The Art of Texture and Blending Modes
Sunday afternoon, I got an itch to shoot some macros. So, I went outside to see what I could find. Sure, most of the flowers have died, our grass is going into hibernation and our leaves are falling, but I found some incredible macros and bokeh! Although many of my shots are still on my SD card, I wanted to start practicing some of the lessons I’ve learned through Kim Klassen’s Skinny Mini course. Here’s my SOOC shot.
Lens: Sigma 105 mm, ISO 100, f/4, 1/160 exposure

I don’t consider myself a novice when it comes to texture,  however, I rarely consider using the photo itself with varying blending modes to change the image. In this particular case, I went through the following layers: 
  1. Background Copy 1 – Blending Mode: Soft Light – Opacity: 30%
  2. Greyday Texture by Kim Klassen – Blending Mode: Screen – Opacity: 45%
  3. Background Copy 2 – Blending Mode: Overlay – Opacity: 60%
  4. Color-Fill Layer (Dark Pink) – Blending Mode: Overlay – Opacity: 40%
  5. Background Copy 3 – Blending Mode: Multiply – Opacity: 12%
  6. Cafe Au Lait Texture by Betty Jo – Blending Mode: Screen – Opacity: 16%
  7. Color-Fill Layer (Cream) – Blending Mode: Hue – Opacity: 20%
  8. Background Copy 4 – Blending Mode: Hard Light – Opacity: 8%
Kim really encouraged us to experiment with our blending modes for a different look. Although I love my SOOC shot, I really love my final edit. 
IMG_8400-2 RS

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    So pretty! love the bokeh and texture!

    You must write down what you do, right? Otherwise, you are my memory hero! I can’t remember more that one step at a time.

    These are truly lovely!


    Wow! That is really good! Beautiful!

    I know your “secret”! I use your secret too! I actually meant writing down all of your steps for editing a picture. When it comes time to say what I did to the “after” picture, I never remember my steps.

    I love both!

    Oh my word Ashley! I love the picture straight out of the camera. Who can make a dead flower pretty? Only you : )

    Ashley this is awesome! Love the results. Will have to give it a try. I posted about “fake” HDR today. ♥

    I’ve never considered changing the blending mode of the background copy before applying a texture before! See, I always learn something whenever I drop by here. :) Thanks for sharing your steps.

    Gorgeous! I love your edit.

    Looks wonderful. I like it both ways.. I am taking Kims class and have also had a blast playing around. It is so amazing what you can do..

    Hope you are having a great day!

    Hugs, Linda

    I never thought about using a duplicate of the background…something to play around with on cold winter days!

    very pretty.

    I’m enjoying the course too! Feeling much less intimidated to try things. I really like the processing on yours!

    Beautiful bokeh and textures! I find that I rarely use textures, even though I have a gazillion I purchased over time. I think in some cases it can be overkill, but the way you incorporated it in this picture looks like a work of art! I would definitely hang this beautiful print in my home!

    Nature photos are my favorites and I love the flowers sooc too.

    beautiful job Ashley, aren’t Kim’s textures the greatest?! I bet her class is wonderful!

    Both are beautiful.

    Question about Bokeh….do you have to have the aperture set at 1.8 or…even 3? If I get real close to a pic, but ap is still only as low as 4. EVER. does that mean I will not ever have the Bokeh option? I love the way it looks and would love to learn, but I am just not sure how to achieve it! You have GREAT Bokeh! :) hahaha

    I LOVE the SOOC, but your edit is gorgeous for completely different reasons. Wonderful work!

    Your SOOC shot is gorgeous enough! But I love the edit as well!

    Beautiful shot to begin with but I love the PP, I so need to learn photoshop better!

    Both are lovely Ashley and thankyou for the recipe. I was out on Sunday taking photos and I too noticed that the autumnal sunshine was great for bokehs.

    Very lovely! I am so impressed with your SOOC shot. It’s excellent. Your final edit is just gorgeous though! Love the pink hue it has.
    I am doing the Skinny Mini course too. I am a novice at textures and am learning so much! It is fun to see what you’ve experimented with. Thanks for sharing your steps.

    what a lovely texture to use. It really pop that flower. Nice work!

    I love both. I gotta check out the blending on PS

    Great photos, I love the SOOC shot it is amazing with the blur! Your edit is really pretty too, I love the texture

    Both shots are beautiful.

    So nicely done!

    Is it bad I like the sooc better? I think it’s stunning, the color and bokeh and focus….so great!

