October 15, 2010
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Silhouettes in the Sky
The other day, I came home to beautiful October blue skies.
IMG_7254 RS
I thought I might capture a single leaf or a small group of leaves against the pretty blue sky…
IMG_7257 RS
My camera had other plans. I love these silhouettes.
IMG_7256 RS
For more macros (and I realize this is a stretch) and beautiful skies, go to:
Blogging from Bolivia

Skywatch Friday

While I’m here, I also want to thank everyone that has stopped by to visit and comment over the past couple of days. I have really enjoyed reading your sweet and funny comments – they make my day! My schedule has been rather chaotic and while I am still trying to return emails and make my rounds, please accept my apology if I somehow missed you – I promise it wasn’t for lack of trying. Over the weekend, I will probably not return emails or blog hop as we will be celebrating our first anniversary (I’ll have a special anniversary post tomorrow). But, I will still be posting Scavenger Hunt Sunday at it’s regularly scheduled time. You still have a couple of days to find: Side Lighting, a Jack O’Lantern, Faces Formed in Nature (sorry about this one guys…I don’t even know what I’ll post), Sunset and Warm. Feel free to get creative!

Have an awesome day!

    I saw those skies to and they were amazing! Soooo blue! Great job:0


    I love silhouettes especially when you have some awesome color like that in the background

    You have such a great eye! Love the simplicity of these.

    I love them :) That’s what is so great about a camera. You see something you want to photography, yet the camera actually adds another lens and dimension to your vision, thoughts and direction. I love that special relationship of point and click!!

    The sky is a lovely blue, how can you not adore a lovely blue sky.

    Gosh that sky is gorgeous! We’ve had gray skies for the week. ♥

    I love the silhouettes!

    Love the silhouettes. Happy Anniversary!

    these are nice even if mr camera had other plans. ther blue sky is awesome. Have a great weekend.

    We had skies like that a few days ago. Love the leaves against it.

    I love to capture silhouettes– you did a beautiful job!

    Fantastic! It’s so cool how you were able to capture the crisp blue while still having the dark shadow of the leaves in the foreground. SIGH, I can’t to be able to actually have a decent camera…well maybe and a little more talent to use one :)

    Gorgeous! I got my farm pictures up and was amazed that I took a photo of a silo and the sky is this exact shade of blue SOOC. It’s so beautiful!

    Happy Anniversary!

    I love the simplicity of this shot. Enjoy your anniversary, year one is the ‘paper’ anniversary.

    Between your camera and you, these turned out be some very pretty sky shots.

    I Love fall blue skies too. :)

    Love the silhouettes! Simple and beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary!

    The blue sky is beautiful! Great silhouettes :)

    I did use your trick with the transform function (newborn shoot) for photoshop on my before and after post! I knew you could use transform to stretch canvases, but you brought it to a whole new level! I had to use the eraser to get some of the leaves off her arm/face, so my edges aren’t as clean as yours. Anyways…I’m rambling like usuual :) Thank you for all of your tricks and tips :) I WILL go back to my before and after post and link you to it, since I did learn that from you :)

    Happy anniversary too!!!!

    OMGosh Ashley! I missed that it is your first anniversary. I’m just not up to snuff this week. Happy, Happy Anniversary. Don’t be sad. My darling and I had almost forty wonderful years together (our anniversary would have been the following month). I’m a lucky woman to have been loved by such a wonderful man for that length of time. I pray your married life is as blessed and happy as ours was!! Enjoy and cherish every moment together. ♥

    That sky is a beautiful blue! Great shots!

    Very cool, what a clear sky.
    I gotta tell ya, I’m having a tough time working in the Scavenger Hunt this week! Hopefully I can scout out some things tomorrow – enjoy your weekend and Happy Anniversary!

    Beautiful blue sky, i lake it!!!

    Kisses and nice weekend.
    Zondra Art

    Beautiful blue sky, i lake it!!!

    Kisses and nice weekend.
    Zondra Art

    You’re not going to comment back to me on your anniversary???!!! Sheesh! JK! :-) Have an awesome weekend! ♥

    Very pretty! I like the second one. :)

    Happy almost anniversary! :D

    beautiful shot!!

    So Pretty with the contrast. I love to see the sky in all the form it persents to us. Love your shillouttes.

    I also think sometimes smiplicity is the very best and says the most.

    Beautiful blue skies! I think I have to sit out the scavenger hunt this week, I’m knee deep in 1st birthday planning and partying! Happy Anniversary to you!

    There is nothing like the color blue…in my opinion! Love your silhouettes with the infinite background. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Some of the nicest shots are those we don’t expect, and these are a perfect example of that!

    These are beautiful!!!

    I have been looking all week….for a face in nature that is

    Great Job Ashley…I love the backgroud and how it is perfectly clear…

    Sometimes it just works out so well when the camera has other ideas!

    Sometimes it just works out so well when the camera has other ideas!

    Sometimes it just works out so well when the camera has other ideas!

    Sometimes it just works out so well when the camera has other ideas!

    lovely silhouettes indeedy! hope you & the hubby have a romantic first wedding anniversary :) Congrats & really looking forward to your post!

    Gorgeous photos! Have a great Anniversary!! :) See you next week.

    Sometimes, the camera knows exactly what it’s doing! Loving the silhouettes!

    I never have control over the shot when I place it against the sky – I never know what its going to look like at all – normally mine get washed out colours rather than a nice dark colour like yours.

    Ashley congrats on your anniversary – if only I had a jack o lantern thingy and some side lighting I could have joined your hunt this weekend as I could provide the nature shot face with no problem at all.

    What pretty blues Ashley!! Isn’t fall feeling great??

    I’m seriously loving those silhouettes! I was going to ask how….but then I read your post! Happy Anniversary…hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    what a beautiful blue sky!
    I have to say you are one of the people that always comments on my blog post so I do approciate and I know how busy life can be
    enjoy your anniversary day !!!

    I hope you have a great anniversary!! Are you eating the top of the cake? Love the pics too.

    gorgoeus blue skies.

    Have a wonderful 1st anniversary celebration.

    Beautiful skies!
    I actually have a face formed in nature shot (I had to dig it way out of the archives though, lol) but I’m stuck on the jack o’lantern!
    Enjoy your anniversary weekend :)

    Have a wonderful anniversary!
    Love the blue skies, so simple,
    but really beautiful…

    Pretty sky photos. Have a great weekend!!

    Gorgeous skies, and I love the silhouettes. And happy 1st anniversary – may the most that you two want be the very least that you get!

    Have a wonderful first anniversary celebration!!!!

    that blue is amazing! Love the leaves!

    Love them–love the simplicity and the bold blue!

    that blue is amazing, great captures

    I LOVE the second one!! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! :D

    I love sky pictures! It never gets old. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

    Aww pretty. I want to try that now lol

    love it! i love those kinds of pictures :-)

    I suck at silhouettes…you don’t! These are beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Beautiful! The blue sky is amazing!

    Beautiful…..really really pretty :) Can’t wait for life to start slowing down, so I can spend more time enjoying everyone’s photography again…..buying a house is CRAZY! :)

    Beautiful work!

    lucky you!! here’s raining cats and dogs!!


    Love the color!

    Lovely! I love the simplicity and stark contrast!

    Wow! What a gorgeously blue sky!

    haha! I totally read this, thinking, I don’t remember seeing this in my reader… and what??? Ashley wouldn’t be letting her camera tell her what to do… and then your comment about being gone for your first anniversary made me realize I was on the wrong page! haha!