October 08, 2010
Macro Friday
If you asked me yesterday what I was going to post today, I probably told you that I have nothing. Nothing. In fact, I was almost prepared to not post anything today – but seriously people, that might be painful…and we’ve already established that I have an addiction problem (photo challenge addiction, it’s a real thing…look it up).  

Anyways, I got my hair did yesterday afternoon. Macro hair photography isn’t really my forte, so I thought I’d photograph something a little more symbolic…and abstract. I also played around with my processing, because I like to mix things up around here. What do you think?
Brush 1 RS
Only after my mini-photo session did I notice that Natalie’s Shoot-N-Tell challenge this week is “circular.” Maybe this is a stretch, but the tips of my hair brush are CIRCULAR.
Brush 2 RS
And just because I can…here’s one more perspective.
Brush 3 RS

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Hope everyone has a great day! I’m off to finish writing a report…seriously, I’ve got to finish!

    Too cool!

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

    That is super cool! I never would have guessed it was a hair brush ;)

    What a clever idea and awesome macros! Of course my shot would be covered with hair. Love the processing of your photos Ashley.

    Cool just doesn’t do these shots justice, but SUPER COOL!!

    wow, i love this! so creative of you to take these shots!

    “Hair did”….I say that all the time! Makes me laugh every time I hear it. The photo is really cool. Have a great weekend! Off to find something pink to photograph~

    Gorgeous! I love that they are shiny silver. I love that you can take ordinary household items and turn them into artwork.

    Well done Ashley – I love the processing. The last one is my favorite. You are so very talented!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    The simplest things make for the coolest macros! They’re amazing photos!

    Um, how do you not have gobs of hair in your brush – wait, is that just me?
    Ha, kidding aside, this is very cool, love the effects you did with it. I’m constantly inspired!

    I love that you called it getting your hair did. I don’t know if you did that on purpose, but Gene and I say that all the time. I’m not sure where it came from, maybe a rap song… dunno… be we use it all the time!

    Have a great weekend.

    great shots love! very cool,abstract,and modern looking!

    I like them! I can imagine something like this hung up in a hair salon for artwork. I like your interpretation of circular.

    I love what you have done here, great shots

    I like the last one best. Something about how they curve around in line. Love the contrasty edit, very artsy!

    Now, this is very cool. I had to think about what it was at first. Maybe that’s the early morning and only half a cup of coffee talking. But the processing is what makes it so interesting. Love it!

    These are great! Love the last one. The post processing is great. I didn’t even realize it was a hairbrush til I read the other comments.

    I have that addiction too.

    I love it! It makes me want to do my hair because those little balls would feel so good on my scalp! heheh

    ps- I’m so in love with your header picture! It cracks me up everytime I log on– that look from your kitty! I can’t stand it!!! Haha– it’s PERFECT!

    So clever, I really like it. xxx

    So creative… you made a hairbrush – a hairbrush, for goodness’ sake! –so romantic and dreamy!

    You had me at “Hair did”. Nice macros!

    I love the third one!! So neat!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Happy Friday! :D


    Great macros Ashley! Who would have thought a close up of a hair brush could look so good.

    I think the tips could definitely be categorized as circular. :-)

    Have a great Friday!


    Love love the last one!!

    Very cool! Feels kind of futuristic!

    So neat, Ashley! I didn’t even realize what it was at first:) I love the processing!

    This is soo cool..I don’t know how you do it !!

    A hairbrush – you really are outrageous. This is such a cool shot. I love how the tips look silver (silver lover here).

    I was wondering if there was an official diagnosis for photo challenge additions. Thank you for clariying.

    Hope you finished your report!

    I think it’s flippin cool!

    Have a great weekend!

    wow, these are cool shots. i always love looking through your pictures!

    OK, these are so cool! Love these! Love the processing too : )

    Great shots. I would never have thought of photographing something so every day and I would never be able to make it look so artistic.

    love the effects.

    I like the angle on the last photo best. I could never take a macro of my hairbrush…it’s too hairy! LOL.

    the last photo has to be my favourite!

    cool composition Ashley – if you had cropped alittle more of the top of the hairbrush and not said anything about going to the hairdressers I’m not sure if I would have instantly realised that it was a brush. Very very artistic in the editing. :)

    now I’m away to check on Thursdays post

    Definitely fits the theme! Love it, and the processing! And yes you made it WAY before the deadline. But I too have skipped out on a lot of challenges this week ..boo hoo..but I’ve been dealing with some personal things and have been busy! We are getting a house hopefully SOON! (Excitement!) So I hope to get to enter your Scavenger Hunt Sunday again soon! Thanks again for that perspective and entry!

    You never cease to amaze me with your talent!!!

    Now this looks just too stunning! You amaze me with every photo anew!

    Love the reflections you caught! Wow.

    Amazing. Now you definitely must have cleaned that brush first because I’m pretty sure if I went upstairs to take a picture like that….. mine would be loaded with “my” hair. lol

    I like it! Have a great weekend!!

    You amaze me! Those are so stinkin’ cool…and it’s a hair brush!!! I swear, you make the most regular things look so artistic and cool!! I wish I had your creativity!

    Okay, let me just say that other than that being a fabulous shot with the processing and composition but I’m majorly impressed at how clean your hairbrush is! I think I need to go clean mine out immediately! ;-)

    Very nice! I am going to agree with a pp and say I am totally amazed at how clean that bursh is :)

    I think it’s great what you’ve done here – taken an ordinary object, and make it look like art. Great job!!

    great shot. Reminds me a lot of a macro I shot of my daughter’s pink hairbrush. What was funny was that I didn’t notice that there was a hair stuck in the bristles until I photographed it. I left it there, it gave it “character.”

    I love it… I wouldn’t dare macro my brush… it is all levels of disgusting thanks to this curly mop of hair that I have! :)

    Love the images-they look infrared! Very cool…

    Very cool shot Ashely. I love how you processed it. And how do you keep such a clean hair brush?

    Great shots!

    Very creative, lady! Love the macros, and I totally think it qualifies as circular!

    Love the processing on these, they totally pass for circular!

    Love it!! amazing how anything can be so beautiful! do you enter the pioneer woman contests?? =) I need a fabulous camera!! well… just a not so broken camera would be nice too… I need to replace my baby that I broke this summer!! *ugh*

    That’s so awesome!!! Great job! I’m a big fail today….I’m hoping I’ll be back on track next week!

    If you would have posted those photos with out any text, I would have been wondering what in the world it was a picture of. I love how you took such a great picture of a hair brush. That takes some amazing talent. :-)


    What a great shot.. Looks so clean..

    very cool shots Ashley! love the processing. enjoy your weekend!

    Love these shots! So cool and unique!

    Who would have thought a hair brush could look so good!! I’m emarrassed about the state of my brush now, lol. Love the processing, is it PW’s Heartland?

    So cool, I love the processing you did to it very cool!

    Love the brush shots and the edits.. awesome!

    I’m left wondering was that a new brush? If not how in the world did you get every last hair out?

    Very very modern cool photos with such an everyday device most of use.

    wow!! amazing detail & clarity!! I love the almost black & white, faded color.