November 18, 2010
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My Gift to You…a GIVEAWAY!
Exactly one year ago, I received my camera in the mail (I ordered it so it would arrive before Thanksgiving) I couldn’t wait to get home and start shooting. I remember that I immediately opened the box, found the battery and started charging. My first photo…upper right corner: my camera’s manual! When I got home, I decided to take a picture of myself. I had no clue what I was doing with my flash…so, as you can see below…pin lights. I then looked around to see what else I could photograph – my salt and pepper monkeys fell victim.
On December 30, 2009,  I started blogging. Here is my very first blog post. I really had no clue what I was doing, but I was determined to re-discover my creative spirit, enhance my photography and editing skills, document our life happenings and become a better wife by blogging. A year has passed and I really feel as though I’ve met my goals…and I’m really pleased with my growth as a photographer.

However, this past year has meant so much more to me than simply re-discovering my creative spirit, enhancing my photography and editing skills, blah blah blah… This blog experience has allowed me to make new friends, be inspired and find a community that I love. I look forward to waking up each day to see what each of you have created…to watching your children grow up before my eyes…and to watching you become incredible artists. I never imagined that 10 people would be interested in following my work, let alone over 800…but you keep coming back each day to support me, and I really can’t thank you enough for being a part of this journey with me.

For several weeks/months, I have considered a way to give back to this community (outside of my tutorials and touch-ups). After much thought and consideration (and a number of comments to suggest that anyone would even want one of my prints), I have decided to give away an 11×14 print of the photograph below which was featured in Pioneer Woman’s Favorite Photos, Group 1.
Flowers in the Fairy Garden by Ashley Sisk
To enter this giveaway: 
  • Follow Ramblings and Photos (and I hope you’ll want to…and not just following to win).
  • Leave me a comment 1: Why do you want to win this photograph? 
  • Optional: Leave me a comment 2: I’m considering selling some of my prints on Etsy in the future (again, after a number of comments suggesting that there was interest).  Let me know if you would be interested in purchasing any of my prints. If so, are there any specific photographs that you would be interested in purchasing?
  • Optional: Blog about this giveaway. You can grab my button below and leave me a comment with a link to your blog.
  • Optional: Share this giveaway on Facebook.
  • Optional: Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter
Deadline: December 2nd. I’ll select the winner using and announce the winner on Friday, December 3rd. Be sure that I have a way of contacting you (if your blog doesn’t link to an email, please leave your email in your comment). Once I receive your contact information, I’ll order and ship the print to you (anywhere in the world)…in time for the holidays!  

Giveaway at Ramblings and Photos


Good Luck!

    I would love to win this photo print because it would be perfect in my daughter’s bedroom! The colors are beautiful!

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

    I follow! What a great giveaway! :)

    I would love to win this because I absolutely ADORE the colors and the flowers! And it would probably look really cool in my new room!

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook. I hope I win! I love this photo!

    Ashley! What a fab idea!! I would totally shop your etsy shop btw. Another great idea. I would love this pic because it inspires me to learn to take great pictures.

    very gorgerous photos I love your processing!

    Wow, a 11×14 print of this photo would be awesome! :)

    Already a follower.

    Asley this is just stunning.Congrats girl on all you have done. I cant get over how georgous this is.

    This is an awesome giveaway!
    I follow you :)

    Why I want to win this print is I love photos of still life it would look great framed in my bedroom and well if i’m being honest the pink in this photo just makes me happy :)

    My favorite photo ever that you’ve taken is the ferris wheel I LOVE that picture I could buy like a wall size and pin it up I’d probably tone it down like with some texture or something but I think that is phenomenal.

    Hello Ashley
    Everything you say is so true and sound so familiar, it is literally like my thoughts. I never thought this would be so mind blowing thing in every way. It wonderful to find so many creative blogs. Thank you and congrats to you for achieved your goals:)

    This photo would be perfect in my living room, wedged between two photos of my boys…a touch of “girl” in my life of boys! :) Your shots would do great on etsy Ashley! I especially love the #14 Bokeh in the October Photo Hunt.

