Inspired: One Photo, Three Edits
I’m not sure what has inspired this overwhelming feeling of joy and creativity lately, but I’m going to blame it on Kim Klassen. I signed up for her PSE skinny mini e-course a couple of weeks ago thinking I might not learn anything new, but that I could at least reinforce some of her lessons though my tutorials. As it turns out, I’ve learned a couple of new tricks and  I’ve been inspired to change up my processing. Here is a nearly SOOC shot (I overexposed it on purpose and recovered some of the blacks in Adobe Camera Raw).

Using some of Kim’s processing steps, I ran a clean (and manual – no actions) edit. It includes a high pass filter-soft light layer (this is an Ashley step), a levels adjustment, hue/saturation adjustment and warming filter. If you’d like a more complete layout of my workflow, look at the first few steps of my textured edit below (everything before I start adding texture).
IMG_8395 edit RS
Then, I wanted to run my own black and white conversion – again, no actions. After creating a duplicate copy of my background layer, I used PSE’s black and white converter (Go to Image>Convert to Black and White). The tool suggests several types of conversion…I selected scenic landscape. At this point, I made a few adjustments to customize the conversion to my taste: 
  • Background Copy – High Pass Filter @ 40 pixels – Soft Light blending Mode – 40% opacity
  • Levels Adjustment – 25, 1.20, 255 – 100% opacity
  • Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer: +9 Contrast – 100% opacity
  • Warming Filter (85) @ 40% – Soft Light blending mode – 72% opacity
IMG_8395 custom bw-rs
For more black and white photos, go to:
the long road
At this point, I wanted to walk through a Kim Klassen-inspired texture edit. To be honest, this isn’t a huge stretch from my typical processing, however, I’ve learned that I don’t need multiple textures to create a textured look. Rather, I can use one texture using a few different blending modes to create a unique look. If you’re wondering how I choose a blending mode…it’s an experiment. Here are my layers: 
  • Background Copy – High Pass Filter @ 40 pixels – Soft Light blending Mode – 40% opacity
  • Levels Adjustment – 40, 1.45, 248 – 100% opacity
  • Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer: +10 saturation, -35 yellow, -15 green
  • Warming Filter (85) @ 13% – Soft Light blending mode – 25% opacity
  • Kim Klassen Wet Tile texture – Multiply blending mode – 25% opacity
  • Kim Klassen Wet Tile texture – Soft Light blending mode – 52% opacity
  • Kim Klassen Wet Tile texture – Color Burn blending mode – 10% opacity
  • Background Copy – Screen blending mode – 10% opacity
  • Brightness/Contrast: Brightness +2, Contrast +20
  • Color Fill (pink/cream) layer – Linear Dodge – 14% opacity
IMG_8395 texture-RS
I’m really liking the way my textured edit turned out…I think it’s a little softer than my typical textured edits. Which edit do you prefer?
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Can you tell that I have a problem being wordless? Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed my photo processing experiment. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a very special giveaway. I hope you’re as excited as I am! Have an awesome Wednesday.

    Yeah for festive feeling pictures!! I like the gold tinted one best for some reason but, they are all awesome!! You are rocking the texture stuff!

    I love the one with the texture, beautiful :)

    Huh….I can’t choose….I love them all for different reasons! Guess I need to check out my skinny mini homework….I’m a couple of days behind (again). Have a happy day!

    Beautiful! The sooc is amazing, and so are the edits. I particularly like how your texture edit turned out. It’s subtle and soft, but still quite evident. Definitely not overdone. I’ll have to try that too. :)

    I’m really liking the texture edit! Beautiful!

    These are beautiful! I really love them all. I think I might need to take a course like you took after the holidays to work on my CS4 knowledge. I really only scratch the surface.

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

    Oh My Beautiful!! :-)

    Love how your edit mad the colors pop, some you wouldn’t even have noticed. Thanks for the walk through you’re great.

    So pretty! All three of them were pretty cool!

    Your work is just so inspiring to me; I’m going to have to start seriously practicing! :)

    These are great. Yay for no actions. I really love your last edit.

    I think actions are great, but I think it’s great to learn the different components that make up the action. It’s like going back to the basics! Glad your class is proving to be a fountain of inspiration and new ideas! Even when we think we’ve seen it all, there’s always something new to learn :)

    I like them all, but I’ve got to say the last textured one is my fave. That is gorgeous! I often use the same texture several times by changing blending modes. I learned that someplace on Flickr.

