October 07, 2010
Tommy and Stacey: Sneak Peek!
I mentioned on Tuesday that I met up with Tommy and Stacey on Sunday for my second engagement photo session. If you haven’t seen one of my favorites from that session, click here (I seriously think they should blow this up or send out as Save-the-Date cards…something). 

I learned a few lessons during our session: 
  1. I am not going to actively pursue a portrait photography career…at least not any time soon.
  2. I need a lot more practice shooting people (I am so much more comfortable with still-life).
  3. I have no idea how to give people direction – although I don’t care for posing…I believe it may be necessary. 
  4. I need to pay better attention to my backgrounds so I don’t have to do so much creative editing. 
Anyways, thank you Tommy and Stacey’s for being patient with me as I continue to learn this style of photography. I think we were able to capture a few great moments, and I’m seriously excited to attend your wedding this spring. There’s no denying that you two are madly in love.
IMG_6946 RS

IMG_6955 RS

IMG_6977-2 RS

IMG_6969 RS

IMG_7004-2 RS

IMG_7000 RS

IMG_7074 RS

IMG_7078 RS

IMG_7016-2 RS
I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak. Congratulations Tommy and Stacey!

For more “face” photos, go to:

Have a great day!

    Great work Ashley!

    Awwww -they are CUTE!!! and you did an amazing job – what are you talking about????

    Isn’t it crazy how different it is shooting people as opposed to still life?? I really struggle with the latter. Seriously, I feel like I’m totally inexperienced with trying to shoot and be creative with objects. But you, my dear have an eye for it all! These photos are really good! I’m sure they will be very pleased!

    what a beautiful couple.

    You did a fantastic job, and I am sure they will like them!

    Ashley, you were dealing with some very harsh light here… and I wonder if that isn’t part of why you don’t seem thrilled with these. Portrait work is HARD. I’ve also done a few sessions for family/friends, although I think each time (as amateurs) we learn from our mistakes. Hee hee! I know I do! One thing I’ve definitely learned is that great light can make all the difference. I think I would have shot everything back-lit in this type mid-day sun.

    My fav of this set is the one of their pant legs, holding hands.

    I’m sure they’ll love these! Very cute couple, and the love they have for each other really shows in your shots.

    these are awesome hun!

    These are all so sweet! Great shots! :)

    I also have been working on those things! I keep telling my friends that I need to work on my “people skills”. I really like your pictures, you did a great job!

    Boy — I love – LOVE in photos! These are great — the smushed noses and everything! My favorite is her from behind with her arms around him. Nice job!

    You did great, they are wonderful and I am sure they will love them. I agree with you about portrait photography…I am much more comfortable with still inanimate objects.

    I think you did great. I love the last shot and the one of them holding hands.

    It can be so nerve wracking can’t it! I started shooting people 2 years ago and oh my gosh I would get sweaty, flustered and forget all the ideas in my head. I’ve realized like that you posing people is a good idea sometimes as they need ideas but, I’m still not good at it! I love shooting people who are super comfortable with each other and in front of the camera but, that only happens like half the time…hehe. I think you did an amazing job capturing their love and happiness! Don’t get discouraged. You will only get better with each session!!

    You did a wonderful job. AND practice makes perfect… That is why the NEXT photo is always are favorite, right?!?

    Great work!

    So cute. I think you did great.

    Great work! I love the last one!

    these photos made me smile, they are adorable. xx

    I love these! I think you did a great job!

    This is a beautiful set! You’ve captured them so perfectly. =)

    (By the way, how do I follow you?)

    I’m a natural light photographer and I love the candid shots. I usually tell people to pretend I’m not around and act natural. Posed are sometimes necessary and change up the shoot a bit. Some posed shots are very cute, sassy, real, etc. So, I think you did I fantastic job. I love the pics!

    You did a great job! These are really beautiful…

    I enjoyed the sneak peak a lot! I like the photos and I can totally relate to what you said in the beginning!!

    Wonderful shots Ashley!!

    Hey Ashley-
    You sure beat yourself up a lot for someone who does so many things so well. Be nicer to you, huh?
    Lots of great shots…and you captured their love for one another. I like the one where she’s looking at the camera and he’s looking at her.
    Someone earlier mentioned the strong lighting-I agree-earlier or later in the day I think same shots would have been even more delightful.
    Don’t stop…you’re inspiring too many of us.

    Beautiful photos! These are engagement pictures they’ll treasure forever! What great work!

    These photos are great! People are so hard to capture, I think you did an amazing job. I love the last one.

    Capturing a person’s personality and character is really difficult, though taking photos of my favorite little lady is my favorite challenge. I think you got some really great shots!

    Oh I love the smooshed nose! Great photos, they look like a lovely couple.

    you did a great job!!! Do you follow Drew over at momtog.com? She has the same style, but has put together a great printable called the UNposing guide. It’s a little pricey, but I think it’s worth it.


    Tommy & Stacey are a beautiful couple and you did a great job of capturing their love! They are very blessed to have these photos to remember this special time in their lives! Great job Ashley.

    I think you did a fantastic job!!! And I totally agree….people are WAY harder than stills!!!!

