November 11, 2010
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Power Lines and Birthdays
I carry my camera with me everywhere, so it didn’t surprise my friend Caroline when she saw me pull my camera out from my bag to take a picture of the power lines on my way to a birthday celebration. Actually, she wasn’t sure what I was doing since she was in the car behind me, but she later commented that the new “no texting while driving” policy clearly does not apply to cameras.
Power Lines RS
Actually, I thought there was something really interesting about these power lines…or perhaps I just thought the power lines looked really interesting against the sky. Considering that this week’s Lens Art theme is “lines,” I think these power lines are even more interesting. I could be annoyed that I got some sort of strange glare by shooting through my window, but I think it looks cool. So, enough of my rambling. 

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 While I’m here, I also need to wish one of my best friends a happy birthday…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN! It was her birthday we were celebrating on Sunday by going to a wine tasting, so I thought I’d post our group photo (yep, I’m IN the photo). Yes…I trusted some random person with my camera. Unfortunately, I had to switch to auto, which meant pop-up flash (shutters). What’s most important is that we were able to capture the moment. Jenn wasn’t wearing a crown or sash, but I thought it was a nice addition.
Happy Birthday Jenn RS


    Very cool shot of the powerlines!!! I love the reflection! I thought it was something you did on purpose until I read about it! And good for you to pass off your camera so you could be in the photo too….looks great!

    Love the powerlines shot! Yay for being IN the photo ;) I need to learn so much with my camera before I can turn the flash off- I HATE using it but sometimes I just have to. :/ I so can’t wait to learn more.

    Love the powerlines pictur. I also thought it was some cool thing going on with sun/lens befor you said it was the window. Cool effect.

    You look grate, LOL, I know why I like hiding behind the camara, you deffently don’t have a reson to.

    LOL No doubt they just might pass the law the forbid the cameras next! AMAZING pictures! as usual! ;-) And oooo, wine….hmmmmm.

    Stunning shot!

    Ha, I am LOVING the lighting in this picture. How did you do that? the texture is totally awesome. NICE pic!!!

    I totally LOL’d when I read that you took it while driving, because that is something that I totally do all the time! :) Awesome picture though!!

    Love the in the photo idea. it’s great to see your beautiful face.

    Happy Happy Birthday Caroline & you have me cracking up about the no texting doesn’t apply to cameras! LoL!
    I usually steer clear of all powerlines while shooting pics but this one works

    The camera seems to love you too, you look great in the photo.

    I love the power line photo. Ha ha. That crown and sash is great. Is the girl next to you wearing a mommy necklace?

    haha – I just took a photo of power lines this week too and my husband asked the same question.

    I carry my camera with me everywhere too :) The photo turned out interesting.
    …and happy birthday to your friend.

    The glare from the windshield adds a special touch to your photo! As for ‘shooting while driving’….I’ve done it for years. Drives my husband nuts, but the smaller digital cameras make it much simpler if you don’t have to use the viewfinder. ;-)

    I like the powerlines . Nice shot of all you ladie and Im sure you had a great time.

    I like the powerlines as wel, and I have been known to shoot through the window too lol. Love the group photo too – even on auto!

    I like the cool effect you got by shooting through the glass – too bad my windshield isn’t clean enough to give it a try.

    The powerline shot is just amazing!

    I love that you just snapped it straight through the glass! It turned out so cool, too.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the power lines; you are a girl after my own heart, snapping through the window. What an awesome shot.

    I completely sympathize with having to hand over the camera, but you are a good friend taking one for the team!

    Girlfriends are the best thing ever aren’t they! Happy birthday to your friend:0. I think that is a great shot of the power lines. I like the clouds and the grass beneath. IT’s just neat looking!

    Sounds like a nice birthday celebration.

    Love the processing on the power lines shot! I thought the sunglare was something you’d added with a texture :-)

    So, I’m curious. Did you stop and snap this shot or we’re you actually moving? (Yikes!)

    Interesting shot. Have a great week-end!

    There’s something really surreal about this photo…I love it! It’s almost dream like…so lovely!

    I was driving today on a very scenic road, and I was actually wishing I had my camera with me! I think your power line picture is beautiful!
    Big Fat Mama

    OMG Ashley, you actually took the powerline photo while driving? I can’t imagine doing that.

    It’s very interesting photo of sky. And all this powerline look just great on this shot.
    Have a great weekend.

    Ugly things can also be beautiful. You wouldn’t want power lines to your backyard because they are ugly but in these case they are beautiful:) First I wondered have you done some effect in photoshop to the sky but then I read the text and find out they are “natural” glares. They make photo even more interesting, I think so.
    Good shot considering the moment
    Greetings from Finland:)

    This is a great shot. Someone said it right – A good photograph is about where you stand.

    The power lines do have a great perspective.

    I love powerlines to :) – your photo of them is really good, love what you done to the colors. Hope you all had a really fun Birthday party!
    Happy Friday!

    The powerline photo has a magical strength to it. The poles especially look almost digitized. The “glare” adds geometry. Perfect. I hope you were in NC!

    Looks like fun Ashley, and I love your power line shot!

    Love that power line shot.

    looks likje its own texture with the powerlines.

    I love this photo!!

    So cute! I take photos in the car all the time. Probably not the best idea… but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes :D
    Cute photo of you and the girls! love the edits.

    In this case the window glare totally works! I shot a snowflake through ours this morning and got the reflection of the book I’m reading – I thought it was cool, lol. Happy belated to your friend!