November 16, 2010
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Shutter Love Tuesday: Birthdays
This week’s Shutter Love Tuesday theme at the Trendy Treehouse is birthdays, so I thought I’d share my birthday cake from my most recent birthday. To be honest, I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday. I’m a June (Cancer – June 22) baby, so most of my friends were on summer vacation during my birthday…meaning that I often had very small birthday parties (that’s not completely true…I do have incredible birthday memories). Anyways…now that I’m an old lady, I prefer small birthday celebrations. Thankfully, my husband and friends completely understand.
Happy Birthday Cake blog
For more birthday celebrations, go to:
Have a great day! I’ll be back soon with Touch-Up Tuesday.

    Ashley, if you are an old lady, then I am a geriatric!

    Nice cake

    Looks yummy; I prefer small celebrations too :)

    lol…”now that I’m an old lady..” funny! I don’t think so!
    Love the picture–it’s so pretty:-)

    Do you think that the Canon EOS Xsi is a good buy? I know you have it, and you take BRILLIANT pictures…but I’m looking towards an DSLR and I’m looking for people’s advice on canons. Could you help? Sorry to be a bother! Have a great day!

    Love the lighting here. Shows the intimacy of a small celebration. You cheated, though… 2 of those candles are out and HOW MANY years does each candle represent??? LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been missing doing this for more fun. I had upgraded my camera in May. I was having such a hard time getting things processed with my computer and the larger files… (OLD computer and SLOW processor) I had to put majority of my time into trying to edit for others and putting my fun aside.

    THEN I upgraded my computer. YAY?? NOT yet… *sigh* Did YOU know that PS CS3 is NOT compatible with Windows 7? Yeah… me, neither… SO I got a NEW CS5 (off EBAY… DON’T buy programs off of EBAY, you get NO customer support if it’s not through an “authorized” dealer) So this program LOADED… but the serial number is INVALID! However, it allows for a “30 day trial” and HOPEFULLY everything will get worked out before the time is up. SO, I’m manically trying to get everybody else’s stuff edited and trying not to take on more. (Although there’s always the people you KNOW that NEED this or that and ya’ give in… Like the baby tomorrow, the family on the weekend, the couple last week… You get the idea…) So, until I’m caught up and probably the holidays out of the way… I’ll probably be pretty unpredictable.

    (((HUGS))), my FRIEND!! ;D

    I am a BIG fan of Small parties! Great capture of the cake and candles!

    I’m June, too, so I can totally relate. Tho, it was nice to consistently have pool-parties! :)

    mmmmm that cake looks yummy!! Maybe I need to pick up some cupcakes today….

    I WANT that cake right now! I have super intense cake cravings and that picture is triggering one!

    I love the cake picture. I don’t like a big party either, just a few friends and some good food. I usually invite people over for a meal at my house.

    Hey Ashley! I’m baaaaaaack! Missed your posts but looking forward to reading more! I love birthdays and I loooove cake. This makes me want some birthday cake…. like now.

    An old lady! ROTFL You don’t know what old is! But, you definitely take awesome photos; for your age! :)

    Very pretty picture! The lighting is awesome!

    Wow, I still can’t believe you just picked up photography a year ago! I hope I can be as good as you in a year!!

    lol old! who are you kidding. Birthday celebrations in our house are quiet events now that the boys are older. Love the lighting but love that lovely icing on top of the cake even more :)

    fabulous! the candles almost look 3D. and is that an icecream cake? YUM!

    Awesome!!! I love this shot…love it!

    love your shot. Birthday cake always makes me smile.

    Great cake and shot! Don’t know about the old lady thing though…I’ve seen your self portrait and I don’t agree.

    Erika B

    Love this picture, your photos are amazing. Now that you are following my blog I’m going to have to get my photography skills in shape! Following you too.

    WOW – First off THANK YOU so much for the kind words on my blog (and of course for visiting). Ya made my day! Secondly – great shot! I love the lighting and the flames look great! Looking at some of your work – your the one providing the inspiration!!! I look forward to following along!

    awesome shot! the lighting is so cool!
    and this made me really happy because today is actually my birthday. just saying(:

    You’re only 5! Gosh, that’s not “old” at all. You take amazing low-light shots. The clarity of this one is paricularly awesome. What’s your secret. Did you use a flash/tripod?

    Now I’m craving birthday cake – yum!

    How do you do it? I’m always in awe of the amazing way you keep up with these photo shares :) I can hardly keep up with one… even though Cam is always with me!

    What macro lenses are you using?

    Great cake and shot!!!