The Pumpkin Patch
I mentioned that on Saturday, my husband went to a football game. I’m not really into football (and he didn’t have a ticket for me), so I decided to go to The Pumpkin Patch instead to pick out our Fall Pumpkin! I had the entire Pumpkin Patch (yes, I like saying Pumpkin Patch) to myself. Apparently, all the cool kids were watching football.
The Pumpkin Patch RS
I never realized how many pumpkin variations were available. Nonetheless, I took advantage of an empty lot and took a few photos (and wish I had taken more). This was one of my favorite shots from the day – a pile of mostly white pumpkins…the processing makes me happy. Considering that this week’s Shutter Love Tuesday theme is pumpkins, this seems like a perfect time to share it.


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Have a great day!

    My daughter goes today with school. I wish I could go a too but I can’t bring the baby :( Great shot Ashley!

    We have yet to head to a pumpkin patch, but we should soon! Gorgeous photo – love the bokeh.

    It seems no matter how old I get, I still love to visit the pumpkin patch. Your photo is great! I need to buy a pumpkin, Indian corn, and a pot of mums to decorate the porch!

    Wow, I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch! Lovely photo.

    Good thing you stopped by there. Those pumpkins were begging to be photographed! Gorgeous.

    Oooh this really makes me wanna go to a pumpkin patch!! I haven’t been in years! Such a pretty photo, it glistens!

    I’ve searched here for a white pumpkin and haven’t found any yet! And here you are with an entire mountain of them. LOL Great shot Ashley and love the bokeh.

    Fantastic, I love the editing too. Did you see any “blue” pumpkins? I saw some for the first time, they were actually kinda grey – but very interesting!

    Beautiful photo. I read a lot about Pumpkin Patches at this time of year and would love to experience it!

    Love the pic and the editing. Looks great! We got out first white pumpkin this year while I was out and about.. put it on my table in an arrangement and I love it :) Cant wait to see more pumpkin patch pics!

    Beautiful pumpkins. Love the pp. Glad you enjoyed the pumpkin patch. Is it bad that I want to leave the kids at home while I go take pics at the pumpkin patch by myself? :)

    I love the white pumpkins! This year, I’m getting one for me to carve into a ghost’s face, and spray painting Jeremy’s pumpkin black to be a bat/vampire. I get WAY too into the carving part…

    oh! i love this one!! fall and pumpkins make me excited for halloween and thanksgiving! great photo! i want to see me more pumpkins pics though!

    Sweet shot! :) I love it, they’re beautifully captured.

    K xx

    awww this is such a pretty shot!

    Gorgeous shot!!!

    Gosh, that shot is like a ray of sunshine! Beautiful! xx

    Very sweet shot! Awesome, girl! Can’t wait to get my kids to the pumpkin patch.


    I don’t think I’ve ever seen white pumpkins before…

    White pumpkins are really cool. Lovely shot.

    Beautiful photo! I love pumpkins, especially in the form of pie. :)

    This shot is wonderful, and it is true, the variations are amazing. For whatever reason, we are seeing a lot of white pumpkins around here this year. Can’t quite get used to that.

    What a beautiful shot. Loving the colours in it.

    Oh my goodness sakes alive! GORGEOUS picture Ashley. Love. Love. LOVE! 2 thumbs way up!

    I have a feeling the pumpkin patch it out again this year (sigh). No pumpkin pictures here, I’ll have to figure something out.

    What a great find! Beautiful shot and I love the processing!

    I love the processing! I have no pumpkin shot to share this week so I will live vicariously through all the other pumpkin entries =)

    B-E-A-UTIFUL!! As always ;)

    Makes me want to go pick out my pumpkin! Great shot.

    What a wonderful shot..

    I love white pumpkins. I hope to pick up a couple this weekend!

    What a cool photo. I love your processing.

    Yay! It must be a Fall bloggin’ kinda’ week! Ha! I absolutely love this, Ashley! You are wonderful, and your pictures are too! And, thanks for the comment!

    You’d think a pumpkin was just a pumpkin, but they come in so many colors and sizes, it’s crazy! Love your shot!

    Lovely! I love this time of year :)

    Hooray for pumpkins!! I love them! And great shot!

    Sooo cool! Was that shot taken at night?? It has an infrared quality to it. Great editing as always! You really make your great images even more astounding.

    The lighting and editing are beautiful! I love how they are all piled up waiting for a home or an oven. Umm….pumpkin pie.

    Cool white pumpkins!! :D I love how you processed it. I’m a fan of the sparkle. :)

    I have some home-grown pie pumpkins… I should have a little photo shoot with them. ;)

    What a neat patch! I’ve been looking for a white one this year. No luck, so far.


    OMG…gorgeous pumpkins and bokeh!

    Love this!!! We went to the pumpkin patch and I can not seriously believe all the types of pumpkins…crazy!

    I can feel fall in this picture. your processing is beautiful! love it.

    ashley- this is gorgeous! i love the white pumpkins.w e just got a couple of little white ones but we’re waiting till we go t the pumpkin patch to get all the rest!

    I love this photo! Great processing!

    Me too – I love the feeling of a “Pumpkin Patch”. Reminds me of the little fairies that live there. (They do live there ya know.) ;-)

    Love the processing on this shot Ashley. Really magical.

    I guess I’m not the only one who goes to the pumpkin patch for a great photo! Love the light and processing!


    This honestly looks like a Better Homes & Gardens magazine shot!! WOW!!

    Why don’t I remember white pumpkins from my childhood, now it seems the are all the rage. Beautiful photo.

    These are some beautiful pumpkins! I can’t wait to go get some to make a pumpkin pie and seeds. Thanks for reminding me that I need to do that!

    Autumn is the best season! With all the colors and produce, the photos are spectacular. I love this pumpkin shot Ashley. It brings autumn to life :)

    When I see those pumpkins I think of one word…pie!

    wow, what a great photo!

    LOVE this, white pumpkins how wonderful & the flare is beautiful. sounds like you had lots of fun. working on my post now {been a long day)! new punkin header tomorrow :) thanks for your sweet comments & hope you are having a great week!

    Love it! The PP is perfect and so dreamy. I can’t wait to take Nic to the pumpkin patch. :)

    very cool, makes me love fall even more :)

    This is beautiful! I wish we had Pumpkin Patches here :( Well we do have a Pumpkin Patch but its a kids clothes store, haha.

    That picture is amazing!

    Our pumpkin patch opens next week and I’m so excited for it.

    Nice shot. :)

    That’s gorgeous! Love the editing!

    Awesome shot! I never knew how many different varieties of pumpkins there where either until last year when we went to a big pumpkin patch. The editing on this picture is perfect.

    Absolutely lovely! I love heading to the pumpkin patch and would love to have it to myself. :)

    I’m a great fan of the white ones but they are difficult to find around where we live. Last year we just painted the orange ones! I just love your processing of the shot.

    Erika B

    What a great shot! I love the soft colors. You could frame that to set out for your fall decor.

    Ashley, that pumpkin shot is fantastic!! Who won the game?

    Hooray pumpkins! I love them so!