    Is it bad I like the sooc better? I think it’s stunning, the color and bokeh and focus….so great!

    Oh wow! That is just beautiful Ashley! Love it love it

    I have yet to do anything with textures but, I always enjoy seeing pictures that have that effect…hmmm something else for me to start fiddling with! This is a beautiful texture edit!

    Great use of the textures!

    Her textures are amazing! LOVE your finished product, tho it was pretty darn awesome to start.

    Very Cool! Great Tutorial!

    Thank Ashley for posting your recipe. Gosh and to think a pro like your self is taking Kim’s class. Love the results and the recipe. I had mine done up to post for challenges just like yourself, hope you don’t think I am a copy-cat or somethings.

    I love this! Gorgeous. I had a lot of fun with that lesson. I can’t wait to play with some of the photos I took. Great job! It is funny that we both did macros and explored the yard on sunday. :D

    Its great Ashley! And no, you are no novice – I wish I could sit down with you for a few hours. I am going to take Kim’s course again in December – I did not finish the first time.

    Very, very beautiful! One question, though…how do you do a ‘colour fill’ layer?? Being pretty much self taught when it comes to layers and texture, there are huge holes in my photoshopping knowledge; a serious disadvantage!

    Very nice! I don’t really consider using the image itself when “texturizing” either. I’m excited to be part of Kim’s class in Dec… yay! Have a wonderful day, Ashley!

    There is beauty in the not so perfect as well! Beautiful editing but I really love your SOOC!

    Erika B

    You are so good! Love it. I wish I was half as good as you!

    Aren’t textures just beautiful! So many possibilities! And I love what you do with them!

    Wow! I love this! You are an amazing photographer!

    Before AND after look terrific!


    Thanks for the response on my blog! But now I am even more confused :) So, I get real close to my subject, app at about 4 or 4.5, shutter at about 600 with all this snow…..and click? that’s it? cuz I’m not getting much Bokeh with that. am I missing something? Thanks!!

    So nice!! I heart the bokeh.

    I’m behind in the course… haven’t tried layers yet. Gotta get my butt in gear! ;)

    Before and after are both stunning!

    I always want a new lens when I visit your site! Great shots!!

    Hi Ashley! I love, love, love this! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I LOVE your blog! I am following you as well! Love and blessings!

    Thank you for commenting-and becoming a follower!

    I’m really intrigued by your use of textures. I’ve never tried anything like that. Maybe I should…

    That’s it – I need to find a way to work in the class

    The SOOC was a great start, and the blending was very nice!

    That is a beautiful shot and the processing is wonderful!

    This is beautiful. I can’t really find any other words…lol

    I always seem drawn to your photography on various link up sites :-)

    This is a pretty incredible shot! nice!

    Looks fantastic!!

    I love the texture, so neat! I’ve recently been getting into them thanks to you!! Wonderful job. Oh, and am I allowed to double comment on this post about another post of yours? Is that against the rules of blogging? Ha! I love your birthday post. Such a terrific picture, and so true. I don’t celebrate mine. I usually just get a simple card and a “Happy Birthday” from Aaron and Landon. I like simple, so I can totally relate. Oh, and no Landon didn’t eat the candles. I would have killed him! In fact, Landon is quite a picky eater so I don’t think wax is on the list of things to eat. Ha ha! Thanks for the comment!

    A wonderful bokeh shot and an equally lovely processed photo. Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

    If you have time, do drop by:

    My Entry

    absolutely beautiful Ashley!

    Ok seriously….I love both the sooc & edit…but how do you decide which layers to do what with??? You’re just a genius, that’s what I think!

    Beautiful edit, although your SOOC is fabulous too.

    Beautiful photo and your subtle app of texture works great for the shot.

    oh great edition!

    Love your photo. I took Kims skinny mini class too. It was fun and I finally learned what ps can do. I can see where it becomes addictive.

    They are BOTH fabulous images! Thanks for the info on how you did it!!

    I can’t decide which one I like more, they both great photos!

    Beautiful. I also can’t decide which I like better. I can’t wait to learn how to do some of these editing techniques.

    Kim Klassen better watch out — you are really getting the texture thing down! Beautiful edit!!!

    Gorgeous shot to begin with! It is amazing what textures can do to an image…I love what you have done here, and I love the way it makes your image just glow!

    Such a beautiful photo!

    You are fancy.

    You are so talented.

    Your photos always blow me away! when I come here I spend far to long staring at them wish i knew how to use photoshop, Keep up the amazing work