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Give Thanks RS
I did not take many photos during Thanksgiving. My family clearly knows that I love photography and I love blogging, but I’m not sure I need to rub their nose in it every time I’m around them. There are times that I just want to live in the moment. 

However, I did take a few photos during Thanksgiving weekend and this is one of them – my mother/father-in-law’s home. For me, their home reminds me of our family there (we’re about 4.5 hours away, so we only see them a few times a year)…and I am so thankful for marrying into such a wonderful family. My father-in-law built this home several years ago with his own two hands – I know this because he’s walked me through every detail. He tells a story (I’d never be able to tell it as well as him) of how they searched for just the right piece of land to build their “ever-after” home. When this land became available, they knew it was God’s blessing. I know that one day, we too, will have such a blessing. We have already been blessed with so much and that makes me really happy.

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Have a wonderful day!


    I didn’t take a ton of photos on Thanksgiving either. I was also just trying to get in the spirit of things! And that’s okay sometimes! That photo is beautiful, I love the composition. And SUCH a great home! It looks so inviting!

    I agree that sometimes it’s better to just live the moments. What an awesome house your father in law built! Amazing work.

    What a gorgeous home (and photo.) I love the idea of an ever after home. I hope that some day I reach the point in my life that I can hard that kind of dream.

    this looks a fantastic house, what a clever father in law!

    Beautiful story and photo! I would love to have an “ever after” home someday!

    How lovely that they built their ever after home! I love porches with rocking chairs, and the wreaths on the window are great!

    i love your post, so sweet. the house is beautiful! i love housed with lots of wood in it =)

    Love this. Great shot & beuatiful home.

    No photos here either, but the one you posted is beautiful! Love the verse too.

    Wow, what a magnificent place and photo. Just looking at the exterior of the house, you can totally tell the interior is warm and full of love. This photo makes you want to peek in the window and take a glimpse at the warm festivities inside.

    This is a wonderful photo (and home!) You should blow this up and frame it for them as a Christmas gift. If that were my home I would want it hanging on my walls.

    Wow…fabulous home. It looks so warm and inviting. I love that you look forward to the same tradition.

    The home is really beautiful; how amazing that your father-in-law built it himself! It’s so awesome to have a happy in-law relationship. It’s usually something people complain about – I like that you love Jeremy’s parents too!

    i love how you make it look like an old photo. i’m loving this scripture+pictures!

    p.s. i added you to my blogroll!

    I took photos until they sat out the food………….

    What an absolutely beautiful place, & you’ve captured it beautifully as well :)

    I, much to my families surprise, did not take many pictures from Thanksgiving. In fact, I left my DSLR at home!!! My powershot was with, but it just doesn’t have the quality my T2i has.

    Another gorgeous photo by you! :)

    what a beautiful home! love the picture and scripture=)

    That home is beautiful – I really like the angle you shot this and what a great craftsman your f-i-l is.

    That looks like a home for a big family!


    That is a beautiful home and I am sure you enjoy visiting there. Lovely post!

    Oh Ashley! I love their home. How very, very beautiful! Just lovely! What a special legacy. I know God will give you such a blessing as well.

    What a beautiful house and a beautiful photo! Sounds like it was a great holiday!

    Love this! Makes me want to climb right in and sit on one of those chairs. Are they rocking chairs??

    We were in OH for 6 days and I only took out my camera to take pictures of my brother in laws family for their card. That is a gorgeous angle and shot!

    It looks happily ever after to me!

    I love this picture! I understand about living in the moment and not documenting everything. Glad you were able to enjoy the holiday.

    hey, thanks so much for your sweet comment about my photo! and thanks for the help about the whole giveaway thing, it really helped, and made me think i should wait a littler bit… ;) this is a lovely photo and verse :)

    Good shot of what looks like a happy home! I’m glad that you love and appreciate your in-laws! So many times this is not the case!

    Your composition is so stinkin’ creative I can’t stand it. Perfect in every way. Love love love this!

    Your composition is so stinkin’ creative I can’t stand it. Perfect in every way. Love love love this!

    You are rockin’ the textures lately! Tutorial, please!

    What a great picture. I’ve often wanted to photograph every aspect of hosting parties/holidays, I could put it on my blog, but I just feel so intrusive so I just don’t. I probably need to get over it, but oh well.

    I understand what you mean. When the family knows you’ll be snapping away, and I usually am. But I took most of my pictures of playing out in the snow with my son.

    I love the composition of this shot!

    The house looks so inviting… and I can just picture it at family get-togethers. :)

    What a great house! So impressed they built it and he was right, perfect land. Nice processing to bring out exactly the warmth and family feel.

    this is beautiful ashley

    Glad you took some time to just live in the moment over the holiday. Their home is beautiful and the story behind it makes it so much better I’m sure. Sounds like you have a great family and lots to be thankful for and beautiful photo as always!

    Looks to be a gorgeous place to live far from the crowds.

    Beautiful home and beautiful scripture. What a blessing to have in-laws that you cherish.

    I am so honored by your precious comment today. I love your blog as well. Your pictures are amazing!! I would love to learn what filters you use…etc. And totally cool how you put scripture in some photos and how you “hide away” your signature. I’ll search further on your blog one day “in my spare time” ;)
    I am so thankful that you enjoyed my blog and am excited for you to come back any time.

    I’ll put the coffee on…

    Good goal, the dream house. And so well captured by your photo. Good job. wb

    Wow, how neat! Love the story behind it too.

    Love your work Ashley♥

    Such a beautiful home! You should so have your father in law walk you through the house again telling the story all over — AS YOU RECORD it for your family! :) (Then of course you can share it with us) Hugs & Blessings!

    Beautiful light and angle. Looks like a great house.

    Erika B

    He certainly is good!

    This is great. I love their house. I didn’t take too many photos either. I just wanted to relax and take it all in. Great composition in this photo.

    I think the only pictures I took on Thanksgiving weekend were of birds! Ha, I think my family was grateful for that!

    What a beautiful home your inlaws have. It just says, cozy. Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

    Such a lovely house and an even lovelier story behind its creation! My husband and I hope to do something similar after he retires from the Army…too bad that won’t be for at least another 15 years!

    This is perfection. It is such an amazing blessing to marry into a wonderful family!

    I really like the texture and coloring. Beautiful photo!