Touch-Up Tuesday: Lady Bug
The other day, I spotted a lady bug hanging out on the side of our house. I just happened to have my macro lens on me, so I snapped a few photos. I’ve been editing and re-editing this one particular shot for a few days, and…I think I’m finally ready to share a couple of edits. I also thought it might be interesting if I made my SOOC shot available for anyone that wanted to practice editing, texture, etc….so here it is. Just click on the image below > go to actions > view all sizes > download.
Lady Bug SOOC
ISO 100, f/4, 1/160

My process is a bit organic but I did save my steps in Photoshop Elements 7 so I could share my work (I feel like I’m in algebra all over again): 
  1. Adobe Camera Raw white balance adjustment 
  2. Crop
  3. Curves Adjustment
  4. Duplicate Layer – Black/White Conversion
  5. Levels Adjustment
  6. Gradient Map set to Soft Light blending mode at 16% opacity
  7. Photo Filter – Sepia set to Soft Light blending mode at 100% opacity
  8. Duplicate Layer set to Multiply at 16% opacity
  9. Duplicate Layer set to Screen at 31% opacity
  10. Artistic Filter (I think Palette Knife)  set to Soft Light at 70% opacity
  11. Square 171 by Shadowhouse Creations set to Multiply at 54% opacity
  12. Coffeeteaorme by Kim Klassen set to Soft Light at 78% opacity
To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted this photo to look like, so I experimented with my adjustment layers, blending modes and opacities to create the first edit below.
Lady Bug 1 RS
I really like the way the texture hides our vinyl siding, but I wanted a little more color, so I applied Pioneer Woman’s Seventies action and lowered the opacity to 22%. I then applied Amy McMaster’s Berries N’ Cream action with a levels adjustment and multiply layer. I really like the effect. What do you think?
Lady Bug 2 RS
Like I said, feel free to download my SOOC shot and practice editing the photo yourself (and if you do, leave me a comment with a link…I’d love to see it). Or, just check out some of the other great touch-ups. I’m also linking up with Ruby Tuesday for the first time.
Photography love...

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With that said, we are leaving in the morning to go to my inlaws’ for Thanksgiving. I will have my computer with me but may be a bit delayed with my blogging/emailing, etc. I hope everyone has an awesome day and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    The clarity of this lady bug shot makes me really, really want a macro lens! Really cool processing too. I’ve taken a few cool bug pics too but that darn vinyl siding ruins them. I like your idea of a texture to hide it.

    Ashley I have to say I love almost everything you shoot and the SOOC is a wonderful macro making the textured images even more intersting.
    That is someting I have to work on and am lacking in skills that you add textures too .
    Love it.

    ooo I love both, but I think the catch light in the ladybug looks more crisp to me in the 2nd!

    Very cool edit. I like it. Great photo. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    Nice edit Ashley. I snapped a ladybug the other day too…only mine won’t be nearly so awesome if I ever get around to editing it.

    Great edit!! I hardly ever use textures – I just forget about them.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    Love this! That edit is perfect…just perfect. Have a great visit with the In Laws and Thanksgiving!

    Nice macro; interesting idea – hide an ugly background with a texture…

    Love your texture!! great edit!!

    Love everything…ladybug,texture, and crop! Have a happy thanksgiving!

    Excellent edit – am so happy to read that you can do all this in Elements (which is what I have).

    Have a lovely holiday!

    i love how clear the touchup is! the overall picture is just awesome. good job!

    i love how clear the touchup is! the overall picture is just awesome. good job!

    Very cool edit! Great job!

    Ashley, this photo is so cool, I love what you did with it! Wow, those ladybug spots really stand out!

    I can not belive, what you did. This is amazing. The result is just beautiful.

    Oh my goodness I love it!! Super cute!

    this is an amazing macro shot ashley! i’ve never seen a lady bug so close before.

    ps: you should definitely get one of those sock monkeys on black friday… i think i’m gonna too :)

    Great shot!

    What a really cool touch up!
    Very creative…love it…

    Love. this. so. much.
    It is so pretty! I’m loving Photoshop Elements too, only mine is only a trial version! :-(
    Have a great day!
    P.S. Day 2 of Capturing Creation has started!

    WOW – this was really cool !!!

    Awesome processing! I really like it with the actions. Have a safe trip :)

    Wow…those “touch ups” are stunning, Ashley!

    Whoa! What a transformation from the original picture! I love love love the touch ups, great job!

    I love it!! It is amazing how the before can become the after with editing. The lady bug seems to almost jump off the page in the after.

    Here is my question: Have you gotten to a place where you can do your edits pretty quickly? I feel like I take forever, so I just don’t have time to edit many of the pics as I would like to.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with your in-laws

    Well done!

    Have a fantastic thanksgiving.

    What a pretty lady bug!! Love the op of color in the final edit :)Safe travels and enjoy the holiday weekend!

    I was just thinking of getting some shots of the ladybug that is living on our aphid infested hibiscus. Your ladybug is gorgeous. LOVE the vivid color. Now I feel like I would be copying you if I post a pic of mine. Then again, a ladybug lensbaby macro with tons of aphids all around would be nothing like this lovely photo of yours! lol!

    I love the way the lady bug looks, it almost looks like glass because of how shiny the wings are! Beautiful edit!

    I love this! So well done! Thanks for including the steps, it helps me to experiment and something I’m so lacks about doing. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I love the edit. And thank you for making your SOOC shot available. I’m signed up for the texture e-class that you took(you inspired me!) and I might use the ladybug. Thanks!

    I am loving that first edit!!! Beautiful :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving with family!!

    I think both of your edits look amazing but I like the tones of the second best. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Very cool! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    I love what you have done here, interesting that you say you had been editing for a couple of days, how long do you normally take to do a final edit? I think I rush everything, I don’t go back hours later etc.

    Cute! Looks like fun…just wish I had time ‘to play’ :D

    Should you have a couple of minutes, and feeling up to it, I’ve tagged you in an answering questions thingy!

    Take care, my friend.

    Just catching up on your blog. Even though I was out of town for only 5 days, I’ve missed so much! You have been one busy blogger! :-)

    I love what you did on this lady bug photo. The SOOC wasn’t much to look at, but the post-processed photos look amazing. I love the final result in the last photo.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Ashley!


    It’s such a cute little ladybug to begin with – you sure gave it a wonderful makeover Ashley. I hope you’ve got all your preparations for tommorrow all organised.:)

    Your editing is amazing! It went from nice ladybug photo to Wow!

    Amazing! It’s so sharp and clear. I wish I could get that.

    Nicely done Ashley.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    Your edits totally made this shot! Great job!!