December 04, 2010
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Christmas Card PawLooza!
Can I have a moment of honesty? I was seriously considering NOT sending out Christmas cards this year. Gasp! No…shut your mouth!

Paper Mama Christmas CardLast year, my husband and I overwhelmed our friends and families with pictures of ourselves (my sister has told me on more than one occasion that she’s tired of receiving pictures as gifts). Don’t laugh too hard, we got married…of course people want to see wedding pictures…right? 

Wedding ChristmasAlright, maybe we I overdid it. The Bridal Portrait album, the Engagement Portrait album, the Wedding album and the Honeymoon album on top of Christmas cards with one of our wedding pictures may have been a bit much (actually, I think it was all fine until we had to watch the wedding video multiple times and my cousin’s boyfriend looked like he was going to be sick)…but I loved every minute of it.
Christmas Card
Throughout the entire wedding planning process, Shutterfly hosted our wedding website…although I doubt anyone read it. When Christmas rolled around, it seemed only natural to order our Christmas cards from Shutterfly

Unfortunately our card is no longer available (last year’s card is on the left), but I created a similar design with the same photo just to give you an idea. 

Since that time, I have done very little photo printing, but when I have had any of my photographs printed, I’ve always used Shutterfly…and I recommend them to my “clients” (or rather those brave enough to allow me to photograph them). With all that said, it just makes sense that I will continue using Shutterfly for all my holiday greeting needs. Paw Humbug will be hitting a mail box near you soon! 

I think that says it all. I can’t wait to order my Christmas Cards…granted, it won’t be much of a surprise any more, but still pretty exciting.
Paw Humbug Card RS
If you are interested in any of the above designs, click on the picture to be redirected to the product page. Disclosure: I am being compensated by Shutterfly in the form of greeting cards, however, I am committed to promoting products and services that I believe in…and that I directly use. If you are also interested in participating in Shutterfly’s current blogger promotion, click HERE. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Ok, this post had me cracking up! I am with you I loved all things that had to do with my wedding and I don’t blame you one bit for flooding family with so many photos LOL! I participated in this promotion and just ordered my prints tonight! It is an awesome deal!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Oh Ashley, I’ve been married almost 5 years now, and I remember doing the same thing! Every picture in a frame in our home was of our wedding! I didn’t do Christmas cards (dang) but I’m sure I had the same feeling. Who cares…it’s a wonderful feeling to be so in love and happy!

    Ashley, I am not married, but I have about 20 photo albums and 920Gb of pictures in just the last 4 years. I will always take pictures to capture every moment. You should be happy with all the pictures you take and give. People will one day look at them and say thank God she took that picture. I am making cards this weekend and printing them at home, just like my Thanksgiving cards.

    LOL – totally me too! I guess I pressured the ma-in-law too much to get prints cause now she’s scrambling to put one up before we get home for christmas because of all the emailed pics/burned cd’s/prints/cards I sent in the last year. pics of our dogs are going in the christmas card this year fo’ sure :)

    LOL I don’t blame your sister:)
    I love the first card it is funny and cheerful.

    I LOVE your cards! And that’s funny about your sister, LOL.

    I loved this! Personally, I’m offended when I attend a wedding and never get a copy of the couple’s pictures! The new card is super cute and certainly no one can complain about yet another couple photo (though the wedding image is stunning). I created my own layout this year (a first) using layers, papers, and art. I’m in love with it.

    LOL love this post. Just got married again (same husbond ;-) and I will show my photos MANY times too… You are allowed too anoy peole with pictures when you get married and when you get kids, THAT IS A RULE…

    To funny. Love the photo cards.
    Kitty Paws rocks.

    If that is not the cutest cat ever! I used Shutterfly ONCE, and the colors seemed a bit “off”, but I would definitely use them again. Blogger program sounds like something I’d like to check out, too!

    I think it is awesome that Shutterfly is doing this promotion. I have also loved Shutterfly and have created so many fun things with them! So I can see why people A. would recommend them without getting something in return and B. gladly accept some free cards :)

    Love all of your cards! Very funny post, BTW.

    You cracked me up!! I could totally relate! I was the same with our wedding photos and then with baby photos of J and then with baby pics of Z. I’ve toned down a bit now. Uh… I think.

    Such a fun post! I don’t blame you one bit either. Your wedding photos are gorgeous. I love, love, the kitty paw card though; that’s awesome! ♥

    Love your review! :)

    oh SO cute!! LOVE your kitty paw card :)

    Meow! I’m obsessed with photos too, especially of me and my kids…everyone has just gotten used to it;)

    I either use Shutterfly or Snapfish and neither has given me one darn thing to type that. This year I did our card through Shutterfly and I’m hoping they get here this week. I was a wee bit behind schedule.

    Your wedding picture is gorgeous!!! :) I am praying to get out and get a shot for our Christmas card tomorrow.

    I LOVE shutterfly! They have REALLY nice prints. I was given cards from TinyPrints this year and they turned out great!