More Snow!
Before I say another word…I have a big announcement. Look up at my URL. That’s right friends…as of yesterday, I am officially  Are you excited? I am.  You may need to update your readers to be sure that I am still showing up, but everything else should look pretty familiar to you. Now, with that said…it appears as if I’m getting my husband’s cold so I’m going to rest most of the day (I gotta get ready for tonight’s wedding reception), but I did want to share a few more photos from this weekend’s snowfall.
IMG_0470 RS
I’m adding the above shot to this week’s Life Captured photo challenge. The theme this week is limit. Since we had so much snow, we were limited by how far we could drive…but it still looked pretty.

The Shades of Pink

IMG_0496 RS

IMG_0459 RS

Happy Wednesday!

    Hope you feel better soon! :) Good luck tonight!

    Hey I am trying something new for my comment. By the way these are gorgeous photos.

    Congrats on the .com! These photos are so beautiful. Crazy that you got so much snow this year.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon….


    Lovely photos my dear! I hope you are on the mend soon! Am taking some Cold-Eeze lozenges myself today. No time to be sick with New Years and my daughter’s birthday this Saturday. Happy Wednesday!

    beautiful as always. Hope you feel better.

    These are breathtaking…and make me think of Ralphie and his Christmas Story! :)

    (I’m gonna try to re-follow and see if that makes a difference with my reader.)

    congratulations! i know you are excited.

    that house in the second photo looks so familiar. where was it taken?

    Love all that snow! Beautiful!

    Hey that’s great! You’re in the big time now!

    Congrats! And love the images, our snow has all gone now, boo hoo. We have fog at the moment, I might go out later and get some shots of the Christmas lights not far from here… Hope the cold goes soon. Whiskey works wonders :O))

    Lovely, lovely pictures and congrats on getting your own domain name!
    I hope your cold goes away quickly:-(
    Btw, do you have a blog button?
    I’ve seen a button down the bottom of your blog, but no html for it…no probs if you don’t though!
    Have a lovely day.

    Oh my gosh LOVE the photos…just gorgeous! found you through home is where the heart is! You have a fabulous website!

    beautiful images. I know snow can be a pain in the butt when it comes to cleaning it up getting around, but it is so peaceful and serene that it makes it all worthwhile.

    Congrats on being a new “home owner” – you’ve definitely claimed your space in the blogosphere. Nice processing on the snow photos!

    you and me both with a cold. feel better soon. Love the cabin shot.

    Those are great Ashley. Have a great time at the reception.

    Congrats on the name change. Did you do this through blogger – the reason I ask is that I thought once you did it through blogger the photos could only be 400pixels wide – that’s the reason I’ve never taken the plunge with my gardening blog but obviously your photos are not 400 pixels.

    LOL that was a quick reponse. You don’t know the number of times I’ve been about to hit that button on blogger to do the transaction. It certainly is cheaper do go direct but the thought of setting it up independantly is daunting for me though I would have to do it independantly if I wanted

    Congrats on your new domain! Good luck with the wedding reception (I know you will do great!) and I hope that you feel better! :)

    Congrats on the new .com!! Beautiful photos…Updated my reader also!

    Feel better soon…

    Sent the necklace today…hopefully you get it Monday or Tuesday. Let me know if you don’t!!

    Such beautiful snow photos! I hope you are feeling better very soon!

    I was thinking about buying a URL but I have been putting it off! You’re makin me wanna jump on it now!
    LOVE snow. We’re getting a tiny bit here as we speak, but I want LOTS!

    How exciting!! Get well soon!

    Next step is going over to WordPress. It will drive Google to you more and increase your SEO. Have a great week! :O)

    I noticed Kitty Paw up in the tab right away and knew you must have gotten your own dot com. Cool!

    Beautiful. I love the stillness in that last one. Hope you get to feeling better!

    Very exciting! Congrats!

    WOooo! Congrats!

    Congrats on your domain name! I just love having my own. It’s like buying a house instead of renting :)

    Love those photos. Your edits make them look so old-fashioned and pretty.

    absolutely wonderful snow shots, good luck tonight. How did you get your own domain? do you pay for it and set it all up yourself? I think I need to change mine but don’t know how to go about it.

    Congrats on the domain. I’m so happy you have no idea how many times I’ve typed in in the past. LOL

    Hey…psst…you can use your photo for “limit” I swear, I’m easy! Think about it “This is my limit of snow” or “have to go below the speed limit” or or or (Unless you have something else..yes I am begging for link-ups)

    I don’t know if you know Edie or not,but i have a prayer-hop for her on my main blog: if you would like to add your prayers.

    So pretty! Love the processing! Feel better. :-)

    beautiful pics, love the tone! congrats on your url!