    Thanks for sharing your processing technique, I am learning tons from you! I am glad you have a problem w/ being wordless lol!

    My favorite is the texture…I love how it softened the colors a bit – it turned a already awesome image into a masterpiece…so artistic and elegant! Nice work!

    Love the B&W and the texture, and I also love that you share so much of your information on how to’s. Your photos are spectacular! So glad I found you!

    You are SO talented Ashley! Thanks for always stopping by and for being so kind! :) I love your pictures…you are awesome with texture!

    Awesome! Love them all!

    I like the last one, the texture is very subtle. Very pretty!

    I like the last one, the texture is very subtle. Very pretty!

    Love them all. Really great work!!

    As always, I love your photos! I think I like the last one the best but it was hard to decide!

    I like them all but my favorite is the one with texture.

    I really enjoyed reading this post and I love that I can read it and make sense of it thanks to Kim’s skinny mini lesson also! I too have learned so much! I think your picture turned out wonderful in all the edits!

    I love the last one! Great edit!

    Beautiful shot! :-)


    The video in that lesson of Kim’s was the first one that I really sat up and took notice of. Ashley I had not even known about using the photo layers until she us showed in that video. I also liked the way she did that B/W conversion on Bryce as I don’t think I’ve ever done a b/w conversion that I was really happy with.

    Love your texture on that shot and the lovely subtle bokeh in the background. You’ve made grass seed look ever so interesting.

    I think they are all great! You rock my friend!

    these are so lovely, I think the black and white is my favourite as it’s so dramatic, great stuff.

    Wow, such great effects! I also love the black and white!

    The edit is softer. I love it, especially the soft pink undertones in it. Although, I’m a sucker for pink-ness!

    Love all 3 of them…

    Holy Moly! You are so talented! I love every single one of those edits! Especially love the textured version. I have to admit, I signed up for Kim Klassen’s e-course, but I barely got around to doing any of it. Computer time is precious when you only get a little bit of it every day (when baby naps). Ohhh.. .if only there were more hours in a day!

    Wow Ashely I am SO impressed! I have GOT to figure out what a high pass filter is in Gimp, I keep hearing everyone talk about it. Hmmmm.

    Thanks for linking up to me! So appreciate it!

    My favorite is the last one – I always love when you add texture to your photos.

    Gorgeous edits! I really need to learn more post-processing skills…

    Great edits. I think the last one with the texture is my fav.

    Wow. These are all really good. I even LOVE the almost sooc one.

    I loved all of them…I especially loved seeing how you got the results.

    I think my favorite is the last one.

    Really nice editing. I think my favourite is the BW one.

    Erika B

    Really like the sooc shot… but the last textured one is really beautiful, too!

    I have so much to do to catch up with the course!! Looks like you are getting to do some fun stuff.

    You are such a photo-editing goddess!

    i love the last one! man, you have so much time in your hands lol i could barely get a photo a day :( sad little me. i hope you are doing great!

    I like this one. So lovely.

    Amazing! Those are lovely. I really like the last one best. The texture is perfect.


    I really like the first edit in color. You are so talented! I wish I had an ounce of your abilities :-)

    LOVE the first one. Your so clever :)

    I think they are all beautiful! I am always so inspired by your work to improve my own photography skills!

    thanks Ashley. Love the edits.

    Well I must be completely crazy… because I adore the sooc. :D Anyone can learn to edit, but it takes skills to get things that perfect in camera.

    Of course, I like them all. Perhaps the black and white one is my favorite – it almost looks metallic in a way. It’s always amazing what you do with your edits!

    awesome! I like all the results….thanks for dropping by on my B&W entry…great to be here!

    Incredible! Kim is a wonder

    I love the texture! The plant/tree has a lot of texture naturally so it really gives it that little something extra!

    All the edits are great, but I’m loving the first one!

    loving them all! The second one really caught my eye.

    Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Love the detail and texture. :)

    Beautiful edits!! I think my fav is the textured one…or maybe B&W. :) I completely agree about the e-course – I never thought it would inspire me to put away those actions, but it has!

    I love the black and white – it’s stunning!