Dreaming of Shower Water
To those of you that have a cat or dog…I’m sure you know what this is about. Kitty Paw loves to lick up the shower water after I’ve taken a shower.
Kitty Paw at the Shower

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Happy Wednesday!


    haha cute! My dog won’t go near the bathroom. He knows that’s where he gets baths and stays far away lol

    Cute! My dog likes to lick my legs when I get out of the shower. Now I close the bathroom door. As much as I love dogs, I do not love dog slobber on my clean legs!

    HA..my cats are the same way..I thought they were just weirdo’s..good to know there are other silly cats out there! Love the edit!

    It’s so weird, isn’t it? One of our cats (also black and white) does this every day! In fact this morning, when the other three were taking up their positions in our bedroom for the day, I found Susie sitting in her favourite spot in the bath!
    I’ve just discovered your blog and am enjoying it. I’ve added you to one of my blogrolls. :o)

    great shot! we used to have a cat that would sit in the sink with the tap running a bit to drink / play with / get mostly soaked!

    Nice shot!!!

    Heeeeyyy, look at you joining in the fun! YAY, so glad you did!

    I just love kitties, yours is hilarious and oh so cute. It is funny how they like to interact in shower/sink time. I caught mine asleep in the sink yesterday in fact.

    Have a good day!

    Every morning my kittens wait patiently for me to jump out of the shower so then can jump in. Some mornings they even sit at the door and meow at me to hurry up. This is such an accurate picture :) I love it!

    Haha this is great!

    So so true :] I once had a cat that used to love standing IN the shower as I was showering. It was a strange cat!

    yep still love this, the processing is perfect!

    Yep, know all about that, also Marvin is known to sometimes want to come in for a shower too if he is feeling a little dirty!!! No coaxing needed – carly on the other hand, she is a princess and prefers a bath!

    Beautiful picture, very dreamy. Must admit, kinda cute and kinda gross at the same time.

    Oh, yes! We started keeping the kitties’ water bowl in our big tub b/c they spend so much time in there already. :)

    Love the processing on that pic!

    This is great! You captured it just perfectly!

    ahhh yes the leftover shower water. I believe I’ve found our Great Dane laying his head in it a few times. I really like the edges of this photo…great edit.

    Hello, Ashley! I’m Laurie from High on the Rock Photography, and have been visiting your blog for a while. I especially appreciate your list of photography challenges…very handy to see a collection of all of them instead of having to search the web! :D
    I love the pic of Kitty Paw, she looks like such a sweet kitty. My cat-like dog Sadie is often the focus of my photos, but w/o a sports setting on my camera, she’s rather blurry…
    …My friend Amy from Mimibeth Photography originally referred me here, I have become quite addicted to Ramblings and Photos! Your pictures really are wonderful. I think that it was photo editing that originally got me hooked on taking the pictures themselves (I’m Christmas-wishing for PSE 9), so I really love your edits on the Christmas tree photo!
    Now off to see what challenges there are for Wednesday!

    Happy shooting,

    cute My cat Emma loves the bathtube after I take a bath.

    Ha!! Perfect capture…and EXACTLY what my cat does, too :D

    Ha cute. Roxy stays away from the bathroom when there’s shower water on. She always thinks I’m going to get her and put her in :)

    That is too cute and too funny!

    yes!!! such a familiar scene!!!

    I just think your kitty’s a star. Mine make the most priceless faces the s.e.c.o.n.d. before they turn their head just when the camera snaps. It’s a conspiracy.

    Love this, he’s too cute!

    I love the processing on this pic!! It looks like a painting! And BTW – crossing my fingers that your before 30 wish comes true ;o)

    I don’t have a cat, but my daughter does, and yes, what is it about cats and shower water??? What a fantastic shot of her just sitting and waiting so patiently!

    How funny!

    Aww.. that’s cute! Love this.


    Ah….thanks for that chuckle. Yes, our Zizi does the same and will even get into the toilet if we let her. (Yuck!) Our weirdo even likes to spill her water bowl on the floor so she can lap it up. What’s with that?

    But we do love our fluffy ones, don’t we!

