December 06, 2010
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Madeline Bea is an incredible artist….she inspires me. I’ve been following her work for a while and today I am joining her for this week’s Sunday Creative. The theme is “frozen.” As it turns out, my neighborhood looked quite frozen after an early snow in North Carolina on Saturday.
IMG_8731 RS
North Carolina rarely gets snow. In fact, when it does snow, no one knows what to do with themselves. Typically, the grocery stores are filled up with people buying up milk, bread and eggs. For anyone that has relocated to NC from a snow state, they think it’s hilarious. Truth be told, we just don’t have the snow plows and such to handle such weather. 

But, Saturday the snow was quite lovely. It laid on the ground, but not the roads…and by 7 o’clock, we were driving to an engagement party. Unfortunately, the snow quickly melted on Sunday. I was not able to get those beautiful snowy landscape shots that I imagined, but I was able to capture a few shots as it fell. For more “frozen” photos, go to: 
The Sunday Creative

IMG_8706 RS
I don’t really enjoy frolicking in the snow (um…I’m not sure I ever frolic), but I when I stepped outside, I noticed a couple of leaves laying on the ground. I loved the way the snow covered this beautiful red leaf.
IMG_8703 RS
You can hardly tell that it was snowing in this photo, but I swear it was taken right before the previous picture. Nonetheless, it’s December…and we have had our first snow. Something tells me it’s going to be an interesting winter. For more macro photos, go to:

    Wonderful macros.I specially like the first macro with lovely red.
    I don’t understand why your won’t get some “tools” to handle snow but the same problem is also some parts of Europe they just don’t know what to do. Sorry but it so hard to understand because we just have manage with that:)
    Have a nice weekend

    Each shot is so lovely. I especially love the second one.

    I’m sure if I relocated to North Carolina that I would find it quite hilarious, too. However I doubt if I would breath a word of that hilarity fearing that fate would send me right back into the frozen midwest.

    Happy Monday Ashley!

    Stunning pictures, as always. I like the second shot the best, with the contrast between the red and the water droplets.

    I’m with you on the frolicking =] Haha!
    I love the focus on the red leaf with that giant water drop on the leafs edge! Wonderful!
    And your ‘frozen’ shot is beautiful…where do you find all of your textures?

    As always, great pictures! I love the way you see things. I don’t blame you, I don’t think I’ve ever froliced (sp?) either. Your frozen gave me chills!

    Beautiful. It can be really easy to forget the beauty of the snow. Your pictures make me *almost* wish for a little snow over here. Almost.

    Gorgeous photos. Love the red leaf!

    to be honest, i don’t really enjoy snow at all, as far as getting out in it in any way.

    Beautiful macros! :)

    great macro’s!

    I would love some snow and maybe we’ll get a day or two this year. It snowed for fifteen minutes on my birthday last year…. yay!!! I can’t do the frolicking either but if we should see some flakes I’ll be sure to get out there and try and capture at least something!!
    Lovely pictures as always….

    Ha I used to frolic as a child :) Love them all, especially the last leaf :)

    Love the simplicity of those shots! I think some of the best photos are the simple ones. I tend to try to get too much in each shot and overwhelm what I was trying for. Ugh.

    Anyway, hopefully you’ll get some more snow, I’ve got family in Winston-Salem and Charlotte so I know it’s hilarious when it snows there, the whole state locks down, but it’s true, it’s simply because there aren’t really the resources budgeted to deal with it. Not like the northern states that are blessed with it so often and usually hate it!

    <3 Donna

    The second photo is amazing with the water droplets!..what lens were you using for this shot? I enjoyed the snow we had..just enough to enjoy it but not enough to halt life. I completely agree with you that no one knows what to do here w/snow..considering I was living in NY for the past 6 years, what we got the other day was NOTHING!!!!..and yea, the grocery store was out of control!

    These are gorgeous!

    It is SO cold in GA today. (I’m already tired of it!)

    Those water droplets are just beautiful, awesome macros!

    Wonderful Macros! The red leaf one is stunning!

    When you say frolic, I picture you skipping through the snow holding your camera lol. Beautiful macros. Your macros make me realize how much I want a macro lens.

    That little leaf looks lovely with the little water droplets so elegantly placed over its surface.

    The leaf photographs are just breathtaking – I have a thing for trees and leaves. Love them!

    Love, love, love the leaves with water – so well captured!

