November 01, 2010
October 2010 Photo Hunt: Unveiled!
For the past month, I have carried a list of items around with me to photograph…all for the sake of the October 2010 Photo Hunt. Some of these items were more challenging than others, but I feel really good about my work this month. I’ve shared many of these photos on my blog before, but I did want to save a few surprises. Without further discussion, here are my items:

1. In Disguise
1. In Disguise - Ashley Sisk
Is that a baby or a duck? Actually, remember this beautiful baby? Her mother found out that I would be in town on Saturday and asked if I would be interested in taking pictures of the girls before they went Trick or Treating. Absolutely! I’m just beginning to process those photos, but thought I’d sneak a couple of shots into the October 2010 Photo Hunt!

2. Crisp
2. Crisp - Ashley Sisk
The North Carolina State Fair offers plenty of fried food options, therefore, there is plenty of oil and grease to go around. Do you like your fries crispy? You’re in luck!

3. Fall Colors
3. Fall Colors - Ashley Sisk
Sure I could have shared any number of fall foliage shots, but the truth is that we have still not hit peak season, so I thought I’d re-share my favorite pumpkin shot taken earlier this month.

4. Jack O’Lantern
4. Jack O'Lantern - Ashley Sisk
You’ll remember that I don’t carve my own pumpkins…I monogram mine, but I do love this plug-in Jack O’Lantern that I bought at Target earlier this year. I was at Target yesterday…everything is on sale and Christmas stuff is already on the shelves!

5. A Shot from the Ground
IMG_6903 RS
I debated on whether I should share this shot or a shot of a leaf. I went with the shot above because I was literally on the ground shooting up, trying to get a bit of sunflare. It actually looks as if the sun is dripping on the leaf.

6. A Landscape
6. A Landscape: Ashley Sisk
I don’t normally enjoy spending extra time at the airport, but given that I was at the airport….and that I had my camera, I was thrilled to capture my plane coming into the terminal from the gate area. This also happens to be a tilt-shift shot taken with my new Lensbaby.

7. A Fall Tradition
7. A Fall Tradition - Ashley Sisk
Our wedding…now anniversary date happens to occur at the exact same time as the North Carolina State Fair. Last year, we were unable to attend because we were getting married and then going on our honeymoon. So, this year, I made a special request to go to the fair…see the animals…eat greasy fair food…and ride the ferris wheel. Also on that check list…take this photograph!

8. Books
8. Book - Ashley Sisk
Technically, this is just a book, but I spent a lot of time thinking about the composition of this shot and I’m pretty happy with it. Now, my husband wondered why I was carrying a green apple with me everywhere, but I think he’s gotten used to my unusual antics.

9. Dining
9. Dining - Ashley Sisk
Again…at the fair. I shared this shot a couple of weeks ago for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This is my husband eating a fair sausage with all the fixins. Interestingly enough, he wanted one after visiting the pigs.

10. Child/Children
10. Child - Ashley Sisk
I was prepared to share this shot of Dustyn until I was asked to take pictures on Saturday of the girls. Emma and Frances were UNC cheerleaders. I asked the girls if they would show me some cheers so Frances started jumping up and down. It was pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

11. Faces Formed in Nature
11. Faces formed in Nature - Ashley Sisk
If you participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday, you know that my first attempt at finding a face formed in nature was a major failure. It may still be a failure, but I tried out an action I found this summer from Lemonlight – click here. After playing around, I thought the center of the image looked like a face. What do you think? 

12. Tilt-Shift Photography
IMG_7744 RS
To say that I’ve been enjoying my new Lensbaby is an understatement. “Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt for selective focus, often for simulating a miniature scene.” Personally, I have not used my tilt-shift lens to create miniature scenes, but have used it for selective focus and to create movement in the photo. 

I had several photos to choose from for this category (I could have even used the shot I shared above for a landscape), but I chose this particular photo because I love the color of the sky and the way the light pours in. It also looks as if the branches are reaching up to the sun.

13. B&W with Selective Coloring
13. B&W with Selective Coloring - Ashley SiskI used this photo several weeks ago to represent “warmth” for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I’m not a really huge fan of selective color, but I like this little touch of green that indicates that my seat warmer is on.