    So cute! Great job. I love that last one. And, the shot of their legs.

    so beautiful ashley! love the one of them kissing, with that sun, lovely. and the one of them holding hands too, great work!

    While I am a TOTAL NOVICE I agree with an earlier comment regarding the light, but I think you did an awesome job none the less. Your still life photography is beyond words… breathtaking… and leaves me in AWE so I have no doubt you’ll have portraits mastered in NO TIME!!!! You find beauty in the simple things which is extraordinary.

    They turned out beautiful and you are so brave taking your photography into this new and scarier world.

    Great pictures! So artistic.

    I just found your blog through a Wednesday Blog Hop! Have a great evening!

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    so If I ever get engaged can you come over for a photo sesion:)))

    It is hard to do portraits. I am just starting out with them as a “pro” and I have learned that backgrounds are important and light. Its harder with more then one person but I love figuring it out. looking back to the first session to the one I just did you can tell a huge differnce.

    these are great. love natural pictures, those two look so happy! Even with the sun beating down on you they came out great!

    I love natural shots, unposed, and just like this. They are real and make me smile. That smushed nose is precious. ♥

    i think you did a really great job. portrait photography is so challenging – i’m totally with you on not wanting to pursue it as a career {maybe it’s that introvert thing?? who knows}. you did awesome.

    Oh gosh – don’t throw in the towel yet!!!! You have so much talent – it takes time to get it all together. I’m still working on it but I’m seeing big improvement! I love all of these shots!

    Very cute pictures!! Love them all!!

    I know exactly what you mean about giving direction and being more comfortable with still life.
    But I think you’ve got something going here. And maybe it’s time to stop being comfortable.
    just sayin’

    Beautiful pictures Ashley!!!

    U are v talented Ashley, they are so natural and completely oblivious to ur presence :)

    I love the last picture!

    And don’t sweat it…you are a great photographer, it’s just hard when you have live, moving subjects, sunlight, and an outdoor (non-studio) setting. You’ll get it in time. REmember, practice makes perfect!

    I think these are great! I struggle with posing too!

    You did a great job. Practice makes perfect. I bet it was fun.

    Ashley, I really love the photo of them holding hands, shot from the waist down. That is the kind of “pose” I can get behind. I have always preferred to photograph people, but I don’t like to give direction or pose either. And you know what? I don’t really ever want to. I think that is why I have never made a business out of my photography. The way I like to shoot would probably be limiting. So, if you can keep developing your people shooting skills and actually want to make a go of it, how awesome would that be?

    These are really great photos and I’m sure they just love them, but I feel the same way you do…directing people takes practice, for now landscapes are easier for me too! I think you are weel on your way for a great business here!

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, these turned out great! Just keep doing it and soon it will be much easier and you’ll find what works for you. It’s great to have candids but sometimes posing is inevitable….a lot of people just aren’t very comfortable in front of the camera so you have to help them be more comfortable.
    Keep it up girl! :)

    This happy couple is clearly not worried about your photography skills! As long as the subjects are grateful and you are trying…positive always prints out! XO, Kelly

    Very beautiful and so is your blog. I came from Anitas.
    Im now following you.
    I think I have been by before.
    Have a great night

    Beautiful photographs!

    With that said, I feel as though we’re in a similar situation, I feel so much more comfortable shooting inanimate objects than I do people!

    Inanimate objects you can move around to your hearts content… people, not so much!

    I am totally with you girl!!

    I have taken some family photos for friends. I warned them in advance that I was not all that great with portraits, but they didn’t care. They loved their photos, but I spent hours and hours and hours editing them.

    I, too, need to pay more attention to the background and learn to give direction. I am terrible at it!

    great shots- like them

    You captured their love!
    If the background is not ideal, you can always cook something diferent and better with editing, right?:)) But that takes a lot of time.
    I always connect romantic scenes with grass, trees, flowers, walls and water.:))

    Have a great romantic weekend.

    These are GREAT pictures… they look so in love! =)

    Ashely, you did a lovely job for them! They’ll, no doubt, be happy to have these little treasures.

    That being said, I am so with you on this type of photoshoot being a real challenge. There’s an art to being able to do it well. I’ve started doing more and more of these, and I learn so much every time. You have to have good lighting and good backgrounds. Plus, as the number of people in your group grows, getting everyone in focus and looking good is a whole additional issue. Positioning is a challenge. I’m with you in that I also don’t like posing too much, but people need to know what you want from them, and it’s not realistic to just ask them to hang out while you capture what you’re inspired by. Still, giving specific directions is hard! I’m working on that now and trying to be clear and specific. Simply saying “chin out” can result in a person moving in a lot of different directions, I’ve found! Anyway, it’s cool that you challenged yourself to try something new, and I think you did a great job!

    You did a great job!! I definitely had a newfound respect for portrait photographers after giving it a try! That’s TOUGH work!

    These pictures are great! Portrait sessions are really hard, I have been wanting to practice and since my boys are horrible LOL I get shy about asking other people to volunteer. I think these are super cute and I bet they are going to be thrilled

    I love the second last one. It kills me!! :D Their personalities shine through.

    You can only get better from here. :)

    lots of great captures here! keep it up!