Special Delivery
Last night, I had a package waiting for me on my front door step. You’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what I got (it’s good….really good)…in the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with some of my latest creativity. I dedicate this one to The Paper Mama!
Special Delivery RS
The Paper Mama

On a more serious note, I love this cat! While I was playing with my new toy, Kitty Paw was sitting at the top of the stairs watching me. I love that I can get such pretty catch lights with my speedlight. In post-processing, I used a new action called Desolate by My Four Hens. Love it!
IMG_8273 RS
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the long road

On another note, I have noticed a few new followers – YAY! If you’re new, please leave me a comment so I can stop by to visit. In a lot of cases, blogs aren’t linked up to google profiles (meaning that when I click on a follower’s icon, it doesn’t direct me to a blog). I’m also really struggling to pick out my “best photo” for Photo Freak’s photography contest. Maybe by this afternoon, I’ll have chosen a favorite…but if you have a favorite, please let me know! Have a great day!

    Beautiful photos and cute kitty!


    That is a great shot of your kitty! I can’t wait to hear what your new toy is – I am sure it is great! :)

    What is a speedlight?

    that kitty is so so pretty :) looks like my cat growing up, whom i miss! have a great day!

    You always have such pretty pics of your kitty! It doesn’t help that I have a weakness for them! Can’t wait to see what your package was!!

    Look forward to Sunday, I am assuming it is in your Scavenger Hunt “Handmade” section?!

    Your card of Ruari is so so sweet.

    I want a speedlight so bad. The clarity in kitty paw’s picture is amazing & cute!

    Very creative! Love the shot of your kitty cat. My oldest would love a cat in the house but unfortunately she’s allergic. Her favourite stuffed animal is a cat of course!

    Erika B

    Your cat is beautiful! I love her eyes. :)


    great picture!!!! I can’t wait to get my speedlight!

    Love the picture of kitty paw!

    I love the picture of kitty paw. That Christmas Card is cute!

    Your card is so adorable! Love it :)

    aren’t cats wonderful?! they make such lovely companions. :) out of curiosity, what kind of toy did you find? i have a hard time finding ones i think are safe for my cat but still entertaining, etc. the one i find that he likes here and there, my dogs like to take ownership of when i’m not looking. anyway, if you found something he likes, please share. it might be worth looking for. so far, oliver has a scratching post he loves and this little blanket that has tassels and textures that he likes to play with. otherwise, he’s short on toys. the poor thing is so without in the toy department that he gets a huge thrill out of ribbons and paper when i wrap a present. :)

    Oh my goodness! That’s hilarious! I can’t wait till Sunday!

    Hi Kitty Paw. I love that new action. I’m going to check it out.

    thanks Ashley. Great shot of Kitty Paw.Love it.

    Awww “ruari” is so cute!!! Love your kitty too!

    I’ve been following for about 2 months but this is my first time posting. I’ve learned so many incredible tips from you, keep up the awesome work!

    Ha! That card is fabulous! So hilarious…

    Kitty Paw is adorable and I love that photo.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in the package!! Hopefully, something photography related ;o)

    BTW- I would love to add your button to my blog roll page, but it doesn’t fit the the dimensions of the other buttons (150 x75). Would you be able to make a custom one for me?? I’d really appreciate it! My email is maddy@themaddychronicles.com.

    Ashley you are awesome. That card is the bees knees.

    Can’t wait to see what what inside that package! And I know how hard it was to choose your “best” photo! HARD! But you’ll find something perfect!

    Fabulous, as always. I love the way the speedlight catches the light in the eyes too. (I’m enjoying messing around with mine.)

    Kitty Paw looks so regal. You almost can’t tell she’s a nutball! (She is a she, isn’t she?)

    I just love seeing your pics of your Kitty Paw! :)

    I’m new around here.. I love the pictures you take! :)

    Cool card! :D

    And I love me some Kitty Paw. ;)

    Very cute! I like the pp on the Kitty Paw photo.

    i’m a new follower…love your pictures!

    Love it all – as always…. not feeling well this week, but keep checking your site as it makes me smile. :)

    Signed – a “Kitty Paw” Fan! :)

    (Oakley would LOVE Kitty Paw too!) :)


    Your cat is just beautiful!

    Kitty Paw is so gorgeous! Great Photos!!!!

    I’m not brand new, but fairly new. I really love your photography. I’m trying to learn lots of different aspects and your inspiration link has helped me so much. Thank you!

    I love your cat, must look into speedlights, I keep meaning to will it help with the awful English winter light?

    i love the kitty cat photo so much!

    The kitty is lovely…

    Oh, you are so creative…and funny!

    And, look at Kitty Paw. I know she can’t wait until Santa comes. (Or at least, until the trees go up!) :)

    Oh yeah, those are some AMAZING catchlights! I’m really starting to embrace my Speedlite too. Well, I guess I have little choice since I’ll be cooped up for the next 5 months – bleh! How cold does it get where you are? It’s complete nastiness here. (Well, not yet, but it will be). I LOVE those new actions from my 4 Hens too – awesome! :-)

    Ahh that holiday card is hilarious and adorable! And I always love to see Kitty Paw. :)

    hahaha you know I love this!

    That card from Rauri is awesome! Photoshop is a big world that I am lost in! Kitty Paw is as cute as always :)

    Kitty Paw is a very pretty kitty. Very photogenic.

    this one is fantastic!

    Arrggg, the suspense… can’t wait to see what ya’ got!!! Love the teddy bear shot posted earlier. Looks like a vintage post card. lovely!!

    Love your Kitty Paw shots! Those eyes are just gorgeous.

    wow that action has a wonderful effect on the photo and those eyes are so adorable.

    Okay, that picture of Kitty Paw is absolutely beautiful. It would definitely be one that I would frame, if I was you. I also love the artwork, and I’m so excited to see what you got!

    Wow! Love this shot of Kitty! You rock with the camera!

    Really love that new action, great shot, you have such a cute kitty.

    I love the processing on Kitty Paw’s photo!

    HAA! Love that card for PM, very cute. I showed it to my little girl and she is very jealous!! Okay, I am… So cute!

    Love this shot and the processing!

    Hello! I am one of your new subscribers…I really enjoy your photos :))

    I have a special place in my heart for a cat with a black nose. I have no idea why.


    that is awesome! i can’t wait to see what you got!

    Kitty Paw is so very cute!! I’m thinking of picking up a Speedlite for Christmas, but I’m a bit intimidated! Your photos always turn out so beautifully!!