14. Bokeh
IMG_7768 RS 
I am really looking forward to using the star aperture disk that comes with my lensbaby for neat Christmas bokeh shots. On October 23rd, I was outside messing with my new lens…this was the outcome. I think it looks pretty cool and I love the starry bokeh.

15. Best Photo taken on October 23
IMG_7771 RSI’m not sure that this is my best shot taken on October 23rd, but by process of elimination (since I used my other shot above for bokeh), this is the shot I’m sharing. I mentioned a week or so ago that our first mum died due to the heat (and lack of water – it seems so simple, but I’m really terrible at remembering to water the flowers)…so, we bought another mum. This one is yellow and very pretty. I thought I’d also play around with the processing and framing. What do you think?

16. Something from the Kitchen
16. Something from the Kitchen - Ashley SiskI love the simplicity of this shot. This is one of our spoons. The last time I posted this shot, I received a number of comments that our spoons are really clean…or that it’s amazing they aren’t gnawed on, etc. Let me remind you that we have no children…let me also remind you that my husband is a clean freak. Furthermore, we have silverware that has never been used. Thus, a really clean spoon.

17. Something Vintage
19. Something Vintage - Ashley Sisk
I shared this shot yesterday. My mom collects antique children’s furniture (actually, she collects antique furniture in general)…she has this beautiful cradle in her store (she owns a children’s boutique). We had a great time processing this photo with texture and adding scripture. I love the way it turned out.

18. Something Creepy
18. Something Creepy - Ashley Sisk
I was totally stumped on this particular prompt. I don’t really celebrate Halloween with the exception of buying some candy and plugging in a store-bought jack o’lantern…so there isn’t a lot of creepiness around my house. I guess I could have photographed something at my parents’ house – my mom loves to decorate, but I didn’t think about it. Anyways, I used this shot that I took of Kitty Paw earlier in the month and turned her into a one-head, two-bodied creature. I think the texture made it extra creepy.

19. Something Golden
19. Something Golden - Ashley Sisk
The leaves in North Carolina take a long time to transition…I mean, let’s be honest, we still had 80+ degree temperatures this past week. However, the leaves on the tree outside my office do turn a beautiful shade of gold this time of year.

20. Self Portrait
20. Self Portrait - Ashley Sisk
I am really pleased with this self portrait. If you want to see more from this session, click here.

So, those are my interpretations for October’s Photo Hunt. If you want to see more, go to:

If you didn’t participate this past month, but want to participate…November and December will both have ten items each. I will continue to build these prompts into my weekly Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I’d love to have you participate in either challenge. Have a great week!

If you’re interested in participating in Polka Dot’s Photo Contest, click on the link below.
Life is Too Short Not to Wear Red Shoes

    Great work, Ashley! I agree, I love your selfie. Too cute.

    Gosh…that Kitty Paw capture cracked me up! If she only knew. :o)

    Great set of photos for the hunt. I’m looking forward to seeing some more photos from your Halloween photoshot – that first photo is so cute.

    I really enjoyed your photos and the description you write for each of them. My hubby misses the NC State Fair (he lived there for 12 years) and went, “OOOH” on that ferris wheel photo. I love your shot from the ground and child photos. Please have a look at mine when you get a chance:

    love these. The air plane I like the best. Kitty paw that is really cool. Maybe I will do that with one of Rubbie or Emmas shots.

    Happy Monday to you.

    These are all such great shots Ashley – I love your photos! That new lens is pretty sweet – I look forward to seeing more!

    wow great collection! hope you had a lovely weekend!

    Love the photos. The first one is SO ADORABLE! :)

    Beautiful shots! I adore the pile of pumpkins…the tones are so beautiful. And, you are gorgeous :)

    awesome photos! the pumpkins are awesome, i loved the Fair shots, your self portrait is perfect, and the processing on vintage is KILLER! Great work!

    I had a super hard time with “creepy” too. But I like how yours turned out a lot!

    I also love your self portrait and something from the kitchen!

    Oh wow, what a great choice of photos! I really admire what you are doing!

    Great shots. My favorite are in Disguise, Fall Tradition and Self Portrait. Wonderful job as always!

    I like your Jack O’latern and dining ! pics 5. 15. and 17. something golden and self-portrait are nice too !

