November 03, 2010
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Wee Bit Wednesday
Last night, on my way home from the gym, I was running a few errands when I took a look at the sky. I saw beautiful shades of orange, pink and purple…and I was thankful that I had my camera on me (if you need a reason to carry your camera with you 24/7…this sunset should be at the top of your list). I took a few more photos that I’ll be sure to share for various reasons, but I thought I’d share this photo for Simplicity’s Photo Challenge: Fall. I know that many people will be sharing photos of leaves, but one of the things I love most about Fall (other than cooler temperatures) is the sky. I don’t even notice the sky until Autumn arrives. By the way, other than a resize/sharpen, this is SOOC.
IMG_8107 RS
For more Fall photos, go to:

While I’m here, allow me to promote Kim Klassen’s Photoshop Skinny-Mini eCourse!  Kim will be teaching this 10 part mini Course for Photoshop Elements 8 starting November 8th. Although I am fluent in PSE language, I know that many of you would love know how to get started with Photoshop Elements. The best part of this course is that it’s FREE! In fact, I’m so excited about it, that I’m going to be joining the course to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Click on the link below to sign up!

And now..a “wee bit of me…”

{one} do you still use a checkbook? Yes, but I only use it for home parties and miscellaneous bills that I still pay by mail.

{two} what size shoe do you wear? Usually and 8 or 8.5.

{three} scary movies or happy endings? Definitely happy endings. I used to love watching scary movies…didn’t even mind watching them alone, but my husband hates scary movies so I don’t bother anymore.

{four} do you prefer spontaneity or stability? Stability! I used to love a more go-with-the -flow type of life, but I’m all about stability now. In fact, I really struggle with change.

{five} what is the most embarrassing cd that you own? It’s gotta be Britney, but I’m not embarrassed…I love her – well her music. I also have a copy of the Last Song (you know the movie with Miley Cyrus?) – I kinda want to download her latest album…it’s got a good beat.

{six} do you watch reality tv? Not as much as I used to. I do love American Idol (well used to love…we’ll see how the new season goes) and So You Think You Can Dance. I don’t care for the Jersey Shore or Real Housewives or anything along those lines. I would much rather watch one of HBO or Showtimes’ shows.

{seven} what is your favorite home-made meal? Depends on who is cooking. I love my Mom and Dad’s chicken and rice recipe…

{eight} do you have any allergies? I don’t have any major allergies, but in the past year, I’ve had to start taking Zyrtec during allergy season. I also had to switch all of my laundry products to fragrance free stuff because it made me itchy.

{nine} if you could open your own restaurant/store, what would it be? Well for me to open a restaurant, I’d have to hire someone else to be the inspiration…my cooking should not be an inspiration for ANYONE! If I was going to open a store, I’d actually take over my mother’s boutique…and if I’m honest, my sister should really take it over one day! She’s so good at it.

{ten} would you ever go skydiving (or have you been)? I would go skydiving before I would go bungee jumping, but I probably won’t ever go.

That’s all for now,  have a great day!

    Autumn has the best skies! Almost every day coming home I have to take my eyes off of it and remember I’m driving ;) It’s even better with red, orange and yellow leaves against it.

    SOOC?? That is so pretty!! I love those colors.
    And I have some Britney Spears myself.. I’m not ashamed. ;-)

    This photo is absolutely amazing! I swear, the sunrises & sunsets have been better than ever this year.

    Absolutely gorgeous!

    That sky is simply gorgeous!

    Oh and I’d love to go skydiving! I’ve been bungi-jumping which was fun too!

    Love this picture! I still have my Britany cd, lol and Nysnc too.

    wow I love all the colors.

    Beautiful. I’m glad somebody else is a proponent of always having a camera with you! Seriously, don’t you enjoy things all the more when you can capture them for posterity? Or is that pushing it? :)

    That photo is gorgeous!

    I love get to know you meme’s. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new about you.

    That sky is gorgeous! Love it!

    I like learning a little more about you! :)

    What a sky! We haven’t had any sunsets like that lately. How fun reading your answers too, it is nice to get to know you better. My fav meal is my mom’s chicken and rice too. :)

    beautiful beautiful sky! I love your list, have you watched damages? I love that show, absolutely brilliant.