    Awesome!!!! And more beautiful photos Ashley!

    THese are great! I love the tones to all of them. Congrats on the dot com. I have been sitting on for years…what’s wrong with me??!

    I always love your photos and stories to go with them :) I hope you start feeling better soon. I just got over having a sinus infection and terrible cough. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and look forward to your next blog posts!

    Congrats on your new url. I did it last year. It was the best $10 I have ever spent.

    The snow is beautiful.

    Yay! Cool url! Good job on the snow pictures and good luck at the reception! I hope you feel better. :)

    I love all your snow shots, they are stunning.

    I hope you feel ok for tonights photo shoot! What a time to get ill!

    Great! Thanks for the button, and thanks for entering today!

    Hi Ashleys,

    Congrats on your own url and CS5,
    Another fabulous photos from you, looking forward to your 2011 collection.

    Best Regards,

    Congrats! I did that too but it isn’t for my blog. Love the snow photos.

    Congratulations on the domain name, Ashley! Kitty Paw’s photo in the tab is pretty cute. :)

    Beautiful shots! Hope you feel better soon!

    Congrats on your new domain! I hope you feel better soon–have fun at the wedding tonight!

    Nuther pic of yours posted on Family Fountain. I actually did a short and long version of the article, so I used your pic on two different blogs. The short version (Family Fountain) links to the longer one. Turned out well. Thanks again. wb

    Beautiful photos Ashley. Hope you get better soon.

    I could look at your snow photo’s all day, so pretty :)

    congrats on the new domain name! gorgeous photos, as always! :)

    Ashley praying you feel better quick!

    Enjoy the wedding – your shots are beautiful!

    Happy and Healthy New Year!

    Beautiful pictures! I am wanting some of that snow! Yeah on the new URL! That is so exciting!!!

    love it!

    Yeah for the new page URL. Love that you’re branding yourself. Snow is always so beautiful when it’s not right here… Last year’s twin blizzards make any minimal snow fall so very lovely.

    What a lovely weekend! It looks like a great deal of snow for you!! Pretty exciting, I would assume. I hope that you are feeling better soon.


    p.s. congrats on the step up to a .com

    Beautiful shots Ashley.
    I wish you the best at the reception!

    gorgeous shot & wow ms.!! go you!

    Congrats on having your own domain!! …gorgeous snow shots!! And I hope you feel back to normal soon!

    Congrats on your domain, beautiful photos

    These are breathtaking

    Happy New Year Ashley. All the very very Best and of course always always have a full card.

    Gorgeous!!! Winter Wonderland!

    wow. You make snow look soo good!!

    How exciting! How do you change your address without losing all your peeps?

    Lovely shots!

    Good luck with your shoot. :)

    YAY congrats on the url! :D Exciting times!

    I’m sure you did awesome at that reception. Can’t wait for you to show off some pics from it.

    Yay for your new address!! I look forward to more greatness.

    Gorgeous photos! Congrats on your own url! How exciting!

    Congrats on your new URL! Very exciting :) I love all your shots! I have never lived where it snows like that. I don’t know how well I would do but it looks amazing!

    the snow was pretty crazy where i am too. feel better!

    Feel Better! Snow photos are gorgeous though! Congrats on the domain name :)

    Congrats on the url and gorgeous yet again. Hope you are better soon!!

    Sooooo pretty! The photos look so “quiet.” You’re kinda making me jealous for snow. We haven’t got a thing! Crazy, huh? Just beautiful…love the snowy pics!

    beautiful, beautiful photos.
    (I’ve always thought that snow makes winter worth all the trouble.)
    And I’ll add my congratulations to the rest!!

    Congrats on the new address.

    The tones in these photos are gorgeous.

    I love these photos! The snow makes it so dreamy and perfect.

    Feel better! We both got a little sick over Christmas….no fun. Yay for personal domain name! I love how easy it is to tell people about mine (we started it with wedding stuff and decided to keep it for future blogging).

    Wow those shots are so beautiful!

    Such stunning snow shots!!!!

    Wow! They are beautiful Ashley!! Nice use of “limit” as well :)

    Wow, beautiful snow photos!

    I’m loving your “White Christmas” shots! I would take that any day over my tight narrow “urban” that we now have to share with mounds of snow :) And congrats on getting your own URL…ABOUT TIME (if you ask me)!! ;o)

    Seriously I love ALL your snow shots!

    Gorgeous photos! Seeing all these shots makes me want some snow ;) And congrats on your URL – very cool!

    Love the wonky stop sign in the first photo!
    Have a safe and happy new year!

    Yay for your own domain!! :D

    Love the snowy shots. I think I like the middle one the best.