    Hi Ashley, I’m a recent follower and entrant in your Scavenger Hunt Sunday challenge. I’m having so much fun with photography since finding your blog – very inspirational! :)

    I’d love to win this print because it’s simply stunning. I have no other reason that it’s just gorgeous. :)

    I’d love to win this photo as I absolutely love your work and it would look great on my newly painted walls.

    Ashley what a super giveaway. I adore this photo, and love pink! I would like to win your photo because it’s beautiful, but most of all because it was created by you. I’ve only known you for a short time (online) and adore your blog. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me. Congrats on your blogging career and I hope you keep it going for many, many more years. ♥

    I’m definitely a follower, signed up the first time I visited! By all means give Etsy a go. I’m going to as well and hope to have a store opened in the next few months. ♥

    Ashley, I can see why people come back to your blog (as I do), because you just seem such a genuinely lovely person who I enjoy following because you are interesting. I also have you to thank for introducing me to Anika – you made a great matchmaking service there, much to my surprise as I didn’t think that starting up a blog would lead to such things and I really love that.

    They say that the eyes say a lot about a person, and you have really pretty dark brown eyes, like chocolate with just the right amount of cinnamon and nutmeg – not many people don’t like chocolate and with the added seasoning it adds to your uniqueness and what I think appears to be a genuinely special personality!

    Anyway, the photo you have taken is a really pretty one and having it would remind me that people think differently and that nothing is the same for everyone, and not everyone sees things the same way even though it is a subject matter that we see (not necessarily notice), every day.

    Wishing you all the very best, always.

    Just re-read my comment, and I quickly add, this matchmaking service with Anika was purely a friendship one we are both happily married with kids! I was starting to sound a bit too full on, and I didn’t mean that – No definitely not!

    Such a beautiful photo! I’m so glad that you started your blog! Thank you for being such an inspiration and always so encouraging!

    Well, I really LOVE the color and softness of that photo. It’s so dreamy!

    Aww, I’m just almost exactly a year behind you. On Monday I went out and camera shopped and found the camera I’m going to buy (Nikon d3100) and I’m beyond excited. Everytime I think about actually having it in my hot little hands I get giddy!

    I love the soft, dream-like state this photo has :)

    Yay! I love this photo and would love a print. I’ve enjoyed “getting to know you” and am inspired by your quick learning and sharing about your journey with photography. Oh and I might email you to ask a few photography questions soon if you don’t mind. Thanks!

    I’m a follower ;o)

    I would love to win this print, as I believe it would add beauty to any room!

    long time no comment. :) I love seeing your photography journey. I got my camera around the same time too. It has been a learning experience and I love it! What a cool give-away. I would love to win this photo b/c it is beautiful, plain and simple. Later!

    Congratulations Ashley on your one year photography anniversary!

    I want to win this photo just because it is simply gorgeous!

    I follow you! :)

    aww you are the coolest and sweetest, I am so happy that I follow you because you are amazing! I follow on GFC

    I have this dream of painting my bedroom gray with white trim and having lavendarish/roseish accents. I think this photo would be the perfect touch!

    What a great giveaway!! I definitely think you should open an etsy shop. I’ve considered doing it myself, but still not sure :-)

    You are just crazy talented to have the skill you’ve got in just a year!

    AHh! I so want to win!! As said in a previous comment- I think this would look great in my bedroom!

    And of course I’m a follower!!

    I think this is my favorite photo of yours that I’ve seen. I’m in love.
    This print would look wonderful in my room…I’m putting together a few picture collages on my wall, and this would be a great focal point in one of them :)

    I’m already following you! How could I not? :)

    I have been in love with this photo every since I saw it on PW… before I started following your blog! It’s so dreamy and I love the blossoms so much.

    And of course I’m a follower!

    I follow! =) I think this would look great in my guest bedrom

    Am already following, of course! This print is gorgeous – would love to win it!

    Beautiful print! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

    i would absolutely LOVE to win this photograph because it would love beautiful in my bedroom :)

    I would love to win this because it is gorgeous and I would love to have one of your prints. :D

    I would love to purchase any of your flower or nature photos.

    I’d love to win this print. I think it’s simply gorgeous and love the work you do. It would look perfect on my wall!

    cassiedianne at aol dot com

    well you know I follow, or more like stalk.

    For Etsy, I think you should totally post your work for sale. I think a lot of your macro shots would look really good on there!

