October 13, 2010
Touch-Up Tuesday: Old Barns
Monday afternoon, on my way home from the gym, I wanted to find some cows. I knew there were some cows on a country road, and I thought I could get a decent photo for I Heart Faces’ challenge this week: beef. I pulled over and quietly got out of my car, but as I approached a cow close to the fence, she decided she had better places to be than within camera range. Lesson learned…bring telephoto lens and shoot from a distance. 

So I didn’t get the cow shot that I had in mind, but I did get something nearly as good, so I thought I’d share it for Touch-Up Tuesday.
IMG_7249 original
You’ll have to forgive me for keeping it simple tonight…I’ve gotta pack. I did a clean edit using Amy McMaster’s Squeaky Clean (because I have a hard time breaking old habits) and then applied Little Bee by Four Hens Photography.
Photography love...
Here you see my “touch-up”. This picture actually has multiple elements that I love. I love the subtle changing of colors…the old farm house…the cow…the light!
IMG_7249 RS
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Have a great night!

    I’m always drawn to photos of old barns, and this one is really unique. I think I like the lighting on the barn in the original, but like the lighting on the trees in the new one. Both are good.

    Side note, the picture in your header cracks me up every time I see it. :)

    Love this! You still managed to get a really good shot despite the cow’s orneriness. ;)

    I love taking drives to the country. It is one of my favorite activities with the kids.

    Lovely photo! Your edits brought in some gorgeous light.

    I love the subtle change and how it warmed up the feel of the picture. Beautiful scenery!

    Love it! Love how you pumped up the color! :)

    you made cows look cool!! awesome

    I just love old barns and your edit is fantastic. Really makes the light gorgeous!

    Great touch up.

    I love old barns. That’s one of the things I miss about living in the south.(or anywhere in the midwest.) CA doesn’t have many places like this to shoot. But, we do have the beach!

    Beautiful! Love the edit so warm and peaceful looking. I love old barns.

    The subtle changing of colors is beautiful. That is a very interesting barn.

    Wow, amazing edit! I love this shot. You could sell it. Actually, you could sell alot of your shots, come to think of it!

    Very nice editing, Ashley – I always enjoy your photos. I like that ‘walk around porch’ there – is that an old barn or farm house? it looks too small to be an actual house. Oh well, the cow there is an added bonus! =)

    Thanks so much!

    Gorgeous photo. I love your simple, but great edit.

    This is a photo I would like to inhabit! Love the edit.

    I absolutely love barns, and this one’s awesome!! Great shot. Sometimes the ones we don’t plan for are the best :)


    I can’t believe you go to the gym on top of everything else you do! I know that wasn’t the point of your post, but I just had to comment on that :)

    Your edit brought out the beautiful colors and the lovely light… nice work!

    A little bit goes a long way! Nicely done and thanks for sharing :) I was completely drawn into the scenery

    Funny, I did something similar but it had been awhile since I had been on that country road and a road where I usually leisurely rode my bike, had a million cars whizzing past me as I tried to stop for a picture. Times change. Didn’t even get a shot.

    This is some great editing. The light is so perfect in the after. Great job!! (Safe travels.)

    Beautiful composition and post processing work.

    nice shot, even if the cow wouldn’t cooperate

    Great edit! What a beautiful barn
    that is…

    I love old barns and buildings, I used to be quite into Urban Exploration (going inside and photographing derelict buildings) before I “settled down” with a husband and child. There’s just something about them that really draws me… how they feel like just walking into a still life composition.

    Great photo, and don’t you just love those actions by four bees photography?!

    I love old barns and I really need to find some near me! I really like your edit!

    Love the barn…and the touch-up! Beautiful.

    This is actually on of my favorite pictures you have posted, because the touch up still looks so much like the original picture. It is just enough to make the barn pop without making the picture artsy.

    BTW, I awarded you the Versatile Blogging Award. You can head over to check out the details (http://ambocullum.blogspot.com/2010/10/versatile-blogger.html) or just know that I ENJOY your blog!!! Which I am pretty sure you already know :)

    great shot. i really love the first sentence of this post. it made me smile. our pursuit of photo ops is overwhelming sometimes, isn’t it?

    Absolutely beautiful. I really love this photo and the edit is perfect!

    that looks like a very peacful setting. I like the new edit good light effects.

    I will be joining in this challenge when I can.


    oh thats a nice one!

    Really nice! Sometimes the tiniest fix looks awesome.

    I’m surrounded by cows, and I never think to take pictures of them. I don’t think there’s any cool falling-down shacks, though. ;)

    great edit as usual!

    Where do you find all these photo challenges?!!?! Seriously. This barn one actually is good timing for me – I have a few shots of barns that I’ve been waiting to share, just haven’t had a reason until now! And I really like the uniqueness of this barn, as well as your edit.

    This is great – I love old barns!

    I LOVE the edit! Cool barn!

    What a fantastic edit – It’s gorgeous. I was just visiting Illinois and took some old barn pictures – I hope they turn out half as gorgeous as this one!

    I’m so in love with old barns, and the one you found is so unique and interesting. You did such a fabulous job editing it to make its characteristics really pull through the image.

    really pretty. Thanks for linking up :)