Self Portrait
This month, I had several prompts to take a new self portrait: Jess’ monthly “Facing Myself” photo challenge at The Old Nichols Farm, this week’s Paper Heart Camera’s “Show and Tell” challenge, and of course the October 2010 Photo Hunt (one of the items is a self-portrait). 

So…armed with my tripod, 50mm lens , wide angle converter and a little creativity, I decided that yesterday would be the day I’d take a decent self-portrait. Oddly enough, my first idea was not to take a pretty picture, but to put curlers in my hair. Yes…you know you’re a blogger when you’re driving home from work dreaming up ways to make a simple photo that much more ridiculous. 

I may actually share those other photos – I’m thinking a collage, because they are pretty funny. I didn’t bother to bring out my remote (who knows why), but kept using the self timer on a 2 sec delay. I would shoot, then get up to look….shoot, then get up to look. It was quite the process, BUT…look at what I was able to capture!
Self Portrait RS
Yeah, yeah…of course I did some editing (thank you Coffeeshop Photography for Perfect Portrait), but I’m pretty happy with my focus and my ability to capture catch lights in my eyes courtesy of a little side lighting (hint: Scavenger Hunt). For more self portraits, go to:
Photography love...Facing Myself
While I’m here, I’d like to thank Meg at O. is Me, L.A. at West Coast Leslie and Jill at Envirocraftiness for tagging me. To be honest, I’m not very good at keeping this sorta thing alive, but I will answer questions from time to time…so in an effort to participate in all three taggings (is that a word?), I’ve picked and chosen a couple of questions from each set. 
  1. What type of theme party would you want someone to throw you for your birthday?   I don’t really care for birthday parties anymore (I like to keep things pretty low-key), but I used to love throwing a party I called “I’m Dreaming of a Hot Pink Christmas Pajama Party!” The idea was that everyone came in their pajamas…I decorated my entire house in pink Christmas flare, and we played a game of Dirty Santa. Apparently I was the only one that really enjoyed the pajama detail of the event…but I am hoping to bring it back in the very near future minus the hot pink and pajama part of it.
  2. How many (if any) siblings do you have, and what is your favorite childhood memory with them? I have a brother and a sister, both younger than me. The first thing that comes to mind is all the times that we would jump on our four-wheelers and ride around the neighborhood. Every so often, someone would remind us that we shouldn’t be driving on the roads, but we didn’t care.
  3. What is your go-to feel better remedy and why does it work? I regularly indulge in a good nap or York Peppermint Patty, but I recall one day in the past year that I got really stressed at work. I left the office, went straight home and made brownies. For whatever reason, that made everything better. I tell ya what, sometimes we all need a little pitty party.
  4. What is your guilty pleasure television show? Vampire Diaries! I personally believe the casting is better than Twilight…and Damon – wow. 
  5. If you could live in a past era which would it be? I’m not sure – I always appreciate various fashion statements of various eras (the 30s immediately comes to mind), but I’m not sure that I would appreciate the treatment of women.
  6. If you could have any talent or ability, what do you wish it could be (not to be confused with superpowers) and why? I’d love to be naturally gifted at portrait photography. I have to really work at it versus still-life photography, which I believe comes naturally to me.
  7. Who was your celebrity pre-teen/teenage crush? You know you had one!  I remember having the hots for Devan Sawa, but looking at him now…not that interested. When I got to college, I was obsessed with Ty Pennington.
  8. How long have you gone without a shower/bath? And what was your reason? I used to attend Camp Don Lee every summer, for as many as four weeks at a time (as a camper…I also worked there one summer). As I got older, we would take camping trips for various lengths…the longest being close to a week. We weren’t really able to shower much during that week so I got pretty stinky. Don’t judge!
Self Portrait bw-rs
Had enough of me yet? Well…here’s a black and white version of my self portrait. For more black and white photos, go to: 
the long road

Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire

I’m traveling today so be patient with me as I return emails and visit blogs. Also, come back tomorrow for “Interview with a Kitty Paw!” 
Have a great day!

    Awesome beautiful shot of you. LOVE IT!

    You’re gorgeous! I love the pink lipstick. Yay! You got around to answering some of the questions. Great answers :)

    You are stunning, Ashley! Such a great shot…I couldn’t have gotten anything that good of someone else, much less of myself!

    You’re beautiful women!!!


    Gorgeous lady! And OH I LOVE Damon too as well as the Vampire Dairies!

    Very pretty!! Looks like it was fun and YES we need to see the collage of ‘outtakes’. I haven’t had a chance to do ANYTHING yet this week as I am starting a new corporate job and have become a slave to training! Will be back next week I hope!

    Beautiful selfie! I love taking self portraits…it’s a wonderful way to see yourself in a new light!

    Great self portraits and I can’t wait to see the “curler” photos ;o) Loving your answers! It’s funny how some of our teen crushes just fizzeled as they got a bit older! As a pre-teen, I was obsessed with Jonathan Taylor Thomas! In college, it was all about Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. Now, I’m liking Leonardo DiCaprio, Alexander Skaarsgard :) My taste in crushes are all over the place!!