    And furthermore my blog name IS the Shades of Pink…so a pink photo is sorta a no brainer. Although I have no clue where I’d put it!

    cassiedianne at aol dot com

    Facebooked this!

    This print is beautiful. I think my daughter would love to have it in her room. It is very whimsical. I follow you on my blogger :)

    I am already following you! I think you should do ETSY…You have some gorgeous photos and who wouldn’t want them. I love this photo so much.

    I want to win it cause it is gorgeous!!! I want to put it in my bathroom…it will be fabulous. Love it. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary,. Such a cute button too.

    I would love to win this photo because it would make the perfect gift for my mother who has everything. It would look gorgeous in her office.

    I would definitely be interested in buying prints on your etsy shop! There are so many that I always look at and think, That would be perfect for this room or that.

    I think that you are an amazing photographer and should definitely sell your prints. Love your style and creativeness! :)

    I have to enter Ashley!!! That image is incredible! I follow you and would love to win this to give it as a Christmas present to my Mom who is an avid gardener and flower enthusiast! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Crap! I’m Canadian – does that matter?

    Awesome, Ashley. I’m not sure how I missed this! I am a follower of Ramblings and Photos already!

    Hey Ashley-
    Already following and enjoying your blog and scavenging on Sundays with you. I would love to have this photo mainly to be an inspiration (a reminder) for me to keep shooting and keep working to become a better visual artist. I am encouraged when I hear you say you’ve had your camera just one year. Makes me believe I can do this. Your work/creativity would look beautiful in my home. Thanks. Susan

    I want to win this photograph because I really love this blooming tree flower (I have it on my blog header right now) Plus the colors and bokeh are amazing. I would be honored to have a print of yours in my house!

    I’d love to win because you are pure awesomeness. ;-)

    since you know I’m already a follower… you don’t need to be concerned that it is just for this give-away!
    I’d like to win this print because it reminds me of magic and fairies… and my inner child needs to keep seeing that in the world.
    also because I love your goals for your blog and the idea that we have this amazing creative community online – the photo would be a reminder of all it has to offer.

    I blogged!!

    This is a beautiful photo and I would love to win the print! I follow your blog daily and you are a true inspiration. I can’t believe you’ve only had your DSLR for 1 year! I hope I’m half as good as you when I hit my 1 year camera- anniversary!

    Oooooh! I’ve been in love with this photo from the first time I saw it on one of your blog posts. I really would like to win this photo because…. pink is my favorite color (we had pink in our wedding), AND it would be really cool for the picture to travel 10,000 miles all the way to the other side of the world. Did you know that NC is exactly on the opposite side of Thailand on the globe?

    I have been following your blog and been participating in SHS for 11 weeks now! That’s almost 3 months!

    Such a beautiful photo would make a perfect CHristmas present!!!

    I’m gonna post it on my facebook fun page and on my twitter as well

    and good luck with your etsy shop:)

    Here’s my blog post about this giveaway. I will be posting a link on my fb wall too.

    I think the photo is quite pretty, Ashley. I want to win the print to give as a Christmas present to my mom, sister/s, or grandmother, since I don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts with.

    I am so glad for you! I knew you had etsy potential and I am so behind you. Awesome giveaway!!! :O) This photo was one of my all time favorites of yours.

    I’d love to win as I admire what you are doing and I LOVE this colour!

    What a gorgeous picture! It would look perfect in my daughter’s bedroom.

    I am a follower of your blog … get your RSS Feed.

    What a fun way to celebrate! I follow your blog!

    I want this photo because the color is just gorgeous and I love the overall feel of it. I would like to put this photo in our second bedroom… where I sew. It would be soothing to look at!

    I’ve slowly been collecting photographs by the bloggers I love – I want to add yours to my collection.

    I would so be interested in purchasing a print off an etsy shop (you SHOULD open one!) I really like that teddy bear one you did recently with the quote. (Future baby room :))

    I would love to win this print! It’s so beautiful!

    I think you would sell a lot of prints on Etsy! All of your stuff is beautiful!

    I follow your blog and LOVE it! :)

    I want to win this photo because we are making our 1/2 bath larger and I think it would look gorgeous in there.

    Plus I admire your photography skills.

    I’m a follower.