    Great work, as always! They are all fantastic so it’s hard to have favorites. I love your Kitty Paw shot, I have no idea how you did it but it looks really cool. I also love the sun flare in your shot from the ground, and your Oct 23rd photo.

    Great work, as always Ashley!!!

    Such amazing photos! Stunning.

    so lovely!!! :)

    Wow you could sell that cradle shot!

    I love all of these, Ashley – great work! Your landscape shot simply blew me away:)

    I’m loving that landscape! Hopefully you were in the adjacent airplane and not on the runway ha! Speaking of runway, you could model with self portraits like that :) I will click to see if I too can recreate the magic…but you’re so cute!

    LOVE your shot from the ground!! So cool.

    Still love that spoon. :D

    And, did I tell you how much I love your cradle shot? It’s totally beautiful.

    The creepy one kills me. XD

    Still a great self-portrait, too.

    Love the cradle shot…so precious with the scripture.

    I just bought the flowers you had as your best picture today and so that made me smile as did the one of your self portrait as you look so lovely in it. :-)

    Hey Ashley-
    I couldn’t wait to see what you posted for the Oct Hunt…since you were the impetus that got me doing it. Of course fab shots…particularly like the first one in disguise, the shot from the ground (wow), the tilt shift, and your selfie is really gorgeous (but of course, look what you’re working with :))

    Great photos. I love all the pics from your lensbaby. Love your self portrait too.

    Wow your self portrait is awesome! and the others are all pretty brilliant too. I have been so busy lately but am turning to you again for inspiration!!!! Love your work… i know.. i keep telling you that!!! xxxx

    I love your #15! Your best shot! It is truly amazing. Beautiful colors and I love the framing. Great job!

    all are beautiful but, especially love the baby in the costume! Sooo stinking cute!

    Great job! Well, I love them all but I especially loooove the shot from ground and fall tradition.
    Ooooh, I want a lensbaby so bad..I have been dreaming about that lens for years!

    I love the jack-o-lantern & kitty paws pics

    Great shots! I really love the lensbaby shots and your self portrait.

    Those are all awesome, your so creative! I love the #5 A shot from the ground.

    I love them all. the faces formed in nature (#11) looks like a vampire to me. if you look at the top center, it looks like a face with fangs and moving down it looks as if his arms are folded in front of him. Great job!

    Love the pictures. Kitty Paw looks like a cat bat. My three year old had a hard time figuring out what the picture was of. I said, “It’s a cat.” She exclaimed, “With wings?!?!?!”

    Beautiful pictures as always! I’m totally obsessed with your ferris wheel pic, I want that on my wall. :)

    Oh wow, where to BEGIN?!! What great work! OK, seriously, those little girls might be the cutest lil’ things to walk the face of the earth. I’m loving those shots. No way I can pick favorites, I love the variety – awesome job! :-)

    You know how much I love your work. I adore your book shot. Great composition. Your spooky shot is cute and still spooky. I adored kitty paw as a bat. Your dining shot is fun, too. My favorite is your vintage shot. Great texture, very creative! Oh and of course your self portrait. :)

    You took some really awesome shots! Your Faces Formed in Nature shot is really great – to me, I see someone praying down the center. I also love your Kitty Paw picture – she certainly looks spooky to me!

    They are all GREAT! Love your creativety…and you look so cute…

    Great photos! I must say I think my favorite is one that you were questioning…”A shot from the ground”….But they all turned out awesome!
    I may just have to participate for the November challenge!

    wow, all are stunning!!

    Awesome collection so far! I see the face in #11, and I love the shot with the spoon. Reflections are awesome to capture. Thanks for hosting the scavenger hunt! It is motivating me to take more photos. Thanks!

    Sheer eye candy!!!

    i see faces actually on #11, the middle face looks like a bear’s face!
    awesome self portrait!

    Fantastic Job Ashley…I couldn’t wait to see these….my favourites would be ummmm what a decision…your self-portrait, the ferris wheel and okay okay all of them!!

    wow hun these are all so amazing, thanks for sharing these!

    great set of photos, I have to say your cat looks creepy,I love your in disguise shot and books, and what a pretty lady in self portrait :)

    great set of photos, I have to say your cat looks creepy,I love your in disguise shot and books, and what a pretty lady in self portrait :)

    can’t decide if I love the spoon or the cradle more -
    ok they are both awesome!!!
    great job as usual = eye candy for me tonite!!

