her maternity leave. Then I came home and realized that we just had a good rain and I should try to capture some water droplet shots. We then ran some errands and I spotted a rainbow on our way home. Anyways…I’m rambling.

I did not use my Macro lens for this shot (I did use my 28-75 mm lens – this is my walk-around lens). And, in post-processing, I added one of Shadowhouse Creations’ new bokeh textures to add a little more sparkle. This is a similar shot as one I took in June (click here), but I feel like the mood is a little different. I don’t know…I like it and I hope you do too. For more macro shots, go to:

Blogging from Bolivia

In other news, the October 2010 Photo Hunt has been posted. I will be including at least two items from the list during our Scavenger Hunt, but if you’re interested in participating, go on over and sign up. Until then, have a great day!

    Awesome! Congrats.

    I love both these pictures.

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

    STUNNING! Congrats!!! You deserve it!

    I love your macro for this week and congratulations!!!!! you really are one clever and talented bunny, fantastic!

    great job hun!

    Congrats on the award – that first picture is beautiful.

    Well deserved, Ashley!! Seriously that photo is gorgeous!!!

    Congrats, Ashley! I think that is every photographer’s dream to be a part of something so cool, but most importantly, to be recognized for your talent! I love that photo!

    Ashley…Congrats that is awesome and you should never be intimidated your pictures are gorgeous! Good job, Denise

    That is way awesome, Ashley! Congrats!! :)

    gosh, ashley both of these photos are unbelievably beautiful, I love the first one!

    Thank you so much for your comment today, I hope you have a great day too and I’m glad that blogging helped make you more content :)

    Wow, both are gorgeous Ashley!

    Yay Ashley!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Stunning photo, well deserved.


    Ashley, that’s great! It’s got to feel good to realize your work stands out in a crowd of work that you, yourself, admire. Good for you! It’s a lovely photo. Your water droplet photo is awesome!! Wonderful capture.

    Love this macro shot.. You are so talented… and Conrats on your win! Well deserved!

    Congrats Ashley! These photos are beautiful.

    Gorgeous…and congrats!!

    CONGRATULATIONS! I saw it over there. I didn’t enter group 1, but I did enter group 2.

    Congratulations, Ashley! Gorgeous shot!

    Yay for you being a PW pick! Awesome. I went to see her when she came to Charlotte and I loved her!

    Congratulations, it is a beautiful shot taken by a beautiful lady!

    Yay!! So excited that you got picked. It’s a beautiful picture.

    I love your water droplets, too. I like the extra sparkle. :)

    Ashley I’m delighted for you – that was a sensational shot and I admired it a few weeks ago.

    Oh those bokehs Jerry published yesterday were lovely – I still have to download them – the multi coloured one was my favourite.

    Your shot of the water droplets is great especially with that bokeh added. I like the way there are also little bits of flower petals on the leaves aswell.

    Have a lovely weekend :)Rosie

    Freakin’ Awesome! Congratulations!!

    That is so exciting about PW! Congratulations, you should feel very proud of your shot!

    Congrtas on making the P-Dub list!! Woo hoo!!
    Please Ashley tell me how to download those bokeh textures from the link you had, I only see them as jpg files????

    Ashley! I am so excited for you, dear! Congrats – you deserve it! I am literally in love with that shot of yours.

    And I’m loving your macro photo, too!


    YEA!! Congratulations to you! One of my photos was picked for Group 2 a few weeks ago and I was floored! I love the other photo too.

    I remember that photo, I love it!

    wow congrats :)

    beautiful pics as usual!! i always enjoy looking at your photos

    hope you have a lovely weekend

    Way to go. I love both of these.

    Way to go. I love both of these.

    Pioneer Woman? That’s huge! Congrats :)
    Lovely photo of the rain drops.

    That is awesome!! I’m not surprised though, you take amazing photographs :) Congratulations!

    Congratulations Ashley!!
    Wonderful photos.

    Pioneer woman rocks and so do you so I’m glad you got recognized. You are very talented Ashley! Soak it up cuz you deserve every bit of it!! Congrats:) Beautiful pic by the way!

    Congrats! That is so exciting! And it is such a beautiful picture!!

    Congrats Ashley, you deserve that…I so happy for you….

    That’s awesome Ashley!! Congratulations!

    Congrats Ashley! That is soooo exciting, I love her photo contests. Very cool to actually know someone with a photo chosen. And what a picture, the color is stunning. I’ll be sure to leave a comment there letting her know it’s my favorite. :)

    I am totally giving you the “Get Out!” Seinfeld shove right now!!! That is so incredibly awesome! Congrats!!!!

    Wow Ashley Congratulations! That is an honor you totally deserve. Your gorgeous photo did catch my eye when I looked at group 1 although I didn’t realize it was yours. You’ve worked so hard and put so much time into getting where you are. I’m so happy for you!

    But you know I just have to ask… was that sun flare sooc or added in post?

    Always impressed with your work!

    Well done with the PW selection ~ I enter sometimes too :D G-L!! The image IS gorgeous :)

    That is so, so, so, so cool! And that photo is totally deserving!


    way to go Ashley. You photos are always inspiring.