    I’m a follower.

    Well Miss Ashley, I am already a loyal follower and I would love to win this print because it is so dreamy and magical; I love the color and the processing is superb.

    Also, I would totally buy prints of Kitty Paw from your Etsy shop, especially if you had the one from your header for sale.

    Ashley, I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging since Dec 2009! What an incredible accomplishment to have over 800 followers. I took a peek at your 1st blog entry and think your photography and editing skills, particularly your use of textures, have really come a long way … by leaps and bounds!! I’m not surprised that this photo was featured at the Pioneer Woman’s blog. You’re a wonderful photographer and artist.


    Ashely, are you kidding? Why wouldn’t I want to win this print!!!! Your work is stunning, so creative and beautiful. I am a big fan of your work and think you have a gift. I am thankful for all the bloggy friends I’ve made and glad I happened upon your blog. Congratulations on your first year of blogging here! Yay to inspiration and new friends!!! :)

    This was a great post and not just because of the giveaway LOL! Your photography and you as a person is what keeps us all coming back. I am constantly inspired by your work and it keeps me motivated to get better at my own photography. I would love to win this picture because it is beautiful! I think you could totally sell your work!

    Oh I’d love to win this print! When we move to our new house I’m doing Charlotte’s room up in a fairy theme, and what better to decorate the wall but this beautiful fairy garden photograph :D It’s something that she could keep when she’s too old for a fairy bedroom (but secretly I wish I could have a princess canopy over my bed, lol)
    I can’t believe you’ve only had your camera for a year! You’re definitely my biggest inspiration in the photog blog world, I love that you use Elements and always share your work flow. And I love that you take the time to visit everyone’s blogs and leave some lovin! I appreciate it more than you know!

    I blogged about your beautiful give away this morning! ♥

    So beautiful! I would love this print for weeks like this one: winter blizzard. Haven’t seen the sun or flowers for a while.

    I blogged about your giveaway on my giveaway page today. We had the same idea about giving away a print!

    I would love to win this because I like collecting photographs from other photographers…and it would look adorable in my loft.

    I want to win this photo because you took it- your spirit shows

    I visit you everyday but now I’m officially “following.”

    Three reasons I would love to win: 1.The photo is beautiful! 2. It is an inspirational reminder to improve my skills. (Kind of like when I grabbed your button..only better!) 3. My 9 year old daughter wants to paint her room because she thinks she’s too old for pink. Too old for pink? Never!

    Yes, I am so happy to come back home to this giveaway. I love this picture and it’s just so pretty and would make a great photo in my bedroom.

    i’m a current follower and love your blog :)

    i would LOVE to win this picture. i think it would be the PERFECT addition to my downstairs bathroom!

    I’m a fan of your photographs and if I win this photo, this will grace family room :) lovely!

    If you become an etsy seller, I’d heart your shop right away :) and I look forward to buying a photograph print of one of your macro photos :) best wishes to all your new year planned ventures!

    Many congrats on your blogging and photographing success! You know I love your work and have sent many an email about your work I love most. This photo above is one of those images! I think it’s a nice example too of a mile marker, you know?? Your photos and editing just get better and better! Im glad to learn from you and check into your blog every time I do! Thanks for the chance to win the print!

    Oh, I of course am already following! And just wanted to also take this time to thank you for your support with the ACoLab and all your information and tips. I appreciate it all greatly!

    That is one of my favorite photos I’ve ever seen. I’m serious :]
    I would love that photo because, well, it’s gorgeous!


    I follow you via GFC.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

    I’d love to win this photo because it is stunning! I love the colour, and the ethereal quality to it.

    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

    what a wonderful blog and such a beautiful givaway!

    I am following!!

    I want to win the photograph because it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    I would be interested in buying some prints on etsy.
    you can contact me at:

    I follow your blog and love it!

    I would love to win this print because it is absolutely breathtaking!

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

    I want the photo because it’s beautiful(:

    I follow.

    1st, I’d like to win because it’s GORGEOUS and would look beautiful in my girls room…. Second, I think you might be famous one day and want to be able to say I have one of your photographs!!!!

    I’d like to win this photo because, duh, it’s beautiful!

    I already follow you because you pay me.