    I don’t know where to start, but these were wonderful. Love the kitty, the pumpkin with the reflected light, and your self portrait!

    All so wonderfully done!

    i love the lighting in your jack-o-lantern, i also love your book shot too, you set it up perfectly! awesome collection!

    Absolutely fantastic, Ashley! What an incredible set of photos, you should be very proud – that’s a lot of work! I can’t remember if I’ve seen that airplane shot before, but I really like it!

    These are all beautiful! I adore number five–I love the sun-drip look. So unique and beautiful.

    And thank you for participating in the contest!

    Thanks for stopping over and commenting. Your pictures are so amazing, I have to study them!!!!! I love your self portrait best because we hardly ever get to see the face behind the camera. The Scavenger Hunt looks like fun, I’ll have to try it sometime.


    love your shots, especially the ones with your new lens! too cool!

    Leah (my 3 year old) saw the picture of your kitty and said ‘that is the biggest kitty ever. she is trapped!’ I said ‘in what’ and she answered ‘in a shoelace’ lol!

    These are fantastic. I love something creepy…hilarious. I also love your best photo on 10/23, ferris wheel, and white pumpkins! Awesome job…as usual.

    My niece wore the exact same costume this Halloween!! Here’s the pic:

    Love it! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

    Great pictures! Love 4 and 18!!

    These are just wonderful, I am always so inspired by your work.

    These are all gorgeous. Great job!
    I especially love the landscape.

    I would say the spoon and the vintage shot are my favorit.

    I also realy like the star bokah, LOL, if I could only get normal bokah I would be happy.

    and Mr Mar Jr is inseasting your plain is a car.

    Great collection of pictures!
    Love the first one – super cute – and the fall tradition!!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

    All fantastic! But I really love your shot from the ground and landscape. My mum would love that one too, she actually goes to the airport with my Grandma sometimes and they sit in the window and watch planes and have coffee. Then come home Thats weird isnt it? lol!

    Super photos Ashley! My fav of these is the airplane shot with your lens baby. It makes me smile and it makes me want to rent a lens baby.

    really nice photos. Love the self portrait. You did some really hard work on this–way to go.

    Beautiful shots! My faves out of the ones I haven’t seen yet are crisp & your shot from the ground!!!!

    love the simplicity in your kitchen shot. as always, great job with the challenge!

    Love all your photos, I think I’m going to try and do the November one, you’ve inspired me! That deep fryer shot really stuck out to me, just a very real shot, no frills. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at it!

    amazing–i love them all. thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Ashley! Great set as usual. Always loved your post processing, and textures. Can’t pick favorites, love them all…and i think lensbaby will be on my christmas gift wish list this year.

    Thanks for “following” me. I’ve been “silently” following your posts for some time. Has every intension to participate on your hunts but just couldn’t get the right timing…too busy then too lazy…ya know.

    I love them all, but I especially love disguise, jack 0 lantern and fall tradition.

    Yay, photo hunt! You did great this year! I especially love 1, 8, and 17. The vintage cradle shot is just beautiful the way you processed it. I can totally imagine that enlarged and hung on a nursery wall.

    Also, your jack-o-lantern shot is just awesome! I love the glow and the reflection.

    Great collection! I love your tilt shift and shot from the ground photos! I have enjoyed your dining photo since you posted it on your weekly hunt! It makes me think of my dad (he plans vacations around meals) :)

    Love your collection (and all the work on your blog for that matter)!

    I can’t wait to do Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Is there anything I need to do to participate?

    Every time I come to visit you, I have a very serious LOL moment (or two or three of them, actually.) The “in disguise” photo was that moment for me. I LOVE that – right to the heart. Well, so many others go right to my heart, too. I hope that you don’t mind hearing it over and over…. You are such an inspiration! I come to do a little catch up and wind up immersed for who-knows-how-long.

    I’m particularly glad to see the course that Kim Klassen is going to give on PS. I NEED to get into that. The only thing is that I was kind of hoping to get through Christmas first – yikes! =0 So, saying that, I’m always glued to you “how-tos”, even though I barely have a clue about what you’re talking about. Anyway, thank you, thank you for sharing all of this!

    Love to you and yours!