    First…congrats on being picked! That’s so awesome!

    Second…that’s a pretty cool picture of the water droplets! Very nice!

    I love love love these! great job!!!

    Yay Ashley!! I’m so happy for you! And the macro shot you took was just gorgeous. I love the greens of the leaf – it’s so bright and saturated!

    Wow. Fist off congratulations! Your photography is fantastic and I mean every picture you have ever posted is beyond beautiful. That being said your macro is gorgeous! I shoot with a Nikon and an 18-55mm and I don’t have a macro lens. I’m just figuring this stuff out and you definitely inspire me. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

    First of all congrats!!! I’m so happy for you! And I love your macro shot – that green is amazing!

    Congratulations on being selected for PW group 1! I cannot imagine you being intimidated by other entries. Your pictures are right up there with the best of them.

    So excited for you! She gets THOUSANDS of applications, it is such an honor to be selected. Well deserved!

    SWEET! I’d be happy if anyone from PW even knew I existed :)

    LOVE that photo. You have such a way with up close shots!! Beautiful.

    Wow congrats! You do take amazing pictures.

    Congrats Ashley! I love that photo! Good Luck!

    Great macro too!

    Congrats Ashley…fantastic job……Great Macro!!

    Amazing photos — these are incredible. You are so talented. :) (IN AWE)


    congratulations! you deserve it!

    they are all absolutely stunning! great job darling :)


    Congratulations!!! Your pictures are beautiful! I am so glad that she chose you :-)

    Yay!!! Congratulations!!!

    Ashley, that is stunning photography! I love the pink and the bokeh is beautiful. :-)

    Brilliant macro girl, stunning focus on the droplets! We have had rain all week, we neeeded it but glad to finally see sunshine today!!!

    I am not suprised, your photos are amazing :)

    Congrats on getting selected. It is not surprising, that is a gorgeous photo!

    Great big CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! You’re photography is beautiful & I love that photo! WoW!

    Well done on being chosen!! I’m glad someone else knows the excitement of being picked by the Pioneer Woman, none of my friends knew who she was, lol. I just love that picture so I’m not surprised it was picked!

    that is AWESOME!! Way to be a stand out Ms. “Flowers in the Fairy Garden”! haha.

    Congrats! That is awesome!

    Stunning shots..Congrats on your win..You so very deserve it !!

    Best Regards

    Congratulations! That’s completely awesome, and that shot is a winner!

    you always have something new for us, Ashley.

    Congrats! I didn’t realize that was your photo!! I was really admiring it when I looked at group one–it’s gorgeous!

    Love that macro!!! The pink “mist” is gorgeous :O)

    Congratulations!! I love both photos too, they are beautiful!

    hi hi ashley! i stumbled upon your sweet little blog and couldn’t help but hit the follow button! i look forward to following your adventures in the months to come! xo

    Beautiful photos. I don’t know why you’re amazed at being selected a winner…your photos are magnificent. I hope to learn how to shoot and process even 1/2 as well as you.
    No more getting down on you-you should be proud!
    Raindrops. Gotta love ‘em. I also love your previous posts with the 3 girls photo shoot and the rainbow…what an incredible capture.
    Happy day and congrats.

    Ashley – CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your photo is amazing and so deserves to be recognized.

    I love Pioneer Women’s photo challenges, the talent is tremendous, so to be picked is such an amazing honor!

    Congratulations! I love both photos – the water droplets are great.

    I agree. The quality of the entries intimidates me, too. Plus I can never seem to get to posting before the deadline. Congrats and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Ashley, Congrats on The Pioneer Woman! I’ve checked out her site but have never entered for the same reason. Your entry was beautiful! Love your macro as well!

    wow! congrats. that’s amazing.

    Absolutely gorgeous processing in that first image.

    Congrats to you lady!! I don’t even know what it is but I know you deserve it. Your pictures are amazing!!


    Congratulations Ashley!!! You should feel very proud of yourself for making it in one of PW’s groups. It is well deserved!

    As I was scrolling down to comment on this post, I just realized how huge your following is on your blog. It’s amazing how quickly you have gathered an enormous group of people who enjoy reading and seeing your work of art. So happy to see how well you are doing with your photography.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    How do you manage Ashley? Great photos, great writing, and after reading your blog and inspiration page, I have decided to add you to my list of ‘must watch’ blogs. Your inspiration page was the ticket. Jeff

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!!!! You’re amazing! Have a great weekend :)

    You’re so good using textures…very inspiring.

    gorgeous…just gorgeous! And, congrats on the Pioneer Woman thing; well done! ;D

    Congratulations! Your photos are always so beautiful!

    Congratulations!!! A well deserved entry! =D

    I saw this on Pioneer Woman and I was so excited- I was like, I know her! I know her! Well, “know” in the internet sense. Congratulations, that’s so awesome!

    Wow, congrats on the Pioneer Woman success! That’s awesome!

    congrats on being chosen by pioneer woman! how exciting!! that is a GORGEOUS photo!

    love your macro shot too – such a vibrant green and perfect clarity :)