    I want to win this to add to my Ashley Sisk shrine. Oooh-kay… that sounds a bit creepy.

    There are MANY that I’d love to purchase if you started a shop. The photo you’re giving away is sort of my fave. BUT, I do love that new hot sauce photo and think it would be great in my kitchen.

    I’m also seeing a bunch of funny Kitty Paw postcards in my future…

    I tweeted: thepapermama

    I’m going to be honest with you here: I only have a twitter account to win giveaways! ;D

    I’m following you!

    I want to win this photograph because it’s beautiful and would look amazing in our living room.

    I would definitely be interested in purchasing other prints from you. I really like this one:

    I follow your blog on a regular basis and as you know Ashley I love your work!! I would like to win this print as I would like to give back again to my mother-in-law who has very little to no art in her house!! Wish me luck!!

    Following your blog. Would love to win the picture. Love the pink hues.

    I’m a new follower! I Love your blog and your photo’s!
    I definitely would LOVE to win the picture…..its GORGEOUS and would beautiful in my newly decorated bedroom! And I definitely think you should sell your photographs on Etsy……you’d make a million!
    I just found you tonight (your blog)!
    I’m Amy’s Life @ (email)

    I’m a new “official” follower! And I would love this print to decorate our very bare walls! Would add much needed color, as well as serenity to our living room space :) Good luck in your new business endeavor!! Selling your prints on Etsy sounds like a great step!

    oh, miss ashley! this photo is beautiful and would love to hang it proudly in my home-my bedroom, specifically. it is gorgeous.
    i stopped by today to say hello and i’m so pleased to find this post with lots of words!! i am driven by photos, but reading your words really lets me get to know you a little better. and that photo of you is divine! you’re too cute! {does that get me 2 entries?? just kidding!}
    i don’t “follow” blogs b/c i don’t know how to set up the reader thing… 2 years and i still don’t know how to do that…how sad!
    i, too, have been considering etsy… i’m missing that editing touch… all things computer-like scare me! :)

    I follow you! :)

    One of my favorite subjects to photograph is nature. It offers so many beautiful possibilities with all the color, shapes, patterns, etc. And I love the way light and water and other elements can enhance the beauty. This photo is exactly what I myself am drawn to…beautiful soft colors, the beauty in nature, and beautiful light. I think it is a wonderful idea to sell prints of your photos, they are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I follow you.
    2. I have a girl who LOVES pink! This pic would be perfect in her room. :)
    3. Selling prints is a great idea! I have a few favs. ;)

    i already follow you :)
    i’d love to win coz it’s a very dreamy nice photograph and i love love it! so i am giving it to myself as a present lol
    i think you should sell prints i agree :)

    How have I missed this?!
    No I’m entering and going to spread the word :))
    Hugs to you.

    I’m a new follower. I’d love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway. Blessings, SusanD

    How fun! I do love that shot :D

    I would love to win this for one because its just simply awesome…and would go great in a room in our new home..and two I feel like we’ve become great friends and it would be just wonderful to have a friend’s artwork haning in my home :)

    also facebooked it :-) ((are we supposed to comment more than twice??)) if not you know I follow you as well :D

    Why do I want to win this? IT’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely *gorgeous*!

    If you opened an etsy shop, I think you should try to sell the photo in your post titled, “The Art of Texture and Blending Modes” or the ones on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday” – the date Nov. 14 2010. The one you did for orange and candle.

    Ashley, this is a super awesome giveaway! I would like to have this photo because it’s truly a work of art and I’d hang it anywhere in my home!

    I’m following! And I must say that photo is drop-dead beautiful. I love it because of the bokeh and the pale pink shades – I would love to win it for a gift or just to hang in my room. :)


    There are so many of your photographs I would love to have as prints – for instance the Autumn one you shared a few posts ago would be lovely. :)

    I follow your lovely blog!

    I’d love to win this because it’s GORGEOUS and I’d love to put it in my girls’ room!

    I follow you and love your site!!

    I want to win that photo because I love the color and composition of that photo. Plus, it would look great hanging on my wall!
    mybaybah at gmail dot com

    This is a gorgeous photo; I love the colors, and “fairy lights”. I have a dark gray powder bath that it would look amazing in!