    What a wonderful shot. Those colors are just amazing!

    Such a beautiful sky capture! Thanks for the photoshop elements workshop link :)

    Ooooooh, gorgeous sky!!! I’ve gotta carry my camera around more often… :D

    I just moved my point and shoot to my purse – never want to miss a sunset like that – beautiful!

    That sunset is incredible, so pretty!
    I’m off to check out that Elements course now too :D

    I would love to try bungee jumping, but I am not 100% sure if the moment to jump came if I would do it :)
    beautiful photo!

    Lovely fall capture :)

    That is a beautiful sky! Love the purple!

    I also love SYTYCD and watch it religiously every season! I’m all into The Biggest Loser right now. I don’t watch Jersey Shore (not even sure what it’s about) or Real Housewives. If you like HBO or Showtime shows, you should really check out Dexter on Showtime. My husband and I absolutely love it and watch it every week. It’s so good!

    This sunset is just GORGEOUS!!! And thanks for sharing your wee bits! Love it!

    I love that picture! Simply beautiful!! And how cool about the class. I may just have to take it. I’m taking Barb’s online photo class starting this saturday so I’m not sure if it’ll all be too much for me….but I’ll certainly think about it!

    That is beautiful!!

    LOve love love the sky… we drove home the other night and it was something similar but I didn’t have my camera and it was dark by the time we made it back! boo me.
    like the little bits… have you seen Boardwalk Empire yet? it’s fab!!

    thanks so much for the comment on my blog.:) that sky is so pretty!!

    let me just say…there isn’t a picture you’ve ever taken that i don’t love.

    SOOC the camera! :))) I posted a sunrise pic SOOC yesterday, too. The sky is indeed spectacular this time of the year.

    WOW! Can’t believe that is SOOC! Amazing colors. I really need to put the Halloween candy down and get out there and take some fall, evening pics. Great motivation – thanks! :-)

    Wowie Zowie!

    Also loved getting to know you a bit more…that’s such a great idea for a post…I may need to join that link-up.

    This is stunning. I’m in shock that you didn’t do editing. Beautiful, just beautiful. I hope all is well!

    Seriously, how do you get some amazing skies? That’s something I should work on. I’ll often see an amazing sky while driving, but can’t take the shot.
    btw, I love listening to Britney too!

    Awesome sky shot! I haven’t seen any really pretty yet. I tend to see really great ones in the wintertime here…lol.

    Beautiful sky! You make my day by stopping by – I really have to get up there and visit you! :)

    Love the sky photo! I just registered for the course. I really need to get my butt in gear and learn what I am doing in PSE instead of just learning as I go!

    STUNNING!!!!! Definitely a reason to carry a camera at all times!!! Thank you for the info on the eCourse…signed up!

    Wowza, I love that purple in the sky! Great shot!!

    You were right!! That is gorgeous! :D Love the purple.

    Your “wee bit” was fun to read! :D

    gorgeous sky photo!

    Wow. This is gorgeous. Just gorgeous

    This is so sweet, Ashley. May I copy this idea? Promise, I’ll give you credit for it. And that sooc photo is just awesome!!!

    I’ve saved all the lessons from Kim’s ecourse. Hoping to start this weekend. She is amazing with textures!

    OMGosh! That sky is gorgeous. I know what you mean, there’s nothing like autumn skies. It was fun reading bits about you. ♥

    I missed the sunset…boo. But OMG, that is amazing. I bet you took it near my house too! And thanks for the PSE tutorial classes. I’m so there!

    Simply stunning! I’ll be looking at the sky tonight.

    Beautiful fall sunset! I’m still waiting for us to have a real lovely one.

    That sunset is gorgeous. I really need to carry my camera around more!

    STUNNING colors, wow.

    Thank you for plugging the mini course.

    Nice to learn more about you. Have a nice day. xxx

    way late to comment but love this so colorful. I love SOOC photos when they come out mostly perfect.

    These are fun. :) You have such a following, and it’s interesting to me some of the things people wanted to know about you. I’m all for happy endings, too!