    Love the droplets! beautiful shots!
    We rarely get snow here too:(

    I love that first photo, it evokes so much emotion. Beautiful.

    Love your frozen tree image…that texture is a perfect addition to a already magnificent image!

    I also love the clarity of the leaf and those water droplets…so simple yet so many cool details!

    Beautiful shots! Love your processing of the first & the droplets / snow on the leaves… gorgeous!! I would definitely find it hilarious, since we get snow anytime from Oct to May (and rarely June). But let me tell you, some of the drivers here seem to forget that you need to change your driving habits for snow/ice & we’ll pass dozens of people in the ditches after the first big snowfall!

    Gorgeous images!!!!!!!!

    Your header is adorable!

    Absolutely gorgeous shots! You make snow look so pretty (which I guess it can) but still not my favorite thing.

    Beautiful photos! Your post really made me smile again – I love it!

    You are so right about the grocery stores here in the south when it snows. At least you got to see a dusting – I’m jealous! :)

    To answer your question about the texture applicator – it is so much easier for me to blend and adjust.

    yeah, i think we’re gonna have a crazy winter here in the PNW too. it’s been nuts already… snow, windstorms & earthquakes. crazy!

    gorgeous pics, as always :)

    Wonderful winter”FroZen”
    - and your macro as well
    Have a nice day ;))

    Beautiful shots. I love the one of the red leaf with the drop of water. Beautiful processing on it.
    No real snow here, just a bit of flurries on Thanksgiving. I’m not really a fan of snow, except when it means a snow day. :0)
    But I am a bit envious when I look at all the beautiful snow photos on flickr.

    I love that red leaf and the icy branches. It makes me miss Minnesota and all the snow we used to get up there. The first snow was always my favorite. Don’t get much of that in Phoenix!

    Awesome photos! I love the second one with the red leaf and water drops. It’s an amazing photo!

    I love the photos! It makes me feel liek I’m right there experiencing it with you.

    Wow wonderful shots Ashley, love the art in the first photo.

    thanks for your comment! :) i looved these pictures! the last two are amazing, i love macro!

    I think you’ve gotten more snow in NC than we have in my part of NY.

    Beautiful– My Mom lives NW of Ashville- almost to TN. She just happens to be in FL where we are all meeting for Christmas. A friend of mine is a Strawberry Farmer, and Plant City–my home town was on the National News! Picture that! LOL!

    My Seeester and Her Daughter were able to enjoy it, as the are up in West Jefferson.

    Great Macro–and thanks so much for the awesome advice!! I would love 1/4 of your talent!


    Gorgeous details and depth of field in those images of the leaves.

    Great macros! I love your line of focus in the first image.

    Oh these are simply Awesome.

    I Love the second shot! Don’t have leaves here, or snow… :-(

    wow–these are just stunning Ashley-love them all!

    Thanks so much for the comment, and following my blog! I was sooooooooo excited to see you were my latest follower. It made my day!

    Nice Ashley! We don’t get much snow here either, so I know the excitement. :-) Hopefully, it will stick (heh) around longer next time.

    Those looks great and very creative!

    Beautiful photos! It rarely ever snows here in WA, too. We just had our first snow for Thanksgiving!!! I think we’re in for a hard winter. That does mean lots of incredible photo opportunities, though:)

    LOVE that second shot Ashley, your focus and composition is fabulous, plus the pop of red in the leaf(?) really add interest.

    Thanks for the reminder about Sunday Creative, I haven’t checked in with her in awhile. Frozen I can definitely do! Hee hee!

    Yeah, I can’t tell it’s snowing by the look of the photos :)
    Beautiful, as always :)

    We are going to be 19 here after 25 last night and 23 tomorrow night–maybe I can get some of the pond- or some cool–lol–crystals!!


    what beautiful beautiful shots.

    These are all beautiful shots.. Every one them.. Hugs, Linda

    That red leaf one is beautiful.

    We’re in the middle of our first winter storm… over 50cm has fallen so far… that’s 19″ or so. ;) Yes, we do live in a snow belt. :)

    HAHA you knoe you frolic! Great photos. Love the last one!

    beautiful, ashley! and i love the processing, AND your banner! too cute!

    Those are just gorgeous photos and I love each and every one of them. They’re frame-worthy!

    Love them all!

    Can’t believe you got snow….it’s colder than it should be here down in the ATL, but no snow, maybe a few flurry sightings. It’s so cold, it may as well snow, then we’d at least have something pretty to photograph!