    Yes they certainly do! Both of my little fur balls love to do it.

    Happy Wednesday Ashley!

    I love this photo! It reminds of my old cat, Tricia, who would often jump in the shower with me because she just couldn’t wait to get at that water dripping everywhere.

    I had no idea pets would like to do that! (we don’t have any pets, thanks to my husband’s allergies)

    love this shot! how funny, luckily my two dogs and cat don’t queue up to do the same.

    Too funny! My dogs do the same except they like to lick my leg when I get out of the shower! I have even found them in the bath tub before!

    Ha! Yep. I used to have a kitty who did the exact same thing… only he wouldn’t wait for the shower to END! Eventually he figured out how to open the slide door so I always had to shut the main door.

    This is too cute! I love it!

    That is too funny! Love that Kitty Paw ;)

    With 3 dogs myself, I know what you’re talking about here! Cute shot! :)

    heehee, I had forgotten about that aspect of cats. Mine was the same. :) xo

    Ha ha! Dakota did this when she was inside too. Cute photo.

    Super cute photo! Love it in B&W!

    ahhhhhhh you’ve got that cute cat well trained cleaning up after you Ashley.

    If you have a spare few minutes you might enjoy Simon’s Cat videos on youtube


    And my kids like to lap up their own bath water…ewwww. Better the shower water than toilet water – for Kitty, not for my kids. Double Ewwww. Great shot.

    Love the edit on this Ashley!

    he he he! love it! i remember those days when we had a cat :-) funny!

    in His amazing grace,

    i love kitty paw. the name is perfect.

    that’s so sweet. love the b&w.

    Yes…I so know what this is about! In fact I have 2 cats that look very similar to yours…I could probably go snap the exact photo!! ;)

    so cute!

    This photo looks ridiculously similar to what I see every day when my hubby is showering. I’m gonna have to snap a shot like this one day to show you. I mean: the cat, the door, the rug- everything!!!!

    That is such a cute shot. They are funny aren’t they? Mine will sit at the shower door and “talk” until I get out. :-)

    ha ha that is too cute!

    ha! Too funny! Love what you did with the photo!

    Lol Ranger lives for it! Great job capturing the moment.

    How funny! My dog has never tried this – but I can totally see a cat doing it.

    Trust me, I’ve been working that angle since Igot back from my trip! I would move their in a heartbeat!

    Your blog makes me want a cat!

    Great shot! Love the B&W!

    Such a creative shot. It looks like she’s looking in, debating whether or not to jump in. Wet paws…do I or don’t I???

    How adorable! I love Kitty Paw! Dexter just jumps on the sick and starts licking the faucet as to clue us in that he wants water. He yells at us when we’re in the shower. It’s so weird… he’ll just meow and meow, like “I don’t wanna go in there but get out and play with me!!”

    These cats… :)
    At least Kitty Paw is only one to deal with – when you have 7 cats like I do…well, you get the idea.

    So cute! Gracie used to do that, too. She also slept in the tub or sink most of the time.

    hahaha! Cats are so weird sometimes!

    We looked after a cat we fond outside until we got get it’s chip scanned and it sent back home. While we had it, it was OBSESSED with our bathtub, kept on jumping in and out.

    Our cats used to lick the walls, I never understood why!

    You have a special mention on my blog. :)

    Shower water? Really? Guess you have to be a cat/dog person to get this LOL Love the shot anyway. Perfect for black and white.

    I love Kitty Paws. My Princess P sits and waits for me outside the shower, but doesn’t go in afterwards. Wish she would, might help with the cleaning. Fun shot Ashley.

    ha ha!! Great picture…

    Nana does the same thing!!! (Nana looks like Kitty Paw… she is featured on my blog today) she also RUNS to greet me when I (shhh…. go pee)

    Weird… WEIRD cat!! =)

    Ha, ha…too funny! Such a sweet shot and great processing.

    Erika B

    Ha!! That’s awesome! My cats do that, too. Why soap-flavoured water is so attractive I’ll never know. ;)

    Really? How cute! That’s the first I’ve heard of it.

    Such a lovely shot – my cats wouldn’t go near the shower though!