    ~Of your other photos I also recall loving one you took of your watch and a mirror… I couldn’t find it when I tried to search for it though. (And I’m definitely a follower!)

    I’d love to win this because it would look perfect on the focal shelf over our TV

    Hi Ashley. I’ve been following your blog since SPN started. R&P is the only blog I 100% keep up with. If I won this giveaway, your print would give me reason to finally redo our bedroom. Your creativity and technique surpass one year. Happy anniversary!

    I sent a tweet about your giveaway.
    Twitter name: Nessa_AZ

    I’m subscribed to your RSS feed.

    I’m not exactly sure why I want to win your picture… It’s beautful, and would be lovely hanging on the wall, I guess! :-D

    Hi there! I’m a photographer from northern California & I LOVE reading your blog. I must say, one of my favorite things to do with my “down time” (which i don’t get much of since I have two jobs and own my own business, i’m a mommy of two, i’ll be giving birth to my 3rd hopefully this week!) I’m a wife, and teach sunday school.. feeew! nuff said) is getting inspired by other photographers. whether they are professional or not, I love to see new photography grow all over the world. It’s important to me because I truely hope to inspire someone one day with my photography as well. Anyhoo~ when I seen your photo.. before i thought about going through the process of trying to win it.. I thought.. man, this inspires me. I seriously wanted to pick up my camera and go shooting!! I love that!! :) anway, to have this on my wall at home would just remind me how important it is to capture God’s creations and share them as much as possible, instead of just the normal family photo shoots that I do! :O) So even if I don’t win this print, i want to say thank you. for taking the time to share your talent with us, for your wonderful insights and inspirational photographs! it truely is a beautiful piece! Have a blessed day my fellow artist!
    my site:
    my email:

    I follow your blog!

    I would love to win this print because it is gorgeous and would look great in my bedroom. I love your work!

    I follow!

    I would really love to win this because it matches my room, and my sister and I have almost no artwork, and are in need of some!

    How much would you sell a photo like this?

    I would put it in my daughter’s room, too. It’s so pink and delicious. I admire you as a blogger and photographer, plus you’re always so encouraging when you comment on my blog. Congrats on your one year bloggiversary!

    Hi Ashley, I would love to win this picture to give to my husband. I haven’t been blogging or reading other blogs very long but this image is the only one that he has walked by and commented on. He really likes it and he’s an art teacher. It would be fun to present it to him as a Christmas gift.

    If I won I would want you to send it to a fellow blogging friend of mine who is dealing with breast cancer. This pink is perfect and the beautiful life of a flower brings hope.

    I am following your blog now. :)

    This would be a perfect print to go in the pink & purple bedroom that our twin daughters share! :)

    LOL!! I’m already a follower & I ♥ your blog, your photos & your ideas! :) You make me smile!

    Your blog and pictures inspire me and am always in awe of your work!! Would love to have this picture for continued inspiration!! :)

    OooOO aweseome giveaway Ashley! This shot is stunning, love the colors (would look lovely in my livingroom). & LOL, my experience is so like yours as my DSLR came to me a year ago as well…& have been in love with photography & blogging ever since!

    I LOVE your photo’s!!! You have the greatest ideas!
    I would love to win your picture, its beautiful!!!
    Amy Jacob

    Well I would love to win your print because I think it would look great in my powder room under the stairs??? Yeah that’s it. I also am a big fan and love your editing stuff.

    Ashley, I still can’t believe that you have only been doing this for a year! You are so talented and wow, you have learned so much in just a year! I can’t believe it!

    I am follower! =)

    I would love to win, your photo, and it would hang in my office over my desk for inspiration.

    Yes, I would buy some of your prints, my home is huge and walls are blank, need to fill some! I would have to choose some of your flowers.

    Hey Ashley, I already am a follower!

    I would give this to my mom. She would love it!

    So..of course I wait until the VERY last day but I’d love this prints! You do so much and are an inspiration to say the least!

    I am a follower too! Duh!

    I hope it’s not to late to enter! I am a follower and I would love to win your picture because it is so beautiful! My favorite color is pink and I would love to put it in my hope chest.

    I would love to buy any of your photographs, but I would be especially interested in photos of flowers, the sky, and I would REALLY like the ones of the NC Fair. Thanks for doing this giveaway. I am really excited!