    Love this picture of you!


    What a stunning portrait–you’re gorgeous! Thanks for linking up, have a lovely Wednesday! :)

    wow you are stunning, what a fantastic shot and yet another glimpse of your life!!!

    Ashley, you are so pretty. You look like you are 15 : ) Really amazing.

    Great shot. It’s so different from the one you had as your header a little while ago. Love the different sides of you. Also congrats on getting the focus right, I’m still in “soft focus” mode with my self-portraits.

    So pretty!

    Great portrait!!! Love the pink lipstick…gorgeous!

    Great pictures of you – so very pretty! I like the color and B&W equally.

    Great self portrait. Not easy to get the focus squarely on your eyes – when you’re not looking the the lens.

    Lovely self-portrait!! I need to do that, too. Sigh.

    Hot-pink pj party, eh? ;) That could be fun.

    Gorgeous shot! I love it in b&w too. I look forward to seeing your curler shots. It’s always so much fun to see what other photographers come up with for photo shoots.

    Safe travels…

    You look gorgeous! I love the idea of a grown-up PJ party :)

    Ah ha ha Devon Sawa! I had posters of him in my room when I was growing up! And I still like Ty Pennington… what can I say!
    Gorgeous photo, Ashley!!

    the black and white version just got me.

    i am loving your selfie, brilliant & beautiful! can’t wait to see the rollers & yes you know you are a blogger when you spend some of your free time thinking up post topics, love it! hope you are having a fabulous wednesday girl!

    Great job, I am horrible at taking my own picture! Love the b&w!

    What a great shot! You look great. I’m too scared of a shot like this. And yes please post your roller shot.

    Awesome self portrait! You look great, and I loved your answers. Damon is a Wow, I agree! LOL

    you always take the best pics and you are sooo pretty!BTW if you have time feel free to stop by my blog I am having some awesome giveaways going on!

    You are so pretty.

    I always like to stop by.

    Take care. xxx

    PS: Thank you for your lovely comments each time you visit.

    OK, you lil’ super cutie! I love these shots – you’re gorgeous! And you’re just trying to make me jealous after our brown/green eyes conversation, right? I am so behind with everything…it’s just nuts. Sorry i haven’t had a chance to comment on your last couple posts – but I read and LOVED every one! ;-) I’ll spare you the details, but things are a little crazy lately. UGH! Safe travels, my friend! :-)

    didnt realize you were so pretty! Love that picture!

    What an awesome shot! Wow. It just blows me away with how good your pictures are.

    Beautiful shots of a gorgeous girl! The self-portraits are really nice – I think my favorite is the color one.

    An awesome picture, your are beautiful lady!!

    Beautiful! Great picture.

    What a great self portrait! I love the angle and the lighting!

    In this photo you look just like my good friend’s daughter! Seriously. And, she’s only 8!!

    Love it.

    Gosh Ashley! You’re beautiful!!! You need more self portraits and I think your hubby will enjoy it!

    Fantastic shot – love the pink lipstick. And I couldn’t help but notice how the ring on your right hand is turning off center – mine always do that! You look pretty in black and white too :)

    YAY! There is that pretty face that is always BEHIND the camera :) Great job!!


    Gorgeous! Love both the color and black and white.

    You are just too cute! :) And so incredibly young looking!! You’re only a year younger than me…am I the only one my age with wrinkles?! Can I blame my kids? ;)

    such a great self portrait. well done!!

    I may be ‘older’ but I don’t care… The Vampire Diaries is a really cool show & Damon, are you kidding me? Yowsa!!!
    It was very interesting reading & getting to know you a bit more – 4 wheelers were a part of my growing up, too, & still love to go to my parent’s farm & ride them even now!

    That is a beautiful self portrait! Well done! I’m really impressed with those catchlights in your eyes.

    Erika B

    Simply beautiful! <3<3<3

    This is just beautiful Ashley!

    Such a cute self portrait! Loving it. I think we need to see the curlers.

    I throw myself a pity party every day.

    I love this! So gorgeous!

    That is a beautiful self portrait! I also take self portraits with the timer and yes, it is definitely a process! Can’t wait to see the curlers!

    SO pretty! I’m impressed with your ability to take a self-portrait!

    What a neat shot. My self-portrait for the October scavenger hunt is a pic of me taking a pic through an old trucks side mirror. lol That’s all I could come up with.

    What a lovely lady you are!!

    Ashley you are stunning. Your portrait is really really good too and I like the subtle way you have used that action. My first attempts of using that action made me look so plastic – now I’ve discovered just how subtle you need to be in working with this great action. I loved the twinkle in your eyes. :) Rosie

    I started a new blog so that I could break free from nature and wildlife pictures and start to shoot outside of my comfort zone!

    Funny I played around with my timer a time ago I should tri it again. nice to see ya.

    Beautiful self portrait! I seem to always do the self timer rather than the clicker too. Not sure why. Looks like you’ve been busy over here.

    What a lovely photo! You look beautiful!

    Wholly mackeral!!! Not only are you stunning, but you captured a BEAUTIFUL top notch studio quality shot of yourself…. I am WAY soooo IMPRESSED!!!

    You are stunningly beautiful and this is a great picture and you really suit that lippy.

    just wanted to let you know i fixed the website link hun!

    Great shot! You look a little bit like Katherine Heigl :) And I think your hot pink xmas pj party sounds FUN!

    Love your self portrait! You look beautiful! I love the angle and creativity you put into the shot, it’s just wonderful!

    hey girl I found the actions on this site somewhere it was a free download but not sure it she only kept it up so long but there are other good ones on their too!

    just discovered your blog. really enjoying it! =)

    Your beautiful!!!!

    Great self portrait!
    I couldn’t help but laugh at you talking about knowing your a blogger when you dream up ideas for photo challenges because I’m so there!
    Walking down the street, in a middle of the grocery store… and
    Being fifteen and just having a learners permit my mom in the seat next to me always get’s mad at me for slowing down drastically just to say ‘I need a picture of a sunset this week… can we turn around to get my camera and come back’ no. that does not add to my good points on driving. ha so much for focusing on the road.
    Sorry about the long comment I just was laughing at myself about not being the only one who acts this way about photo challenges.
    okay I’ll stop now,

    really great!

    LOOK AT YOU, cutie patootie! I love it! I think the black & white capture might be my favorite. I’ve fallen off the self-portrait wagon. Maybe I’ll get brave again soon.

    Love you! You’re such an inspiration :)

    Good job for a self portrait.

    Your photo is gorgeous!

    Team Damon all the way.

    What a great shot! I know how hard it is to take a self portrait because I tried once and gave up on it. We have a Vampire Diary get together every Thursday night at my house.

    vampire diaries is my fave tooo! i love stephan though…he would have made one handsome edward cullen!! i am exicted to see these curler photos!

    Such a beautiful SP. Keep up the great work.

    what a hottie! :) Seriously great self portrait. I’ve haven’t taken one of myself in years…maybe I should work on that challenge too. That could be your new header:-)

    Great capture! You look fantastic =)

    Wow. Great self-portrait. I use my remote but end up getting up to look every few shots or so. I find it hard getting the focus right. I think I need a mannequin stand-in so I don’t have to get up so much : )

    You are so darn cute :D I can’t believe you captured that one of yourself. I can NEVER get a good shot of myself – ekk!

    Wow… I’m so impressed and inspired. You look beautiful. :)

    Lovely! I miss seeing you in your header. I also love the black and white version which is unusual for me. So no shower for the whole 4 weeks? Wow! We found some showers in a bag we took camping with us last time. :) I wanna see the curlers!


    Oh dear. Beautiful, talented, funny and smart. Dammit Ashley, give the rest of us a fighting chance, will you? (You rock!)

    Your shot turned out GREAT! I’m really dreading this item…actually, I think a few are going to be super tough!

    I love love love your selfie! :)

    You are lovely!!! Great photos.

    gorgeous self portrait!!

    Great photo, beautiful selfportret. You managed to catch every bit of you.



    Beautiful shot of beautiful you! I am thinking of doing my self portrait for the Photo Hunt tomorrow, but I have been quite nervous about the prospect.

    You’re so pretty! I wish I could take self-portraits like this!

    very very nice!!

    You are lovely, and so are your images!


    beautiful Shots ashley

    Wow. You really have the self portrait thing nailed down! These are beautiful!

    Ashley you are TOO cute. “Too something or other” is the expression my oldest boy has to say that something is the best it can be. He’s too cute too.

    In the middle of my hair cutting selfies, I ditched my remote and started smacking the shutter button too. I needed two hands! Hee hee!


    You’re gorgeous! Great shot.

    Hi Ashley – good to see you. I don’t have the courage to do a SP!

    Ashley, you are too cute! I love this self portrait!

    You are very beautiful, and so is your photo! I love the angle, and you look very pleased with yourself. Love it!

    Well, aren’t you beautiful!! Great shot!!

    This is such a fabulous portrait! You look beautiful and the catch lights are the icing on the cake.

    I try to take a monthly family photo so I know how frustrating the self timer can be. You did great! :)

    ha! i am so with you on the occasional pity party. sometimes you just have to spend a moment feeling sorry for yourself, & it makes everything better! mmmm, brownies :)

    gorgeous shot… you’re a babe!!

    beautiful! i love the angle and that the focus of the shot goes right to your eyes. great job!

    I love your self portrait in black & white and love your sharing with the question/answer series…. :) Goes perfectly with the “don’t judge” comment. :)

    aw, just found this post through the facing yourself link up! you are so adorable, love your pose! :)